Changes are coming: Important notice for REW Members


January 22nd, 2007 - By the end of this week our great members will be noticing a lot of changes here at Real Estate Webmasters.

New Look Real Estate Directory:
We have a new design for our real estate directory that will make visitors much more likely to click on your listing, but that is not all! The format for directory listings will be changing with a much greater emphasis on quality of submission and enticing click through to our Realtor members websites.  Instead of the standard html text link followed by a description, your directory listings will now have many more displayed elements such as member photo, phone number, company info, links to website, listings and contact page as well as a search engine friendly text link. Trust me when I say, this is GREAT improvement. Another cool feature of this new directory is the all in one control panel. From this panel, you will be able to post to your REW blog, update your directory listings, view stats on articles posted, and manage your blog and directory signature links on the forum (This is a new feature that will increase the internal REW link popularity to both your Blog and directory listings)

New Forum Design:
To match the Blog Skins, directory, and new REW corporate site, the REW Forum will be getting a complete makeover. We will also be upgrading the Vbulletin software to the newest version and adding some great spam combating hacks and the very exciting directory and Blog integration. This will truly make REW a web 2.0 social networking site and help drive traffic to your blogs and directory listing. During the upgrade (A very massive upgrade) you may experience intermittent interruption in availability of the forum. This will be very temporary - once the forum is upgraded, we are not finished, over the next several weeks, we will be making a lot of design changes based on member feedback, so the design you see when it first launches will have many phase to additions.

The best kept secret at REW - we will be launching a news and content syndication section whereby members can contribute news articles, syndicate content, share content and a lot more - this is HUGE for building your authority and link popularity - more to come on this soon.

New REW Corporate site
Probably not as exciting for the rest of the members as it is for the staff, but we are VERY excited to offer a new REW corporate site, and plenty of NEW REW services. When the site launches you will be able to read all about it and check out the new digs :)

Ok, keep your eyes and ears to the web, something new is coming!


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Looking forward to the REW online news. Just a small note, you currently have 3.6.2 as the vbulletin edition. Current edition is 3.6.4. Just thought you should know.

REW Nick

Pretty exciting. Can\'t wait to see how it all comes together.


Bring It !\r\n\r\nSounds great.

laura sampson

GREAT - Improvements are always welcome!!!\r\n\r\nFor me anyway :-)

Eric Blackwell

Sounds like we are off and running on a great year! Really looking forward to all of this taking shape in 2007! Great work.

Dennis Pease

I'm excited, more great improvements.

Calgary Agent

I've been looking forward to all of this for some time Morgan - glad to hear launch date is coming!

David Abernathy

Sounds exciting - looking forward to the new enhancements.

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