Career Spotlight: Michal, Customer Service Rep


1. What is your role here at REW?

My role here at Real Estate Webmasters is "Customer Service Representative". We are the customers' first point of contact when it comes to questions or issues on their websites.

2. What is your fave thing about your position?

My favourite thing about working in the CSR department is the variation in issues that come in on a daily basis, and the relationships I've built with our customer base. I love getting any issues related to the framework and solving them!

3. What made you decide to join the team at REW?

I decided to join the REW team back in January after a few friends worked here and let me know how good of a place it was to work for. It also gave me the ability to work for a leading company in Nanaimo.

4. What do you think makes someone a great fit for a Support career?

You have to have good problem-solving skills and people skills. You have to be able to turn an angry customer into someone you'd want to hang out with by the end of the call!

5. What do you do for fun outside of work?

I'm a hardcore nerd. I love my comics, but I especially love Dungeons and Dragons. Every week, I go and buy more and more miniatures for my games. The Comic Store guys know me by name and always try to upsell me to buy more! I also love to watch WWE—been watching for over 30 years.

6. What’s the best thing about living in Nanaimo?

The best part about living in Nanaimo is that it's centrally located to everything: beaches, hiking trails, and all the small towns. I love to hike, and Nanaimo has a lot of nice hiking trails scattered across the city.


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