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From new dieting techniques to learning a new skill a month, reading one book a week, to making sure to deep clean the house every Sunday, New Year’s resolutions are right around the corner for the vast majority of people. But what about for real estate agents?

While a new target sales number for the year is a great resolution, thinking more long-term, what are the steps a great agent is willing to take to achieve that number? That’s why we’ve put together a list of five New Year’s resolutions for real estate agents to turn their dream number into a reality.

1. Increase website traffic.

What good is a website without traffic? The key to great organic traffic is great SEO. If you’re wondering what this means, think of the first thing that usually keeps you hanging around on a site’s web page (besides amazing design). That’s right - great content. 

Taking a look at the real estate market in particular, to say the competition is fierce would be an understatement. Now, creating amazing content may seem like a simple concept. However, what makes a site an SEO powerhouse is unique, consistent content which is specifically developed only through researching your target audience, and knowing exactly what it is they’re looking for. 

If you’re not experienced at SEO, it’ll be far from easy to perfect all of the techniques and nuances that come with optimization territory. Concepts such as creating content pillars, understanding the importance of internal linking and properly setting up navigation, avoiding keyword stuffing, how not to cannibalize keywords, and much more are crucial components to a solid foundation for SEO. 

Practice does make perfect. That is, a lot of practice. But eventually, you may want to call in the help of an expert to truly make your site stand out from the rest. That’s where the SEO ninjas at REW come in. This New Year, make it your goal to prioritize SEO, and you’ll quickly reap the benefits. 


2. Faster response time.

Every agent knows that a key to being ahead of the competition is being one step ahead. The only way to do that is by being faster. What better way of creating a speedier process than automation?

With the ability to set up rules which can automatically assign new leads to an agent directly, admins can simply create and edit rules at any time through a process we’ve made convenient and practical for you. Route your leads by city, subdivision, price, property type, and zipcode to truly have full control over your automation process. 

Follow the steps in this tutorial we’ve put together for you to figure out how you can speed up your internal processes in a way that makes sense, and puts you one step ahead of the competition. 


3. Collect testimonials from every client.

As a real estate agent, your word only goes so far. While you may try to make as lasting an impression as possible on clients, at the end of the day - clients trust clients. Proven, trusted testimonials from clients is the way toward pushing your business forward. Just think - when searching for who to choose for any kind of essential service, what’s the first thing you do? Take a look at Google reviews. 

Testimonials are a great way to have fresh content, setting you apart from competitors,  and levelling up your credibility. We've made it easy to showcase your testimonials on any page with this easy to use snippet. 



If you’re really enjoying this article, why not show REW some love and head on over to Google to give us a review? Remember, it’s all about testimonials, that’s why we go above and beyond for every client we have the pleasure of working with. What better time to include those testimonials you’re proud of than this New Year.


4. Have an award-winning website.

Awards provide the same credibility as testimonials, yet they take it up a level because of the power behind the name of those giving the award. Any client is far more likely to go with the real estate agent who has well known companies backing the agent they’re looking to partner with. 

Awards aren't just for bragging rights. They also create backlinks, which helps your SEO! The trick is finding reputable and visible award companies. We can help with submissions as well as offer some tips and tricks to increase your chances of winning.

You shouldn’t let another year pass by without highlighting those rewards you worked so hard for. Let’s be honest. Nothing looks better on your site than a list of awards to showcase just how amazing the work you’ve been doing has been. 


5. Elevate branding.

Here at REW we like to say that a brand, above all, is a relationship. A brand creates an image for clients to remember, to look back on and know exactly why they’re choosing a direction with you. If you ever navigate a site and quickly find yourself lost, or leaving to find a better site, chances are it didn’t leave much of an impression. 

Elevating your brand means elevating your identity. It means establishing a connection with potential clients in which they simply can’t get you out of their mind. Don’t go into the New Year without a brand, or worse, one you aren’t totally stoked about showing off. If you just don’t know where to begin, don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for. 

Our amazing design team offers refresh or rebrand services, depending on your need. Why is this so important? Your brand is the foundation of your marketing and can completely change the look and feel of your website. Take a look at our different branding package prices and see exactly what they include. Here at REW, we believe in transparency in our partnerships. 


So, as a real estate agent who is looking to improve their numbers in the upcoming New Year, nothing says you're willing to put in the work more than these 5 New Year's resolutions to put you ahead of the competition. Knowing where to start can be the difficult part, but don't worry - we don't expect you to have it all figured out yourself. Reach out to one of our awesome Account Managers today and see how we can help get you started kicking off these New Year's resolutions. 


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