Career Spotlight: Rebecca, Designer


1. How long have you been at REW?Rebecca in design
I have been at Real Estate Webmasters for 3 years this June. 

2. What would you say you do here?
I work with my incredibly talented team to design and deliver the awesome user interfaces and experiences our clientele has come to expect from REW.

3. What exactly does a web designer at REW do?
I would split up our main tasks into two sections. The first thing we do is mockup and provide designs for site elements. Normally we work in either Photoshop or Illustrator, creating mockups or wireframes, or we utilize a prototype software like Adobe XD or Sketch to provide an example interface.

The second thing we do is coding. A big part of our job is bringing the design to life by working with our development team. We mostly work in HTML and CSS to create the base layout and style. Then a developer will turn the design into a functioning product based on the requirements set out.

4. How did you get into web design?Scorchio, a Neopet, used with the permission of
When I was 12, I was really into this online website called Neopets. What you could do is create custom profiles and guild pages using HTML and CSS. I used to create my own pages, eventually creating websites on freewebs (now using my poor Photoshop skills at the time. I ended up taking courses in high school in web development, which eventually led me to taking a fast-track college course.

5. What is the best part of your job?
The team. Every person I work with, whether we work side-by-side or indirectly, are all contributing to the betterment of our products. We are constantly looking to improve ourselves and our skills, whether it’s sharing articles or going to take online courses.

6. What skills and attributes help someone be a successful designer?
There are a few that are obvious, but I think two that stand out most to me are understanding usability and how to communicate effectively to a client or team. Having great coding skills and a good design sense is great, but if you can really dig deep with your clients, determine what is best for their users, and also describe to them why these changes will be effective, it not only helps the client but also provides well thought-out designs.

7. What are 3 of your favourite things about working at REW?

1. The complexity of the projects.
2. The Team.
3. The Vancouver Office! 


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