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I have been meaning to post this for a while as it is a question I get asked quite often so here goes:

For those of you interested in purchasing featured directory listings, you will find information in this post about pricing, features, benefits and the submission process.

Lets start with Features:

  • The most important feature of a "featured REW listing" is the fact that your listing shows up at the very top of the directory, above any free listings or other content.
  • Link to Blog: As with all REW listings, your listing will come with an additional link to your REW blog.
  • Link to your listings: If you have added your listings to your REW Blog, a link to those listings will also appear.
  • Link to your website: As with all REW listings, you receive embedded call to action links to your website.
  • State Listings: Featured listings are the only way to be listed in a state category.

Now lets talk about benefits:

  • Traffic: Being the top listing in the REW Directory for your area, you will receive the lions share of traffic. Users tend to click on the first compelling listing they see, if that listing is yours, you are likely going to capture the lead. The REW directory received millions of page views last year, how many of those were potential customers for you?
  • ROI: At $1, $10 and $20 per month, the return on investment for an REW directory listing even if you only closed one deal from it every 2 years is amazing. Our hope is that by writing a great feature, you will close much more than that, and your ROI will be in the thousand percentages.
  • Branding: Being listed as a "featured agent" instills confidence in the visitor. It tells them that there is something special about you and your listing.
  • Exclusivity: There is only one featured listing per area sold for the year, by purchasing your areas you are able to lock out your competition.

Featured listings in the REW directory require a one year commitment, however the pricing model is actually based on monthly fees. The monthly fees are as follows (Multiply by 12 for price)

  • Featured Neighborhood $1.00 USD per month ($12.00 USD per year)
  • Featured City $10.00 USD per month ($120.00 USD per year)
  • Featured State $20.00 USD per month ($240.00 USD per year)

If you would like to purchase a featured listing, or many featured listings, simply call the office and ask to speak to sales. Or you can email holly at realestatewebmasters.com (I did not link her email addy on purpose to avoid spambots)

What we will need from you when you contact us is:

  • The state/city/neighborhood you are interested in being featured in.
  •  Your first name, last name,
  • URL,
  • email address,
  • Phone Number
  • Company or Brokerage Name
  • A unique writeup (In html format if embedded links are being provided)

The writeup is perhaps the most important part to get right here folks, don't just copy paste some crappy link exchange description, like "I am a Realtor service area X and waiting for your call" put some real effort into it, the more you put into your writeup, the more you will get out of it. I have written a tutorial / guide for creating a good directory description here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/morgan-carey/747/show/ also keep in mind the longer your "unique" writeup the further down the page it pushes the free listings and the more likely you will capture the majority of the traffic.

I will be creating a form online shortly where you can submit just your features, to make it even easier to get yourself set up.


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I have had some good quality traffic from my featured agent profile.

Morgan Carey

Thanks for sharing Julie, we are actually working on some tracking for the featured spots to provide better metrics. The traffic and rankings at the new directory have been quite amazing thus far :)

Cherie Young

Morgan, I have signed up several clients for the Featured Listing product, and they were all extremely happy to see how quick it hit the search engines and many times ranked higher than their actual website!!! Geez, where has time gone. I will definitely encourage all my clients to sign up for this. Can they pay by the month, or is it a yearly payment? Don't like to ask the cheapskate question, but I'm sure I would be asked!

Morgan Carey

It must be yearly, at $1 per neighborhood, and $10 per city, If I did it monthly it would cost me more than what I am getting paid, just to process their CC's

Katerina Gasset

Do you have an IDX solution servicing the Wellington market that blows away the competition? Tell us about it and you might become our featured Wellington MLS listings website. I just read the above on the featured listings section, what does that mean about the IDX? I thought that all the IDX like in our state are the same. I am confused as to what that means. Can you tell me more about that?

Morgan Carey

Not all IDX are created equal - the statement refers to those who have custom MLS solutions (such as those REW develops) that are far superior to traditional FAR provided IDX - I just did a search using our IDX utility and came up with both RAGFL and SBBOR as REW feeds available in your area - so custom IDX is certainly an option in your area.

