CK Chung nominated as SEO judge for REW Blogging contest


And we are lucky to have him!

CK has graciously volunteered to sit on the judging panel with me to judge the SEO component of the REW Blogs contest.

For those of you who don't know him:

CK Chung, aka Kid Disco of, started optimizing websites before he even knew what SEO was. Utilizing his schooling, knowledge, logic, and instincts, he implemented what he later found out to be along the lines of the best practices for SEO.

Beginning his professional career by performing search marketing for over 100 real estate agents, CK quickly fell in love with SEO and conducted research and testing around the clock. As a result of his work ethic, enthusiasm, and proven experience, CK went on to become the lead SEO for a number of high-profile companies and global brands in a variety of industries.

Now, CK consults independently under his entreprenuership -


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