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Ok this just made me laugh. I was over at AR (for whatever reason I have no idea, it's not like I ever post there anymore) and there was yet another feature post "promoting active rain" - imagine that - kiss active rains ass to get on the homepage - wish I was a rainmaker.

In the article the poster writes:

"Ok I'll tell you a better reason to join Active Rain...  Active Rain gives you the power to advertise yourself anywhere on the internet.  The exposure you get from Active Rain is second to none.   I did an experiment.  For one week,  I posted about the Chicago Northwest Suburbs.  I think I wrote 3 or 4 posts with the key words Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate.   Before that my website was nowhere to be found when you googled Chicago Northwest Suburbs real estate.  

Now where will you find me if you Google Chicago Northwest Suburbs. Yes   I'm on page one of Google and guess what I'm the first entry.   The power of active rain is truly amazing! "

Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate are you kidding me!

I can rank for purple monkey pink dinosaur to if I really set my mind to it - and the fact of the matter is, that's about as competitive as the phrase you are so "amazed" that you could rank at AR.

Now I suppose I should be nice as it's not likely the posters fault that she is nieve and actually beleives that she has accomplished something amazing (when in fact "chicago northwest suburbs real estate" is completely nothing to be proud of as it's non competitive) - it's not really her that annoys me - it's Active Rain and their constant featuring of these crap rah rah rah posts.

I am sorry Judy but you've been hoodwinked / "active brainwashed" if you ask me - sorry your article happened to be the one (of hundreds like it that I have seen featured) that set me off on this fine Friday afternoon.

Btw - (especially because I know lots of my readers are going to link to this post with the anchor text "Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate"  you are going to find very quickly that this post also ranks on the first page of Google and pushing the submit button after finishing writing is the only effort I am going to put into it.





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Carolyn Gjerde-Tu

Morgan, my guess is that this post will rank for Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate on its own - even without anyone else linking to it. BTW, the AR post is at the bottom of page one from here. Oh and what do you mean that Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate is non competitive? I bet it gets one or two hits... a month :)



Wait an hour or two -


Of course you have to really enjoy one of the comment to Judy's post like:
"That is really great use of your time isn't it? Wow! 3 months and that result? Pretty darn impressive." Are you kidding me?

Wow, if you keep it up, you may qualify for their Spam Badge...oops, I guess they call it Rain Maker badge if you are found in the SERP's for Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate.

Carolyn Gjerde-Tu

#4 this morning from here - don't think anyone linked to this. Just the strength of the post. Oh and purple monkey pink dinosaur - you totally own that term now = #1.

The points and the camaraderie are compelling reasons to spend time at AR - I'm over it now but I know for me personally those reasons kept me going back. Was pretty clueless that I should be striving for individual posts to rank for longtails.


I'm seeing this post for Chicago Northwest Suburbs real estate at #3 now. I think I've sent Judy a referral (she's on my Judy Network - I wrote about it on my REW blog).

There are a few AR gems (I love reading Bryan Tutas). I find those gems by reading the few bloggers I like there and others they mention in their posts. Otherwise, I stopped reading the everyday posts as I got too fed up with inane stuff.

I don't think I'm alone when I wonder how they pick their Featured Blogs and a lot of AR members have asked this question. I've seen great ones passed by and really stupid one's featured.

Because I work in the southwest suburbs of Chicago (I quickly ranked a free Point2 website with those keywords without having any inbound links) - I get many inquiries for Chicago Northwest Suburbs real estate since that is part of my MLS. If anyone reads this and is interested in the northwest Chicago suburbs call me at 708-536-8200 and I'll refer you to a great agent in the area.


Chicago Northwest Suburbs real estate is at #2 here in Cyprus. Very impressive in my opinion. I am really surprised that this is not a very popular search term since I lived in Chicago and if I was looking to move to Shaumburg, Wheeling, Palatine,Arlington Heights, Mount Prospect, Des Plaines and a few more I would use this search. Why? I guess I still have a lot to learn.


Great article, Morgan! The activerain crowd likes to regularly pick obscure and non-competitive terms to "show the power" of AR.

Can persons receive some benefit (some exposure + closings/income) by spending time on AR? Sure, absolutely.

But if those same persons spent the same amount of time and effort on creating & marketing their own sites as they do on AR, they'd actually have an asset that they own & control (instead of building up an online asset that others own) - that would do far more for them.

BTW, you rank #1 for purple monkey pink dinosaur too. :)

Judy Greenberg

Hi Morgan, its none other than me, the so called "naive" girl... Judy

Friday night I received a lead from from a potential buyer who told me they were googling Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate and they found my Active Rain article and called me. Saturday, we went out looking for homes in a few suburbs, and I think I have myself a new client.

I know Chicago Northwest Suburbs Real Estate is not a very popular search term, but I guess I was just lucky

Buffalo Grove real estate is a more popular term, and my websites- and appear on the first page of google. when you search those terms.

