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Recently we launched an “Early renewal program” here at Real Estate Webmasters where our account management team has the discretion to provide certain credits to our customers for agency work in order to help facilitate their transition to Renaissance and their brand new REW CRM

If you haven't seen the new REW CRM yet, watch this preview video, it's epic! 


How the early renewal program works: 

The idea is to reward long-time, loyal clients for their years of partnership, remove barriers to upgrading such as the cost of migration of content, and re-implementation of necessary custom features they feel they can’t live without. 

At the same time, we’re ensuring our customers have access to the latest and greatest design platform, ADA compliance, page speed, conversion tools, automation, and all the other innovations they may be missing out on by being on an older platform. 

It’s a win for us too! 

  • Real Estate Webmasters benefit from reduced support costs (older platforms have far more issues than newer platforms). 

  • Our customers are re-engaged due to the significant added value they get from Renaissance and CRM

  • Committed customers allow us to continue to invest confidently in additional R & D, and feature development which benefits all customers. 

The math is simple: 

Account managers can credit “up to” 25% of the early renewal (the newly committed) months towards professional services/agency work at Real Estate Webmasters. 

  • This can programming time needed to migrate past data or customizations 

  • SEO work in order to bring your content and structures to today’s SEO standards

  • Additional implementation time for content formatting, and other migration tasks

  • CRM setup, augmentation, and training. 

  • New ideas! (Why not!) Grab a few things off of our common customization menu to enhance your new Renaissance website. 

The math in practice: (A few examples) 

Let’s say you are on $500 per month SAAS and you are 30 months into a 36-month contract. (There are still 6 months left before your contract expires) 

The net gain in terms of commitment to REW, if you were to renew early, would be 30 months and the value of those 30 months is 30 x $500 (or $15,000) thus you could get a credit of $3,750 USD towards agency services at no extra cost to you)

Just for renewing early! 

For our long-term loyal customers who renew their contracts again and again this offer is a no-brainer. 

  • It gets them into the latest and greatest tech AND it removes the friction of minor upgrade costs that may be associated with moving past custom work. 

We’ve made it easy.

For customers who have more than 25 users included in our base of $500 USD, the offer is even more powerful! 

Let’s say you’re contracted for $500 per month, but you’re paying an extra $500 for an additional 25 users (because you have 50 agents)

If you do an early renewal and lock in those agents, you get 25% on your entire lock-in (not just the $500 per month) so if the gain in terms of committed spend was $30,000 (or $50,000) you would get 25% of that increased commitment to put towards high-value agency services well. 

For a service you are already using, and will likely continue to use for many years to come, we are rewarding your loyalty and commitment by investing in your platform and business. 

Book a demo!

If you haven’t seen the combination of what the upgraded Renaissance platform combined with our brand new CRM is doing for our customers lately. Book a demo! 

We know once you see what you’ve been missing out on, you will jump on this upgrade and special program.


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