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At Real Estate Webmasters, we're not just about cutting-edge solutions, we're also about celebrating our clients' loyalty in a big way. REWards, our new loyalty program, is officially here to set a new standard in the industry. It is a simple yet impactful way to thank you for continuously supporting us on our journey.

Real Estate Webmasters' new REWards card.

Client Appreciation

In reflecting on the core values that drive our business, one principle stands out: the importance of fostering lifelong relationships with our customers. Our commitment to building a community of customers for life led us to consider how we can express our gratitude for their invaluable contributions to our success. The answer? By offering our loyal customers rewards that go beyond token gestures, making a genuine impact on their real estate business. 

We know that as our clients thrive, so do we. The symbiotic relationship between our business and loyal customers creates a true win/win scenario. The greater their impact on our journey, the more substantial the reward we can extend to show our appreciation. This initiative not only strengthens our bond with our clients but also fuels our excitement to give back.

Our CEO, Morgan Carey, with Real Estate Webmasters' long-time clients, Rob Thomson and David Abernathy of Waterfront Properties.

Program Details

REWards takes customer appreciation to new heights with its innovative tiered structure, offering clients varying levels of benefits based on their annual spending, all without the hassle of sign-ups or hidden fees. It's as straightforward as it gets– the more you invest in yourself, the greater the rewards you earn. Some benefits include:


  • 1 REW Summit ticket
  • 25% discount on unsold inventory


  • 2 REW Summit ticket
  • 30% discount on unsold inventory


  • 3 REW Summit ticket
  • 35% discount on unsold inventory
  • Annual consultation with our CEO, Morgan Carey


  • 4 REW Summit ticket
  • 50% discount on unsold inventory
  • Free industry event tickets (up to $1,000)
  • Case study + PR campaign ($10,000 value)
  • R&D/Roadmap access
  • $5,000 annual upgrade budget

All REWards members, regardless of tier, gain access to our upcoming REW Summit, the real estate gathering of the year, and enjoy priority access to unsold inventory. Platinum members enjoy an extra layer of personalized benefits with an exclusive annual consultation with renowned industry expert and Real Estate CEO Morgan Carey

For those with Legend status, the rewards are truly legendary, featuring case studies and PR campaigns valued at $10,000, complimentary industry event tickets (up to $1,000), a $5,000 upgrade budget for cutting-edge tech features, and invaluable R&D/Roadmap access. This privileged access ensures that Legend members are at the forefront, being the first to learn about upcoming developments and allowing them to pitch ideas directly to the R&D team.

Invest in Real Estate Technology

As real estate professionals strive to enhance client experiences and stay competitive, leveraging cutting-edge technology becomes not just a choice but an imperative move. The REWards loyalty program adds an extra layer of allure to this investment. By allocating budget and availing Real Estate Webmasters' website, CRM, AI, SEO, and PPC services, real estate professionals position themselves to be market leaders while unlocking many exclusive benefits within the loyalty program.

Invest in powerful tools such as Renaissance and REW CRM to enhance lead generation and streamline processes.


At Real Estate Webmasters, we firmly believe that loyalty should be celebrated and rewarded. We wouldn't be where we are today without our loyal customers' support, so we created REWards to show our gratitude and commitment to supporting our clients' success. Join us in this endeavor and get REWarded!


What is REWards?

REWards is Real Estate Webmasters' innovative loyalty program designed to celebrate and appreciate our clients' loyalty. It offers a tiered structure with various benefits based on annual spending, creating a straightforward way to say thank you.

How does the tiered structure work?

The tiered structure is based on annual spending. Clients are automatically enrolled, and their benefits increase with each tier. Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Legend tiers offer escalating rewards, including event tickets, discounts on unsold inventory, consultations, and exclusive perks.

Are there any sign-up fees or hidden costs?

No, there are no sign-up fees or hidden costs associated with REWards. It's a transparent and hassle-free program designed to enhance your experience without any additional financial burden.

How can I join REWards?

All Real Estate Webmasters clients are automatically enrolled in REWards. If you're not a client yet, join us and start enjoying the benefits of being REWarded for your loyalty and success.

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