Comment notifications et al


One of the most important thing for keeping a clean and active blog is managing your comments - we need to create a notification such as "You have x amount of comments in your queue waiting for approval" - this should be on the main page when a user logs into their REW blog.

What other notifications do we need here?


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Morgan Carey

Actually Jim, Comments made by REW Blog users do not go into the queue as they are already trusted members (Noone gets a blog if we don't know them) - the only time comments go into a queue is when the public makes a post - this stops spammers from getting their posts on your blog and clogging it up with crap :)

Marc Rasmussen

When someone comments on my post the comment is automatically posted. Is there a way to change that? Eventually we will get a lot of porn and drug comments.


Hey Morg, What I did for this was.. If there are any comments in the queue it will show the number of comments next to the link. Hi Marc, are the comments still being automatically accepted? Any comment posted by a non-verified blog user should be placed into the queue for approval.


Also, When someone now posts a comment, they are automatically subscribed to the blog entry and will received email notications when new comments are posted to the entry. This is very useful for checking to see if a comment was responded to. Also, for those who don't like such a thing..:P There is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. *evil*

Calgary Agent

Morgan - The last 5 or 6 comments made on my blog have been posted without ever hitting the queue, even though I'm notified of new comments immediately and directed to approve them *they've all been comments by members - is this the reason they're bypassing the queue*?

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