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Lead generation is essential for fueling your business pipeline with potential prospects, but lead nurturing is equally important in achieving success. Lead generation casts a wide net, attracting individuals who have expressed interest in your services, while lead nurturing takes those initial connections and cultivates them into meaningful engagements.

A lead may have expressed initial interest by visiting and signing up for your website. However, their readiness to make a purchasing decision can vary greatly. Some leads might be at the early stages of exploration, while others may have specific needs or constraints that necessitate a more cautious approach. By providing them with the information, guidance, and support they need to move forward at their own pace, agents can build rapport with leads and establish a fruitful relationship.

Utilizing REW CRM for Lead Nurturing

Effective lead nurturing can often make or break a deal, and REW CRM offers powerful tools to streamline this process. Smart lists, for instance, enable agents to utilize filters to effortlessly create a "Nurture" list, gathering leads who meet specific criteria. This list can be easily accessible in the leads dashboard, ensuring agents can instantly view and prioritize engagement with those leads ripe for nurturing.

Moreover, Lead Groups within REW CRM offer an additional layer of organization, enabling agents to categorize leads for targeted communication. With Lead Groups, agents can easily send automated emails or drip campaigns to leads in the "Nurture" group, saving valuable time and ensuring timely engagement. Accessible through REW CRM's "My Setup," Lead Groups empower agents in their lead nurturing endeavors.

Furthermore, by leveraging REW CRM's "Motivation", "Interests" and "Tags" features, agents can take note of lead preferences and behaviors. Armed with this data, agents can personalize their messages, helping them build stronger relationships with prospects and increasing the likelihood of conversion.

REW CRM's leads dashboard displaying the Smart Lists.

Lead Nurturing Timing and Frequency

Timing and frequency are crucial factors that can impact the results of your lead nurturing efforts. Perfect timing ensures that interactions with leads occur at pivotal moments in their decision-making process, maximizing the chances closing deals. Whether it's providing timely updates on listings or reaching out when leads are most receptive, aligning interactions with the lead's preferences can make all the difference. 

Another important factor is the frequency of communication. Striking the right balance between staying top of mind and avoiding overwhelming leads is key. Regular, consistent communication fosters trust and keeps agents on the radar, but bombarding leads with excessive messages can backfire. By understanding the nuances of timing and frequency, agents can cultivate meaningful relationships and nurture trust.

Building email drip campaigns on REW CRM.

Monitoring Results with REW CRM

Keeping a close eye on the outcomes of lead nurturing efforts isn't merely about tracking numbers. It's also about gaining invaluable insights to adapt and refine strategies. REW Deals offers an efficient monitoring method, enabling agents to log successful conversions and track each lead's journey from initial contact to closing. By leveraging this tool, agents gain powerful analytics and insights into the effectiveness of their lead nurturing campaign.

REW Deals showcasing lead stage and key metrics.

Other Channels For Lead Nurturing

Expanding lead nurturing efforts beyond emails and calls can open up a world of opportunities. For example, social media emerges as a powerful channel, offering direct communication with leads while providing a platform for showcasing listings, sharing informative content, and fostering community engagement. Additionally, attending industry events, such as our REW Summit in Nashville this June 20- 21, presents another valuable avenue for lead nurturing. These events offer a platform for networking, learning, and showcasing expertise within the real estate community. Agents can use such opportunities to reconnect with leads, share insights, and establish themselves as authorities in their field.

Join REW Summit in Nashville, TN, on June 20- 21 and build strong connections.


Lead nurturing lays the groundwork for long-term success. By prioritizing genuine engagement, providing value, and demonstrating expertise, real estate professionals can nurture leads into loyal clients and drive business growth.

Lead Nurturing FAQ

What is the difference between lead generation and lead nurturing?

Lead generation focuses on attracting potential prospects to your business, while lead nurturing involves building meaningful relationships with those prospects to guide them towards conversion.

How does REW CRM enhance lead nurturing?

REW CRM offers features such as smart lists and lead groups, enabling agents to segment leads effectively for targeted communication. Additionally, the platform's tagging and interest tracking features allow for personalized messaging, enhancing engagement with prospects.

How can I effectively utilize smart lists in REW CRM for lead nurturing?

Smart lists in REW CRM allow you to segment leads based on specific criteria, making it easier to view and engage leads that are in the "Nurture" list.

Aside from emails and calls, are there other channels I can use for lead nurturing with REW CRM?

Yes, there are! Aside from emails and calls, you can also leverage social media platforms and attend industry events like the REW Summit. This will provide opportunities for direct communication and networking, further nurturing leads and driving business growth.

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