Dominating Local Real Estate Search: Carly Carey Case Study

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Local Success With An Award-Winning Real Estate Website

Since launching back in 2020, Carly Carey’s site has gone from strength-to-strength, first winning a MUSE Creative Design Gold award in 2021 and then going on to gain both search engine and advertising dominance.

The site's remarkable success has made Carly Carey a go-to resource for buyers and sellers in the central Vancouver Island real estate market.

As a significant driver of business, now covers all of its own costs for years to come and then some with returns of almost 1000%.

Let's delve into some of the details…

MUSE award for real estate website design

Innovation, Experimentation, Iteration

Carly’s site has served as a testbed for some of Real Estate Webmasters’ cutting-edge customizations and SEO techniques for real estate.

Through the strategic use of SEO and expert PPC management, Carly's site captures the attention of those actively seeking luxury real estate opportunities on Vancouver Island.

With these strategies, has achieved remarkable results.

Screenshots showing keyword data and search engine results for

In the first quarter of 2023 the site brought in around 660 leads resulting in 7 deals. The resulting GCI meant an ROI of approximately 1000%!

The site now attracts around 6,000 targeted users per month and has secured over 100 top-ranking positions for luxury real estate terms.

See our PPC case study about Carly Carey to learn more about using PPC advertising for real estate leads.

"After just two-and-a-half months into 2023 I had already closed 6 deals from my PPC-SEO combo, and in a supposedly 'slow' market. Just those deals alone cover my entire marketing budget for the next 2 years!"
- Carly Carey

Built with the best in real estate website design

Carly Carey's real estate website is built on the Renaissance platform by Real Estate Webmasters. REW is the industry leader for high-performance websites that are optimized for real estate, including speed, accessibility, search functionality, MLS integration, and CRM features.

Combining functionality, aesthetics, and performance, REW’s real estate websites are highly-efficient lead generation and management engines.

Contact Real Estate Webmasters today if you want to learn more about our services.

Carly Cary & Real Estate Webmasters

With Real Estate Webmasters latest Renaissance platform, Carly's website has become a go-to resource for buyers and sellers in the central Vancouver Island real estate market.

Explore Carly Carey's real estate website to experience firsthand the remarkable functionality and aesthetic details. With ongoing optimization and continuous innovation, Carly's site continues to redefine standards in the industry, setting an example for aspiring real estate professionals everywhere.

Screenshot of homepage of Carly Carey real estate homepage


How did PPC advertising benefit Carly Carey's business?

PPC campaigns created business by driving traffic to Carly's PPC ads achieved top-of-page status for a number of high value keywords, generating around 230 leads in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

How has achieved success? has achieved success through a combination of strategic SEO and expert PPC management driving traffic to Real Estate Webmasters' award-winning Renaissance website. The combination of effective SEO, marketing, and a high-performance website have resulted in more leads and sales in an otherwise slow market.

Why is local search engine marketing important for real estate?

Local SEO and marketing are important for real estate because they help agents reach potential customers who are searching for properties in their area. By optimizing their website and online presence for local keywords and phrases, agents can increase their visibility and credibility in the local market.

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