Career Spotlight: Dave, Android Developer


1. Do you prefer David, Dave or...?Android Developer Dave

Either is fine. Sooner or later, people just end up calling me Mitenko.

2. What would you say you do here?

I am the senior Android developer, working with the #mobility team on the variety of projects that we have up-and-coming for REW mobile.

Basically, I wrangle code. Sometimes I wrangle other people's code.

3. What does your day-to-day work look like?

Code reviews in the mornings, working on REW Leads or rewIDX new features in the afternoon and sometimes, when there's time, working on a little side project that should be ready for production within the next couple of months.

4. What aspect of your job do you enjoy the most?

There's a lot of things I enjoy about this work. The culture in Product Development encourages exploring new techniques and approaches and I've found this to be particularly rewarding. The work itself is also uniquely multifaceted: there's design, communication, deployment—even testing—as well as straight-up coding work to be done here. There's also my daily humiliation in ping pong to Marcel every morning… hmm… do I enjoy that? I'm not sure.

5. I've seen you riding your bike... How often do you ride to work? Why do you?

I ride to work pretty much as often as I can. There are times when it's snowy or icy out when this is not a good idea. Sometimes I do it anyway, but I have had some spectacular wipe-outs!

6. What do you do on the weekends?

Do my best to get outside, I guess. Either on my own or with my family. Weekends are usually used up going snowboarding, running,  camping, playing frisbee or out in the garden. Really, my goal every weekend is to exhaust the child: Airhouse, biking, swimming, picnics, play dates, anything. If you have one, I'm sure you can relate.

Typically this ends up exhausting myself and my wife as well.

And then sometimes, when it's late at night and everyone else is fast asleep, I play CIV V (or teach myself Angular JS).

7. Other than REW Leads obviously, what are your 3 favourite apps and what do you like about them?

rewIDX, rewSummit and... uh… recently I've developed quite an attachment to the Google Fit app. It gives me goals. It displays little confetti animations when I achieve them. Is it unhealthy to be overusing a health app?

8. What skills or attributes do you think are required to be a successful mobile app developer?

Being able to use Google search in an optimal manner. And a frightening, almost intimate, familiarity with StackOverflow.

9. Why did you choose REW?

REW is awesome! It's the the only company around where I can really do sophisticated, high-end software development and work with the best in my field.

One extra thing:
I am the captain of our inter-departmental fun league Ultimate Frisbee Team: the REWnicorns. We're always looking for new players!


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Casandra Vallee

Hi I'm currently looking for a new career opportunity. I have 15 years experience in Web Development and project management working with tech teams. Looks like a fun place to work. I grew up in BC and trying to get back there. If your up for chatting with me that would be awesome! I'd love talk to a fellow developer.

Real Estate Webmasters

Casandra, we're always looking for more awesome people to add to the team! You can view our current postings at If you don't see what you're looking for there, send an email to with an intro letter and your resume and we'll see whether there's an opportunity that will work!

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