Extended Promo: For REW Conference Attendees only


Update: Please note this promotion is no longer available.

A few weeks ago I ran a promotion for REW customers that offered 1200 hours (design, programming and writing time combined) at a discount of 25% off of our regular rate. I figured that we would sell out July's excess inventory in 5-7 days, and we ended up selling out in less than 36 hours (Thanks everyone for your purchases)

Due to the sellout, many REW customers who wanted to get in on the action missed out as it was first come first served and there was way more interest than there were hours available. Holly and I got to talking and our next big event is the REW Conference in September which will be once again taking up a lot of my time and there will likely be excess inventory available. We also would really love to see as many REW customers attend as possible (Although there are only 200 tickets available) so here's the deal.

For REW conference attendees only: I will make additional writing, design and programming hours (500 hours each) available at the promo rate (25% off) for any REW customer attending the September conference.

Response time is critical - These discounted hours sold out VERY quickly last time and many who placed there order the same day missed out due to just a one day delay in submitting their paperwork. Also REW conference attendance is limited to only 200 tickets so you will want to ensure you grab yours before they are sold out as well (They are pre-requisite to purchasing these hours.

The rules: (Gotta post em every time - dang rules)

#1: You must have already purchased your ticket to the REW conference in September. You can do so by downloading this form and faxing it back to 250-753-7209. Please remember, the full purchase price of your conference ticket is also credited to your account for use against future work, so the ticket itself, meals, and entertainment actually don't cost you anything, you just have to get here.

#2: You must actually attend - you can't just buy a ticket to access the promo hours. This is not about selling tickets (We actually don't profit from this conference at all as the full ticket sales are credited back to our customers) - this is about getting our customers here. We know you will benefit greatly from this opportunity to learn, network, meet the team etc - I want to have a successful first conference and I can't think of a better way to do it than by having our long standing clients as the largest portion of attendees. If you purchase a ticket and then gain access the promo hours for purchase, use those hours and fail to attend, those hours will be considered billable at our full rate.

 #3: Limit 50 hours per category per customer - Last time we sold out so fast as so many of our great customers recognized the value in the promo and less than 20 of them ended up purchasing the majority of the available hours - I want to make sure everyone has a fair chance to get in on the act. It is still first come first served so you still want to act quickly - but at least this way you have a shot.

Other things to consider (For all conference attendees)

  • Travel is less expensive (Generally) the further back you book your flights.
  • You will need to book your flights (To Vancouver, BC Airport) early to ensure those flights are available.
  • Reserved rooms (For preferred hotels) are also on a first come first served basis. .

Why else would want to show up?

There are some other benefits to consider.

  • The entire trip including the conference is a writeoff (How many vacations do you actually get to write off per year?)
  • You will be visiting one of the most beautiful places in one of the best countries on earth.
  • You can bring your wife / husband rent them a car, have them drive up to Victoria for the day and they will love you for ever.
  • Oh yeah and let's not forget you will be learning insider tips and closely guarded member secrets on how to drive traffic to your website, and convert it when it gets there. (You don't think we post all of our great stuff on the public boards do ya?


Seriously guys - I really wish I didn't feel the need to sell you on all the benefits this will have on your lead volume, conversion and networking - but I do understand, it's shorter notice than most would like AND we do happen to be way up here in Canada. Trust me when I tell you it will be the most beneficial 2 days off from the grind that you ever spend.

So what are you waiting for? Download your form.


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Lee Keadle


I just signed up for the conference and I'm very excited to meet you and your staff. I can't think of a better way to network and share new ideas. You really have a good thing going!


Morgan Carey

Awesome Lee!

We (Especially Steven I would think) would love to finally meet you. It's been great working with you these past few years, and I think we might be able to sneak in some private 1 on 1 time at REW corporate to go over some of our existing projects.

Looking forward to it



joe cline

Was finally getting around to looking into the conf. I noticed that you said that 4 hotels had specials, but I only see three listed in the forum. Can you repost the 4th? Do you know where most of the attendees are staying? Also, can you tell me which is the nicest?



Morgan Carey

The 4th (Also the nicest) is the Coast Hotel, I am surprised it is not posted - I will track down their package and post it tomorrow http://www.coasthotels.com/hotels/canada/bc/nanaimo/coast_bastion/overview

Joe Cline

Cool. Thanks. I just thought that if there was a hotel where a number of folks were staying it would be helpful because we could car pool and whatnot. :)



Morgan Carey

If you mean carpool, it will not be necessary, all hotels are within 5-10 minutes walking distance from the conference center (Dorchester and Coast are pretty much a block away)

Indy Realtor

Alright, I am in too!! I got the OK from the wife, probably because she is coming, and I am very excited to meet everyone, network, learn tons, and have a little fun too.

