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Now that things have finally started to slow down a bit after our record shattering $40,000,000 valuation on CBC's Dragon's Den this past week, it's time for me to get back to work.

I posted our 12 days of Christmas promotion on my blog over here: and I've been getting a LOT of email inquiries regarding "how do I reach my goals" "what should I buy", "how much time do I need to get" "what can I expect as results" and many more. I'm doing my best to keep up but as they are one off's and so many of the questions (and the answers) are the same I have come up with a new plan. 

Anyone who would like my advice as to what they should do to skyrocket their business in 2015 can now ask me directly, right here in the comments section of this blog post. I will check it daily and answer as many of you as I can each day. I will ask that you read the posts and answers before you post your own as the advice you seek may have already been posted. 

These questions might be things like:

  • What website product do I need to achieve x 
  • How much PPC budget do I need to close x $ in volume
  • Is SEO really a good fit for my goals and market? 
  • What about add on's - I'm "here" what do I need "right now!" and what can wait?
  • How do I get more buyer leads?
  • How do I get more seller leads?
  • What should my conversion rate be, and how do I improve my conversation rate? 

Do these questions sound familiar to you? What other questions do you have? Please post them below I'm happy to help. 

For those of you who are curious and have not seen the episode yet, you can find it at this URL: note for some reason I sound like a chipmonk lol - that is not actually how my voice sounds, seriously! Lot's of recent press being that it is the largest deal in reality TV history, and I'm happy to answer questions on that experience as well (and even provide advice for anyone considering going on Dragons Den or Shark Tank. 

For now, let's try to focus on kicking some serious butt and getting 5x, 10x and even HIGHER returns on our marketing efforts for 2015. It all starts with a question - please post below, again, I am happy to help :)

PS - for those of you who are not connected, here is my: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn


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Steve Jolly

Does forced registration affect the organic ranking of IDX listings on Google?

Morgan Carey

Hello Steve,

No forced registration does not effect organic rankings of IDX listings on Google. But what it DOES do is increase your valid contact % by a huge margin. I think you're already an REW user, yes? If so, you can control the registration settings in the backend via the IDX panel - I set my settings to always register, not require a password or phone or email verification - some folks require phone which I don't think is a terrible thing either - but my settings for maximum valid leads are listed :)

Jason Painter

What do you guys actually do in regard to SEO services today. Is it all on page? Link building?

Morgan Carey

Alexander, truth be told I NEVER advocate stealth sites. I mean what good marketer ever thought they were a good idea? The whole concept of hiding your brand because you're worried about someone not using the site if they see a name, phone number or logo? Just silly!

My advice - ALWAYS market your brand. Whether you use "targeted" (not stealth) sites, or whether you send everything to your main site's internal section for that target - you should always be branding.

Now for the question of having other sites: I like to make 1 power house site first (and generally this is where most folks should stop) - it takes a LOT of time and resources to do a power site and generally most folks don't have the time and $ to do just the one "the right way" - so why are they always going and starting new sites when they haven't finished the first one? Do SEO, PPC, conversion optimization, work on your drips, scripts and tweak tweak tweak - only once you have a team in place and have both excess time and capital should you look at additional sites. Note - additional sites have no advantage to rankings, it's harder to rank multiple sites than it is to rank 1.

As for leads to the backend - yes, of course this can be done. REW does it with custom programming and there is an API connection for this as well.

Great questions :)

Morgan Carey

What do we do for SEO Jason? The answer is everything!
You see, our SEO team is labor based, and while there is a definitely prescription to follow to start a new site (or review an old one) once those main points are taken care of, we expand in whichever makes sense for the client and the project.

Our team consists of professional writers, past journalists, link builders / baiters, PPC folks, social media guru's you name it! Of the 20+ folks in that room we pretty much have the skill set to do anything and WILL do anything the project requires.

Most folks only do the on page though because that is all they stick around for. Of course doing the on page is GREAT and is the MUST DO before you move onto the more advanced stuff: That is things like

  • Consulting
  • keyword research
  • Content planning
  • Titles
  • Meta data
  • writing of 100% unique content
  • Implementation of targeted IDX snippets
  • Building of compelling CTA's
  • Page layout / formatting

Then they would move onto more complex stuff like:

  • rewriting IDX titles / meta's with unique algorithms to allow IDX to differentiate
  • WPO work with advanced web performance optimization team
  • internal link sculpting
  • Blogging

Those are just a few "on page" items. And if course it is an iterative process.

Most of the time however there is another layer that has to happen before all this. Why? Because most folks come to us with an existing site and often it is "broken" - they have years of old school SEO, duplicate content, bad links that sort of thing - so often times the first thing we do is gain access to analytics and webmaster tools and do a full audit on the content and link profiles. Link / SEO cleanup can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months depending on how bad the damage is.

How about off page / link building?

Again, we totally know how / when / where / why to link build and we're happy to do it. Link building for us is a more organic process than just going out and begging for links (though we're not opposed to doing that either) "some" of the things we might do:

  • Consulting - teach you the user how to create / post content for more links and how to syndicate that content.
  • Submission - make sure we feel if there are any highly relevant local directories or other sites you should be on that you are listed
  • Social setup - making sure you not only have the right social media setup, but that the settings are correct and that you know how to use them.
  • Link bait brain storm / creation - we can brain storm link bait ideas and even implement them for you
  • Infographics and other fun / compelling linkable content
  • Outreach - evaluation your existing relationships (and citations) and haven them changed to search engine beneficial links (asking to have mentions of your name linked to your site, having no follows removed that sort of thing).