Morgan, I can see that you are very knowledgeable in SE0 ranking and I look forward to reading your other blogs posts!

Morgan Carey

Yeah I hear you Malok - that and they wouldn't be contributing to a network that is continually trying to sell out to lead aggregators or other real life competition.

Guess what they are selling - YOUR User INFO

Why can they ask the price they ask - because there is so much content that YOU have contributed.

Don't get me wrong - I don't have anything againsts users contributing to other sites than their own (heck I run my own social network, blog and community) and I promoted Active Rain myself when it was free and prior to finding out what they were going to do with it.

What I have a problem with is a lack of transperency, shady actions (which are money driven - read the inman articles on MOVE vs AR) and in some cases downright deceptive elements (like their stats) - all geared at taking advantage of the less informed and turning them into sheep. Yes ActiveRainers reading this, I just called you sheep - sorry, it's how I feel.

Not trying to paint everyone with the same brush because I know there are "some" contributors on there that understand the math and still choose to participate (in spite) of the BS but for the most part Active Rain (these days) has become nothing more than a place to suck your time and as far as I am concerned no longer has the bright future it once had - Active Rain = The Water Cooler - *End Sunday Morning Rant*

Morgan Carey

Judy Greenberg,

Don't get me wrong - I am not criticizing you for the fact that you are attempting to understand and implement search engine optimization, everyone at Real Estate Webmasters has an appreciation for the value and difficulty of SEO. For you to put in the work and get the results (on your own website or active rain) is commendable but that is not what this is about.

This post was a complaint against Active Rain constantly (and clearly selectively) featuring posts of absolutely no substance simply because they help propogate the sheep mentality of Active Rainers. You just so happened to be the post that I noticed (this time) that finally caused me to blog about it.

Your post is no exception - (the one about bragging about rankings, you should use AR etc) - do you REALLY think you would have a written if you didn't realize (at least subconsciously) that you were much more likely to get featured (which feeds the ego and feels good) if you wrote a self promotional AR post vs writing a post of any true quality or substance? They have conned you into doing their work for them - they should be rewarding YOU - because it is you that is the only thing of any value at Active Rain.

If all users of Active Rain left tomorrow and went somewhere else that "somewhere else" would instantly have the value AR claims to have created - and you know what active rain would have? Garbage blogging software (that does not even come CLOSE to measuring up to even the most basic free blogging platforms let alone WP) - a bunch of half finished revenue generation software applications aimed at sucking revenue from it's members - and a lot of spam :)

Morgan Carey

Well that was easy - this post (from my Datacenter) now ranks #1 - the power of Active Rain BAH I SAY! Muahahha

Once again, Ms Greenburg, I apologize if your post being chosen has caused any offence, I take no issue with you, but with Active Rain in general. In fact I invite you to become an active member here at REW where your content will truly be able to shine, you will learn from those of us willing to teach (which is everyone) and we promise to never sell your information to third parties like Move Inc (or rather get tricked into giving it away for nothing).

See ya on the boards :)


Welcome Judy Greenberg! Stick around!

Carolyn Gjerde-Tu

Yes, Judy, you will find spending time here is well worth the effort.

#1 from here also.

Judy Greenberg

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I will love to participate in this blogging forum. I have lots to learn

First question... How do I get my picture to appear when i comment.

Judy Greenberg

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.

I will love to participate more on this blogging forum.

I'm assuming you need to register to have your picture on your blog comments, but I'm having trouble signing in.


So Judy, just how much have you learned in 3 days?

Spoken Gently

Too funny. I see this post as #2 and the AR post is nowhere to be found on page 1!

Carolyn Gjerde-Tu

#2 it was #1 earlier this week. What's crazy is Knox has a double listing for his post and it was just one sentance.

Justin Havre

I see this post as #1 for Chicago Northwest Suburbs real estate. Love it!

How easy was that?

Judy, you will love it here at REW and you will have a new place to learn and share information.


Judy, I can't duplicate what you see, perhaps you may be viewing:

"Customized based on recent search activity."

Spoken Gently

Hi Judy,

I have you at the bottom of page 1. Perhaps you are logged in to Google when searching?


Hey Judy,

Looks like you are a proficient content creator, pick up some tips here and you are home free!

Morgan Carey

Judy, we have a website review section at our forums - you can post your website here: we do ask that you provide feedback on someone elses site before asking for feedback on your own but it's totally free and you should get tons of feedback.

Also with reference to SEO discussions, be sure to check out

Brad Miller

I enjoyed the term "active brainwashed."

With the slow economy, I think people may have a bit too much time an go crazy with some of this web stuff. I know I do.


Still laughing about this post... Saw another "Featured" AR post giving tips on how to be featured and immediately thought about this one.

Some things never change... LOL!!

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