Going truly custom - it's all in the details


As many of you know, REW IDX is a true "custom" platform. What this means is that our customers can have us make custom changes to our CORE system in any way they can think of with only 1 real limitation, that limitation being we cannot violate the rules of the MLS board (Our changes must pass compliance).

One of the most common questions asked of me is "What is the difference from just sticking with CORE (Out of the BOX) REW IDX vs customization. Below I am going to provide an example of just one small element (The layout of a listing in the search results) which I have personally worked on the customization for to provide an example of the difference between CORE and going very custom. (Hopefull customers will get an appreciation for why these things cost so much as well)

Example of CORE property display in search results

This is the standard listings display of a property in the search results if a customer were to just purchase CORE IDX with no extra custom design, programming or SEO time. It has what it needs, basic info, a thumbnail, calls to action for adding to favorites and viewing details etc - what you would expect an IDX basic search result view to look like right? Certainly nothing wrong with it and this layout has proven quite effective for our CORE IDX users. (Please be advised that the screenshot has been resized to fit in my blog, the actual search result is larger and a lot more clear than this screenshot)

Example of a customized property display in search results

Now I will provide a detailed breadown of customizations, including estimated time required to complete and cost. Please be advised that the screenshot has been resized to fit in my blog, the actual search result is larger and a lot more clear than this screenshot cost is estimated actual final cost of the project is private information)

Finished work viewable at http://www.eddykicker.com/downtown-greenville-sc-area-information

Here is a breakdown of the time and effort put into just this very simple element:

  • My time: Consulting with client & Designer, and creation of custom SEO friendly title rewrite 2 hours @ $250 USD per hour
  • Design time: Several iterations to get it "just right" as well as creation and coloring of customized icons ~10 hours @ $100 USD per hour.
  • Programming support 1 hour at $100 USD per hour
  • Total cost (This is an estimate not actual cost) $1,600 USD

As you can see, for just that one small site element, to do truly custom work there is a lot more involved (In both time and in cost) that you may realize at first glance.



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tom kessler

Hi, Great post! I'm the husband of a realtor in Central Florida. Our market is bad, money is tight...and the result is me not only creating a website, but also trying to figure out how to present customized idx searches so that I can make it as easy as possible for our users. I have to download the ftp file on a regular basis, then upload the data to my site. I've got that one figured out. I want to create these buttons that allow someone to click on "Search Auburndale Lakefront" and they'll get all of the lakefront in Auburndale. There are two files that arrive with the ftp download...an excel worksheet and a notepad text file. Do you have any suggested learning tracks I can take? What do I need to learn in order to point these searches to the correct data? Are there any software solutions that would do this for me? I've seen vendors out there offering these services, but like I said...money is tight. Just in case I can't manage to figure this out...do you have any low cost solutions that aren't subscription based? I'm looking for freeware/shareware or "cheapware" that might make management of this easier. Thanks in advance for any help you can provide! Best Wishes, Tom Kessler

Ryan Ward

Morgan, I don't see the time estimate here. How much would it cost to go from CORE, which I have to doing something like that?


Hi Morgan - I don't see the time estimate either. Will you be posting the rest of your article. Thanks. Jim

Morgan Carey

Sorry guys, I finally got around to finishing this post lol, I thought it was in un-published mode.


Hi Morgan, I've had my webmaster contact you. I guess you're playing phone tag right now. The viewable sample you have above, how much would it cost to incorporate that on 2 of our site using MFR and PRO data? We're affiliated with both. Also, do we have to host our site with you to get this incorporated on our sites? We want it integrated into the site, not just framed in. email my webmaster directly. thanks.

Morgan Carey

Tampa, If you want to truly go custom IDX using the REW CORE framework + you must have an REW website and host with us, yes. Our IDX technology is proprietary and does not leave our servers.

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