February 2024 Events: Forging A Bright Future

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For the second month of the year, we're buzzing with anticipation for a series of impactful events set to define February 2024. As we prepare for our travel plans next year, let's unravel the exciting lineup of gatherings and conferences that promise to deliver knowledge, advancements, and networking possibilities

Join us in exploring the key events shaping the industry in February, offering a firsthand look at the trends, strategies, and connections that will drive success to your real estate team.

Buffini & Company Master Class: February 8- 9

Master Class stands as one of the premier networking and training events in real estate. Delivered by the well-respected Brian Buffin and other industry leaders, the event is tailored to propel participants to become top producers in their respective markets. The offered sessions focus on professional growth, business, marketing, and sales strategies, facets that every excellent professional should be knowledgeable about. Buffini & Company's Master Class is an opportunity to peak at the minds of the best, discuss, forge connections, and collaborate.


  • Date: February 8- 9, 2024
  • Venue: Marriott, Anaheim, CA
  • Schedule: view here

Buffini & Company's Master Class event page.

HomeSmart Growth Summit: February 19- 21

Growth Summit is an interactive career development event that promises to transform your real estate business. Reenergize your career with enlightening keynote sessions from industry influencers, dive deep into specialized topics with breakout sessions, and reconnect with industry peers through dedicated networking sessions. Aside from supporting your professional development, this summit is an immersive experience designed to recharge your social battery and infuse fun moments while fostering career growth. 


  • Date: February 19- 21, 2024
  • Venue: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Schedule: view here

HomeStart Growth Summit event page.

NextHome Conference: February 26- 28

NextHome Conference is created to facilitate learning, foster connections, and propel the growth of your real estate business. Their carefully curated lineup includes renowned speakers, ranging from industry leaders to influential motivators, ensuring a wealth of insights and knowledge. Peer-to-peer collaboration is also prioritized beyond the enriching speaker sessions, giving participants ample networking opportunities and shared learning experiences. 


  • Date: February 26- 28, 2024
  • Venue: Resorts World, Las Vegas
  • Schedule: view here

NextHome Conference event page.

LeadingRE Limitless Annual Conference: February 27- 29

LeadingRE's Limitless Annual Conference invites broker-owners and real estate professionals to converge to pursue boundless possibilities. This gathering provides a unique opportunity to boost your company's profitability and team's growth through impactful discussions led by a remarkable lineup of thought leaders and keynote speakers. Engage in interactive roundtable discussions with peers who share similar challenges and passion, and experience an epic celebration at XS Nightclub.

LeadingRE's conference has limitless opportunities to learn, network, and equip yourself for a successful future.


  • Date: February 27- 29, 2024
  • Venue: Wynn, Las Vegas
  • Schedule: TBA

LeadingRE's Limitless Annual Conference event page.

RRC’s Sell-A-Bration Conference: February 29- March 2

Sell-A-Bration by the Residential Real Estate Council (RRC) is a gathering of top-producing REALTORS® united with the shared goal of establishing new, meaningful connections and exploring innovative strategies that will be crucial for future success. The event offers pre-conference courses as optional add-ons and an exciting night out at Rockhouse. Anticipate a true "Sell-A-Bration" filled with valuable insights and networking opportunities!


  • Date: February 29- March 02, 2024
  • Venue: Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
  • Schedule: view here

RCC's Sell-A-Bration Conference event page.


As we conclude this overview of the February 2024 real estate events, the stage is primed for a month filled with enrichment and enjoyment. While more events are on the horizon, each is unique, presenting tailored opportunities that align with your team's goals and needs. We hope this blog assists you in preparing and making an informed decision about which events to attend. 

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February 2024 Events FAQ

Why should you attend Buffini & Company's Master Class?

Buffini & Company's Master Class is a premier networking and training event led by industry experts like Brian Buffin. The sessions cover essential topics such as professional growth, business strategies, marketing, and sales. Attending this event provides a unique opportunity to learn from the best, discuss industry trends, and establish valuable connections. Registration is currently open.

What can you expect from the HomeStart Growth Summit?

The HomeStart Growth Summit, scheduled for February 19-21, offers an interactive career development experience for real estate professionals. Featuring keynote sessions from industry influencers, specialized breakout sessions, and dedicated networking opportunities, this summit is designed to recharge your professional journey and provide insights that transform your business. Registration is open for this transformative event.

Why attend the NextHome Conference in Las Vegas?

The NextHome Conference, taking place from February 26-28, is tailored to enhance learning, foster connections, and propel the growth of your real estate business. With a carefully curated lineup of renowned speakers, interactive peer-to-peer collaboration sessions, and ample networking opportunities, this conference ensures a wealth of insights and shared learning experiences. Registration is open for real estate professionals looking to elevate their business.

What is LeadingRE's Limitless Annual Conference?

LeadingRE's Limitless Annual Conference is a premier event designed for broker-owners and real estate professionals. It serves as a platform for individuals seeking boundless possibilities to enhance their company's profitability and foster team growth.

What is the main focus of Sell-A-Bration by RRC?

Sell-A-Bration is a gathering of top-producing REALTORS® aimed at establishing meaningful connections and exploring innovative strategies crucial for future success.

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