Google Enterprise a Reality at Real Estate Webmasters


Real Estate Webmasters is proud to announce we have completed the paperwork and are awaiting activation of our enterprise level Google mapping API.

We are now able to provide much more timely and complete Google geo-coding, without the limitations of the Google free API. We can also enjoy enterprise level telephone and email support from Google staff, and implementation assistance for any and all existing and new Google mapping technology.

What does this mean for REW customers?

  • Faster and more complete geo-coding of very large custom IDX applications
  • Reduced programming bills: With access to Google staff, we are able to reduce billable time on implementation, research, and testing / workarounds for complex Google Map mashups — we can go directly to the source.
  • Greater flexibility without restriction: The sky is now the limit for Google Maps based technology development. The Google free API has many limitations that could hinder large or ambitious projects, such as a time delay on geocoding, and a daily limit on the amount of queries allowed.
  • NO ADS! - Google Free Maps don't show ads, but this may change in the future. In fact, if you read their terms of usage they reserve the right to show ads on Google Maps in the future. With REW and enterprise level support, we will never have to show ads on our Google Maps.

What is the cost?

Luckily the costs to the average REW customer using Google mapping will be minimal. In fact, fees are a miniscule $10 USD per thousand geo codes.

To put it in perspective, if you are using the REW search engine friendly IDX framework as an add-on for your REW website (or our iframed solution for non-REW hosted websites) and you service an area with 10,000 listings upon development, your fee would be $100 USD to geo-code your entire IDX.

Now let's say your MLS adds an average of 300 new listings per week. Your fee for geo-coding would be a whopping $3.00 USD per week.

The changeover to Google enterprise should be completed by May 15, 2007. At such time, all REW hosted customers making use of Google mapping will begin effective billing for their applications, and begin reaping the benefits of this new and improved account.


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Morgan Carey

Incidentally, for those interested in IDX numbers: Here is a current count for our IDX vendorships (Approximately) LCBOR 1713 Summit 2000 CBR 2438 Vancouver 4073 WCBR 5012 Brevard 5348 CREB 5571 VREIN 5731 HBR 5961 SCUMLS 7853 CAAR 7891 Prescott 8115 MARMLS 8267 ABOR 9562 RIAR 11069 CLAW 11273 RANWW 12179 NEFAR 12279 LarryCLP? 12379 CTAR 13662 CDAR 15211 BAR 15393 Sarasota FAR 15560 TARMLS 15668 MAAR 15860 SBBOR 16387 IMLS 17043 Sarasota 17191 REIL 17321 ECAR 19270 CCAR 19933 IRES 20447 TMLS 20606 UCBR 20664 NABOR 21094 Sandicor 22519 GLVAR 23711 NNEREN 31594 RMLS 31601 MTRMLS 31818 Metrolist 32342 RAGFMB 37278 RAGFL 45812 MRMLS 47588 SOCAL 52663 ARMLS 64378 RMLS-MN 64553 GTAR 70424 BAREIS 74666 FMLS 88410 MRIS 96568 MLSNI 111688 RAGFMB(FAR) 120607 MLSPIN 1263520

Morgan Carey

To put those numbers in perspective, to code an entire IDX (Every listing, which most people don't need to do as they don't service all cities in an IDX) - the low end for our smallest IDX is $17 (For all the listings!) and the high end (The largest IDX in the world) $1263

Jennifer Mackay

Excellent news Morgan, Congratulations. I continue to be impressed with the level of services provided by REW. Keep up the good work!


Another wonderful toy to add to the Christmas list! As reasonable as it is, it may have to get moved to the top of the list.

Morgan Carey

Whoa, I just realized we host over 2,000,000 listings :)

Calgary Agent

Do those of us using the free Google API need to request recoding for the enterprise level Google mapping API?

Morgan Carey

No, all users geo-coding will have their crons updated to use the new enterprise level API

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