Morgan Carey

Elke - I think you need to actually READ the post before you make accusations or assumptions - you DO NOT have to pay to be in the REW Directory, you only have to pay for the "FEATURED" spot - In terms of your link missing - we changed the directory technology in JANUARY! And sent a message to all active REW members that they had to resubmit their information as it was not tied to the blogs and had extra functionality. There was also an email sent out - If you did not receive it or have not visited REW in over half a year, we apologize - you can get information on how to submit here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/morgan-carey/489/show/

Morgan Carey

Incidentally Elke, you have not contributed to REW since 11-19-2005, I would encourage you to visit more often and keep up to date with the happenings at REW as they change often - Our technology and things like the directory change often, and we always post updates in both the forums and blogs, but it is not our fault (Nor do you have the right to get upset) if you never read them.

Antoinette Scognamiglio

Newbie question. Just posted and tried to claim my area (Jefferson Township). I did add the Webmasters logo and link to my site but I'm not showing up yet. I guess this is not simultaneous? What am I doing wrong? Help? Thanks in advance!


I was going to sign up for an area, in the directory, but your site is not easy enough. You should have a button that says add to directory on this page. On to the next.

Morgan Carey

We do actually :)

Morgan Carey

It actually looks like it is occupied at this moment, and we only allow 1 per city - however renewals are up soon, so I can see if that person is renewing, if not then it's all yours, how do you get it? Read the post above.

REW Nick

Hey Escape.. It is possible. You would need to be sure you met the guidelines (seen here: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/showthread.php?t=14446) You can submit your listing via your blog. Log in and under the left hand "My Blog" nav menu, click "Add Directory Listing" It will be sent in and will be pending until someone approves it.

Elke Babiuk

I used to be here under Calgary Agents but I now see that one has to pay to be here. thanks for contacting me about the changes and asking me if I wanted to be included on the page. I used to have REW as a reciprocal link on one of my links pages - which incidentally had a higher rank than this page - but I am removing it as of right now. Elke

REW Nick

Elke, you do not have to pay to be listed under Calgary Agents. You only have to pay for the featured listings. It could be that your link was removed by mistake.. or you missed the email about us upgrading our directory a while back. Some listings were lost and we asked people to re-submit them to be re-included. Please re-submit your listing here if you are still interested: http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/blogs/signup

Bud Margolin

I have been selling real estate, doing BPO's since 1963.

Morgan Carey

That is nice Bud :)


Morgan - I noticed in the rules for the agent directory that you don't allow national directory sites (like Highrises.com), which is understandable. However, can I still encourage the partner agents on Highrises.com to join? So for instance could Brian Kou, our LA agent, sponsor the Los Angeles page and link directly to his LA home page on Highrises.com?

Morgan Carey

Sorry Brian he cannot - if your Realtor customer Brian Kou had his OWN real estate website that was "local" to the LA area, then he could submit that site, but we do not accept deep linking or any other type of linking to websites that are of the national level.

Freda Hoskins

Is there any way you could PLEASE remove my blog from the following webpage? I am no longer a real estate agent :( and this blog is still very visable on the search engines. Thank you.


Freda Hoskins, CITRMS


Kathy Lewellen

I would like to be the feature agent for Singer Island, Fl

Debbie Leon

I would like to be the feature broker for Asheville, NC, please.

Thank you

Frank Wehrmann


My wife is a R/E Agent for Re/Max and has an affiliate site with them.

How much would it cost to list her in 'Toronto East' and 'Scarborough'.

Also - you have no 'Toronto Beach' or Scarborough Bluffs' - how much for her to sponsor and list them as well. Bottom line I'd like her to appear four times.

Thanks for your time

mike borody

how do i get my offices in airdrie,cochrane and medicine hat,alberta as listed sites.I amthe broker of record;out ofthe Cochrane office

Patrick Malone

I am the Featured agent in REW Directory in Sevierville Tn. Can you tell me if there is availability for the same Featured agent status in Gatlinburg TN and Pigeon Forge TN?

Morgan Carey

This blog post is 4 years old and is no longer relevant to anything at REW :)

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