Enhancing Lead Conversion With REW CRM's Action Plans

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Success in real estate hinges on converting leads into loyal customers. However, agents dealing with multiple clients can find it challenging to nurture prospects. Enter action plans– one of REW CRM's features that allows real estate professionals to streamline lead management. In this blog, we'll share the impact of action plans and how they can be leveraged to increase engagement and conversion rates.

What Are Action Plans?

An integral feature of REW CRM, action plans empower agents to engage with their leads efficiently and promptly. Think of action plans as personalized to-do lists crafted for each lead's specific needs. These lists encompass essential tasks crucial for nurturing leads toward conversion, including making phone calls, sending emails, assigning saved searches, and other custom tasks. With this functionality, agents can streamline their workflow, ensuring no lead slips through the cracks while maintaining a proactive and personalized approach to engagement. Ultimately, it's all about staying focused on what matters most: providing exceptional service and fostering strong client connections.

Setting up an action plan in REW CRM and configuring the tasks within it.

Setting Up Action Plans

Setting up action plans in REW CRM is a breeze. Begin by navigating to "My Setup" and selecting "Action Plans." With a click of the plus button, you can create a new action plan, giving it a name and a brief description to remind you of its purpose. Set the schedule to establish timelines for completing each task, keeping your workflow organized and on track.

Once your action plan is saved, it's time to add tasks tailored to your lead engagement strategy. Whether it's making calls, sending emails, assigning to groups, or creating custom tasks to address unique requirements, REW CRM can cater to every team's unique approach. Remember to set due dates so upcoming tasks can be conveniently displayed in your CRM's homepage notifications.


A video walkthrough on how to set up action plans in REW CRM.

Action Plan Automations

REW CRM's action plan incorporates automation, enhancing the efficiency of lead management processes. With this feature, new leads can be automatically assigned to action plans based on their submission form origin, streamlining the whole process from the get-go. Moreover, agents can automate emailing tasks, enabling them to allocate more time to higher-value activities. The system also provides the ability to automatically remove leads from action plans when they respond to emails and texts, ensuring agents are on track with each of their clients. 

Automations help with consistent follow-up and engagement with prospects, boosting the overall effectiveness of lead nurturing initiatives. With automation, agents can optimize their productivity and deliver exceptional service to their clients. 

One of the automation features of action plans: automatically assigning leads based on their submission form origin.


REW CRM's action plan is more than just a checklist, it encourages agents to stay efficient, accountable, and focused. With this feature, agents have the edge they need to turn leads into loyal clients and thrive even in today's fluctuating market.

Action Plans FAQ

What are action plans in REW CRM?

Action plans are personalized task lists within REW CRM designed for each lead's specific needs. They encompass essential tasks crucial for nurturing leads toward conversion, ensuring a proactive and tailored approach to engagement.

How do I set up action plans in REW CRM?

Setting up action plans in REW CRM is straightforward. Navigate to "My Setup" and select "Action Plans." Create a new plan, give it a name and description, set task schedules, and add tailored tasks for timely follow-up.

How do action plans benefit lead nurturing initiatives?

Action plans ensure consistent and prompt engagement with leads, improving the effectiveness of lead nurturing efforts. By providing reminders, automations, and organized personalized tasks lists, agents can be on top of everything they have to do for converting leads.

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