Good Paid Real Estate Directories


I am compiling a list of decent paid real estate directories for 07 offerings. So where to start?

Real Estate ABC - Started by Terry Light, a well respected member of our forum. Fees are $25 to $105 per year.

Relo Experts
- Run by Jay Griffin, I don't believe he is accepting submissions any more, but we should definitly see if we can work something out for any unsold inventory. I know Jay has a bunch of other new directories, we would like to submit to all, we need to find out his criteria so that we can do all the work for him, make it easy to upload. - Looks decent, they have submissions from $19.99 up to $900 - it looks like you can get some really decent backlinks one way from a bunch of directories they control. Do these directories have any clout? I don't know, but worth looking at. - This one looks pretty good at $25 per year, we should call Jim at 1-817-481-4677 to talk about negotiating bulk submissions.

Epowered professionals - Looks like they are recips only, however we should look into seeing if we can negotiate some purcase relationships. - take a look into this, see if we can find some contact info for this webmaster. - basic submission is $20, definitly worth looking into. - another older one, paid directories certainly something I am interested in. - has paid submissions, would like to look into buying this website or network. - yup yet another real estate directory, its pretty cheap so why not, its a one way link :) - looks like a part of the reals network - having some server issues, probably a decent submission

Ok I am pretty tired, this post needs to be edited, Auliya, lets work on a letter you can send in your email so that it explains how we like to work with these paid directories.



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Sam Dodd gives good backlinks. Not a real estate directory but also gives backlinks.

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