Checking out the features on


Just checking out the features and creating a profile on a new social networking site

For the most part it's focus seems to be online marketing, but as Real Estate "Webmasters" online marketing is huge part of what we are looking to improve upon, so might be cool.

I will update this post as I find out more however for now, I need to post this to my blog in order to verify my RSS feed. We know one thing right away, they do have verification measures in place for their RSS feeds - but one has to wonder, what harm could someone possibly do by placing an RSS feed that was not theirs in a profile on a social networking website? Hmmmm

Incidentally, it is a little bare right now, but you can check out my profile at




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Morgan Carey

I created this post as part of the verification process for the blog feed, but still not showing up as verified - anyone with more experience with the platform know how to ping it or have them crawl the feed?

Morgan Carey

Well, still no verification of my feed - but I did get a TON of spammy "friend" requests - Andy Beal, did you really want to be my friend, or was that an auto invite you sent me (I got three of them) - I responded, and asked you a question regarding the feed - no answer several days later - I really don't think that spamming members inboxes before they even have a chance to check out your system is a good way of retaining members. So far the experience with the system is less than positive, but I am going to poke around some more and see what I can see.

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