There is a LOT to do for SEO and it takes a long time - most folks only buy a little time (pay a little pray a lot) kind of thing - but really SEO is a $30,000-$100,000per year full time gig that needs the dedication and participation of the client.

Don't get me wrong - each step helps (writing content helps, CTA improvement helps, conversion optimization helps etc etc) - but to do "TRUE SEO" it's full time and never stops.

Krystyna Baty

Hi Carey,
Is it better to have one great (generating a lot of traffic) site or several good sites? Or both?

Morgan Carey

Krysyna, my preference is to focus on one GREAT website and get it generating leads / traffic first. Only after you have done a great job on that and your growth justifies "needing" additional sites would I look at additional sites.

The other reason for other sites can be for very niche specific projects (farming a very specific neighborhood, catering to a group like military etc) where it might make sense conversion wise to have very specific landing pages or branding.

Morgan Carey

From facebook, new customer Katherine Burnette

First question -

Katherine: Since my first two sites will be generally in the same marketplace with each other (one for each office we have) how do we make sure that we do not conflict the content and still be recognized by google instead of being discounted for similar copy/content? What do you suggest would be a good way to approach it?

Morgan: In this case it sounds like it makes sense for your business to have each of your offices have their own site (often times company will have just one site with offices represented) - since you have gone this route, it’s actually pretty simple - each office should be working independently to develop their content and should understand that in order of Google to respect your content, it should not only be 100%, but it should be compelling, share worthy and make users want to link to it. Creating this kind of content can be a big challenge for any marketers, so we do of course advocate brining in professional help (like the REW SEO team) if budget allows - but if you’re bootstrap only, be sure that your content development team in-house understands the basics of Google including content must be 100% unique.

Your IDX will be the same as well (thought technically all IDX’s are the same as the data must be standard) - but you can do things to differentiate your IDX even on your own with the rewrite tools available in your REW Website if your package includes those tools (or they can be purchased separately if not in your package) - These tools allow you to do things like create your own algorithm for titles, meta data etc. In a perfect world (again budget permitting) you would develop a whole unique presentation layer for your details pages that re-organized and augmented IDX data in different ways. This does require programming and design, but can be very helpful in fine tuning the user experience for your visitors as well.

Second question-

Katherine: What do you think would be the best budget per day for google adwords to really jump start the sites? I have been used to $35 per day and have run my campaigns directly through google over the last year or so.

Generally the answer to this one is actually “how many leads would you like?” - You can then create a plan based on a low, average and high cost per lead - for the purposes of REW in most markets low would be less than $5 per lead, medium might be say $5-10 and high would be anything above $10 but if you’re getting past $30, again there might be something amiss. Each market is different and the costs per lead are different depending on competition but in pretty much every market the conversion % we can get is 10+% conversion so then it just really depends on how much the clicks are.

So my general advice? (And because it’s easy for math) - use $10 CPL and then just multiply how many leads you want by $10 and that gives you your daily budget (to start) of course the goal if at all possible is to get under that over time, and in many markets getting under is totally possible - but don’t be bummed if you don’t even at $10-$15 CPL ROI from PPC is still awesome assuming you are working your leads the right way.

Katherine told me that with her old provider and then with Google she was getting 15 leads per month at a $2000 spend. Oh My GOD! If anyone reading this has numbers like that PLEASE stop what you’re doing! It’s not working!

Third question-

Katherine Is there any other advice that you would give me during this process of getting everything switched over and restarted?

Morgan: Yes, my advice to you is the same advice I give to anyone and that is GET LIVE FAST! Too many people leave their sites on the dev because they just want to add a “bit” more content, or they are worried about is this page perfect, I haven’t added images to that page etc - the reality is, not only is there nothing more motivating to getting your project rolling than to “making it live” but in truth, your users are totally unaware that your site is not what it may be in the future - that’s your own angst - REWSites are meant to be able to be taken live immediately, don’t wait for content etc - as soon as it’s compliant, take it live! Finish off the content while it’s up there - you’ll find you finish a LOT faster.

Her site that just went live is: which is a slightly customized version of :)

There are of course lots of custom tweaks you can do from a WPO perspective once you are live, play around using design time with CTA’s to see what get’s you the best conversion etc - but hopefully that is a start:

Jason Painter

I have something I would like to get your opinion on and that is requiring registration. I know that in the end it currently makes sense to require registration in order to net the most sales. What I would like to know is that do you have any hard numbers on exactly what percentages of closed sales based off of requiring registration on first view, third view, requiring phone numbers along with registration etc. vs no registration. Also, with our biggest competitors now being Trulia and Zillow, who do not require registration and offering compelling websites, where do you see forced registration going in the future? Do you see maybe just having multiple calls to action and leaving basic registration open in the future?

Tony Cikes

Hi Morgan,

It was great meeting you at the REW Summit just this past summer. Great event, great group of people and great food at Rewsters! Thank you for providing your time and expertise to us!

I have an LEC 2011 and got it upgraded to responsive. The site has been live only since February 2014 and I am still adding photos and got all of my neighbourhood content finally completed. Getting into the habit of blogging and will start creating video content as well.

I am always torn with how my site looks and seem to think that looks of a site are important. I find the look doesn't match our Companies site, and I am thinking should we create a more modern look for my site? Do you think its possible to do that on the existing LEC or does it make more economic sense to replace with a newer one?

Should I be thinking of doing this or would those monies be better spent elsewhere with building awareness to the current site?

Would enhancing the look help with skyrocketing my business and brand awareness for 2015 or would using that design money be better spent on PPC to achieve better results?

Would love for you to visit my site and would love to know what you would do if it was your own site? My site is

Thank you for your help!

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