Creating a great REW directory listing


Members constantly ask what makes a good directory listing, or what should write for my directory description?

Ok where to start: I always tell people to write their directory writeup / description try to treat it like you just paid $10,000 for a high end locally targeted magazine. You want to get the most out of this investment, and to do so you need to provide your readers with certain things.

  • Knowledge of the area: Identify with your visitors, show them that you are local and know the area. Touch on points like well known local features that your visitors will identify with, discuss the types of homes in the area, architecture etc BE THE LOCAL EXPERT
  • History of service (If applicable): Talk about how long you have been servicing the area (City or neighborhood) and share how many homes you have listed or sold there
  • What can you do for the visitor?: Website searchers are looking for 2 things: Someone whom they can be confident will sell their home if they list with them, or someone who can help them find a new home whether they are relocating or upgrading / downsizing or looking for investment property.

A couple of other things:

Your description should be unique content: Search engines love unique content, and are much more likely to rank a page highly when you compare the high authority of REW directory with some high quality unique content.

ROI: Listings at REW Directory are free, so if you even make one sale from your listing a year, then certainly the 10-20 minutes it takes to create a truly unique and high quality description are well worth it. That equates to waiting in line for coffee 2-4 times for 5 minutes :)

Keep other areas out of it (Targeting): When a visitor is on a city page or a neighborhood page, they are there because they are interested in that area. They are likely not interested that you service 16 other cities as well as the one they are interested in. Target your writeup to the area you are submitting to and you will get more calls and leads to your site, I guarantee it.

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Any questions post a comment or check out the directory forum.


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Morgan Carey

BTW if anyone has any other pointers to add that will help members improve their directory listings please share with the group :)


Great post Morgan thanks for the pointers.


How many can one add?

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