Looking forward to a very successful conference.


Morgan Carey

Mike - sweet! Will be great to meet you :) - when are you arriving the day of or a bit earlier?

Indy Realtor

I am not sure just yet, but I am definitly coming early. We are going to spend a day or two in Vancouver but just not sure about the dates yet. My father in law is from Canada and he says Vancouver is the best city and we have to spend some time there.

Eric Blackwell

Mike- Awesome! It's funny that while we talk on the phone and you are only a couple of hours away, the first time we meet in person will be in Canada! Looking forward to hanging out with you!

The Koitz Group

Hey Morgan - any hours left or did you sellout again in 22 minutes! Reminds me - I'm definitely doing this backwards - got the flight and the hotel (Coast!), but yet to register. One day I'll get simple order of operations straight. Congrats (!) and looking forward to meeting you in person and all attendees! - Kevin

Morgan Carey

There are tons of hours left actually Kevin - we have a great CORE group of REW's (Some of the best and brightest) attending, but the conference is nowhere near sold out yet, so the number of customers that qualify for this promotion is a lot lower than the numbers of the previous promo. (Buy em all I say!) :)

The Koitz Group

Buy 'em all -- I like that. I'll be in touch in the morning after I "borrow" Gretchen's credit card! She'll be pleased! Alright - I'm going to sleep, getting registered tomorrow and buying some hours! Cheers - K


Once my current project on HT site gets finished (hint-hint), I will want some hours for some upgrades to my first site. Probably updating the flash a bit as well as some updating / enhancements to the older IDX to start.

Morgan Carey

Hey now, no hinting necessary - I actually thought we were done, but I have that email from you, perhaps we could have one of our famous late night calls to go over anything that is left? (I am back yesterday from a 7 day wedding / vacation sorta deal, i'm sure you got my autoresponder) and although the requests piled up during that time, you my friend are at the top of my list.

You around tonight?

Morgan Carey

Btw your email asked when we can take it live (Switched over) really its just a couple of hours, so any time, however I would prefer not to do it on Friday as there is much less support staff available on weekends should we need to make last minute adjustments.

The Koitz Group

Late night SEO/Project chats...not fair Morgan! Is there a presumption that I can't keep up with you West Coast guys - I'm a night owl, have rudimentary knowledge of SEO and The UFC. And IMHO, what I lack in knowledge in...well...most subjects, I more than make up for in charisma. At the very least, I expect a conference call in the future.

And my project (ahem...FinalModsOutlineComingTomorrow...ahem), Gretchen was tipped off on my idea to put all remaining hours on her credit card (per your suggestion) -- so I have to spend my own money (which is not nearly as fun). So could we do another 10 hours for now (5 hours design, 5 hours programming)?

Thanks Morgan...K

Morgan Carey

http://www.ochog.org - See the bid dude on the right holding the flag, would you say no?

The Koitz Group

And with one url, you crush my entire "value add", night owl, charisma...UFC thing I was framing...I'm going to sleep!

Did you get my order for "10 hours" through all my nonsense above...should I go through Holly instead?

Cheers - K

Morgan Carey

Yeah, it's like 1AM here, I am going home, if you could send that request through to Holly that would be cool.

Thanks dude - have a great night.

Dennis Pease

I'm not sure if I need to speak up for any hours or not, but I do want to reserve some. I will know more about how many I need once I'm there and get a chance to discuss some plans.

I'm looking forward to this conference / vacation.


So do we have to place our work orders prior to the conference or can we wait until next week?

Dennis Pease

I don't think we need to order now Judy, but I just wanted to make sure.

Indy Realtor

I almost forgot, I need to pick up some of these hours too. What is the cutoff for this?

Morgan Carey

The cutoff for the REW promo hours is the second day of the conference (End of the business day)


There will be too much activity to do this at the conference. I'm going to have to get my work order in!


I never got my hours order in. I want to book 40 hours, 20 design and 20 programming. Thanks.

Brian Mc

I know, there was just too much other fun stuff to do! I just sent my email for 50 hours. :) What a great time we had and we met so many awesome people, can't wait til next year.

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