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Women's History Month

Honoring Leaders at Real Estate Webmasters

At Real Estate Webmasters, we are proud to have a diverse and inclusive team that is passionate about creating innovative solutions for our clients.

As we celebrate Women's History Month this March, we reached out to some of the women in leadership roles at our company and asked about their inspirations, challenges, ambitions, and hopes:

Head of Customer Experience, Maria Gonzaga, started with REW in April of 2022 and now leads all customer-facing teams. For overcoming challenges and aspiring to positions in leadership, Maria emphasized authenticity and the importance of believing in yourself and sticking to your values. We also asked about her specific leadership style, to which she replied:

“My leadership style is collaborative. I work with my teams in the same way I work with customers - brainstorming and solving problems together. I believe that happy employees and happy customers equal a successful business.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Women at Real Estate Webmasers including Maria Gonzaga (left)

Nicolette Mieduniecki has been with REW for four years and is our Head of Finance and Administration. She spoke about daily challenges of dealing with hearing impairment in the workplace and the importance of communicating with coworkers about it. She also gave some great advice to any young people hoping to pursue leadership positions:

“Understand yourself as best you can. This will give you the best support in navigating the various challenges and situations that you will encounter on your journey to becoming a leader."

She also expressed a hope that we will see a greater return to “connecting with people, not online but in person."

Women at Real Estate Webmasers including Nicolette Mieduniecki (right)

Carrie Baker is REW’s Head of People Operations and has been with us for over 16 years. Her advice for young aspiring leaders was:

“Do what you love! Surround yourself with amazing mentors and a support network that aligns with your values, lifts you up, and celebrates your wins. It can be difficult to be confident & comfortable with success, but self-doubt is the only thing standing in the way.”

And, describing her leadership style:

"I strongly believe that when we focus on employee well-being, encourage ownership & accountability, and set clear expectations, there are no limits to what is possible."

Women at Real Estate Webmasers including Carrie Baker (left)

Women at Real Estate Webmaster
Carly Carey at Real Estate Webmasters

Amy Pye, Head of Marketing, has been in the design and marketing industry for over twenty years. When asked of her words of advice, she said:

“Check your ego at the door and do the work that no one else wants to do, particularly when you are just starting out. The ego serves important purposes and, when used correctly, can help you build self-confidence. But learning humility in the workplace can help transform your professional life for the better.”

Amy Pye of Real Estate Webmasters speaking at conference

And these are just a few examples of the women who are making a difference at REW as we have many talented individuals who contribute to our success everyday.

REW is committed to creating a workplace that empowers and supports women at all levels, and we believe that our diversity and inclusivity are a key part of our success.

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we want to thank all the women who have contributed to our company and the real estate industry. We are grateful for their leadership, their talent, and their dedication.

Women leaders in business, real estate, and tech

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