Compiling a list of helpful posts and threads for new REW Blog users


REW Blogs are different than a lot of the other real estate blogging platforms in the sense that they are set up with many different elements, each one with it's own specific function constructed to help the user make the most of their blogs, and help them not only maintain a very high level of quality, but also make sure they are always in compliance with all search engines terms of usage.

We also make constant improvements to REW blogs to help the users get their blogs seen by those internet users who will be interested in their services. In order to help new users find all of the helpful blog posts and forum threads I am going to compile a list of the information and tutorials available which are right now scattered between the blogs and forums. The intent will be to provide a single place where those who truly want to make their REW Blogs stand out, will be able to visit and learn.

So if you are new to REW Blogs, please check out all of the blog articles and forum posts in this article, I will update it as often as I can.

REW Blog posts to help you get started:

The rules and terms of use: Our mandate with REW Blogs is to ensure that users are well educated and that contributed content is properly moderated to ensure compliance with US and international laws, as well as search engine's terms of service. We know that not everyone is a legal or search engine expert, so we provide rules that must be followed, which help everyone maintain a high level of quality, while at the same time avoiding possible problems often arising from being new to publishing content on the internet. You must read the rules before you begin posting: View our rules here

Setting up your REW Blog, the basics: This post should be the second post new REW Bloggers read (Right after the rules) - it discusses how to set up your profile, categories, and links section and also covers what should and should not be posted in these sections.

How to insert images into your REW Blog
: Just as the name suggests, this tutorial will walk you through how to insert images in your REW Blog posts. Images really help make a blog post stand out, so we encourage every user to try to include relevant imagery wherever possible when posting an REW Blog.

Blogaltyics - A technique to research blog topics: This is a bit of an advanced technique which teaches users how to research topics for their REW Blogs using Google analytics software to assist in finding target phrases and topic ideas that will generate the most traffic and client interest from their blog posting.

REW Forum threads discussing how to make the most of your REW Blogs

REW Blogs Forum: There is a link to this forum to the left of every single REW Blog page, and for good reason. The REW Blogs forum, is the interactive learning tool for REW (And other) real estate bloggers. As a member of the REW Forum, you can participate with over 10,000 web savvy real estate professionals as well as the REW technical staff. Ask your questions, find your answers, brainstorm ideas, and build relationships. Changes are, many of the issues you may run into as a new REW Blogger have already been discussed at the blogs forum, so be sure you stop by often if you are truly interested in making the most of your REW Blog.

Related links not being used properly: Below each blog post you make, there is a small section called "related links" - many users put links back to their websites in this spot which is not what this section is for. The related links section is to provide reference material (Such as Wikipedia articles on the subject if you used that article for research before blogging) or a particular page on the NAR with more information if your blog post was talking about some new rule that the NAR came up. Unless your specific blog post is talking about your website, you should not have links to your website in the related links.

REW Blogs and DIGG: DIGG has very specific guidelines when it comes to submission, and they do not like it when users attempt to spam their website. The linked thread talks about DIGG and how to use it in conjunction with REW Blogs.

Building the REW Glossary Builds links to your blog
: We created a cool new feature for those users of REW who help build our glossary. Now you can submit definitions right from your REW Blog, if they are accepted the system automatically provides a backlink from each term your define, thus helping increase your blogs link popularity and exposure in search engines. You can see an example of an accepted glossary definition with backlink to the submitters blog here.


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REW Nick

This is a great post for beginners and new members. Do you mind if I include it in my Welcome Letters?

Morgan Carey

Which welcome letters?

REW Nick

I send new members of the forum Welcome PMs.. Pointing out different areas of the forum and letting them know who to talk to if they need any help etc.

Morgan Carey

Ah yes, feel free to add :)

Morgan Carey

awww and here I was hoping newbies would be more excited about doing something right! :) You are welcome I will add some more as I get some free time.


Thank you for providing the information in one location! Makes being a newbie a little less worried about doing something wrong. :D

Hazael Evans

Lots of good info that I desperately needed. Thanks so much. I'll get to work!


I sisnt see it here but what is a pingback. I have it on my new blog?

Tim Shepard Destin

Is there a way to convert an excel graph to an image that can be easily integrated into a REW blog?

Morgan Carey

Sure - take a screenshot then use your favorite image editor to optimize it for the web, then just post the image.


is there any way i can get a nice design to my web site

JP Phaneuf

newbie the resource

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