Happy 11th Birthday to REW - Real Estate Webmasters Celebrates 11 amazing years


Has it been 11 years already? WOW! What an amazing ride! 

As always a post like this needs to start with an acknowledgement of all of our AMAZING and supportive staff over the years and of course a huge message of gratitude to our amazing customers for sticking with us through all the challenges, change and growth we have experienced in what is now 110% of a decade of operations. And of course a message of welcome to our first and only business partner who joined REW this year, the incomparable, entertaining, brilliant (and our favourite shark) Barbara Corcoran.

Thank YOU! :)

As I sit here at the T3 Summit preparing for my talk on marketing to millennials surrounded by the most influential leaders in the real estate industry I am not only feeling EXTREMELY humbled and honoured to be included in this group, I am feeling reflective. I mean seriously - it's been 11 YEARS! (That's almost exactly 1/3 of my life.)

Some crazy awesome facts that I am extremely proud of:

  • REW's first full time "in house" designer was Philip Pond. He still works at Real Estate Webmasters. Phil is now the senior designer in our R&D department and his work influenced the design revolution in the real estate industry with REW for over a decade! He is a true leader by example and I would hold his design skills up against any designer in the world. 
  • REW's first full time "SEO" person (other than myself) was Gerry Thomasen. He still works at Real Estate Webmasters, and has grown up in his career with us. He's been a link builder, content writer, SEO team lead, production manager and is now trusted to take care of our most important client projects. His commitment is unwavering and he cares about client issues more than anyone I know. 
  • REW's first "link builder" was Nicholas May. He still works at Real Estate Webmasters. Nick has been one of our best community builders (I still remember his jokes of the day threads on our forum). Nick is now the senior IDX co-ordinator at REW and compliance ninja. Everyone should get to know Nick - he's rad. 
  • REW's first full time php programmer was Aaron Brunt. He still works at Real Estate Webmasters. Back in the day we didn't sleep a lot - we were building a business. I'd be up late at night posting on the forums, helping clients, learning from them etc and pretty much every night there was one person who consistently was there with me (and for me) - that person was Aaron. (We used to tell clients that it was "not the Aaron forum" because Aaron was so popular and helpful that clients would always start their posts with "Hey Aaron". Awesome Aaron fact: Aaron came to us from Vancouver Island University as a practicum student and the project I assigned his team was building the very first SEO friendly CMS for REW. One of his team mates for that practicum project was Anthony Clark - guess where he works? ;-) <<< Anthony is now in R&D and is the man behind the REW client centre - BOOM! 
  • My very first personal assistant was Carrie Baker. She still works at Real Estate Webmasters. Carrie probably knows me better than anyone else at REW and has been my voice of reason for nearly a decade. She spent years taking care of me and keeping me grounded (or trying, we all know that's impossible :) Carrie now helms the human resources department and takes care of over 150 people in our combined companies. She is dedicated and loyal and loves the staff at REW. We are lucky to have her. 
  • REW's first "R&D" programmer was Michael Griffiths. He still works at Real Estate Webmasters. I remember Michael being a BRILLIANT 18 year old that was coming in to work for us in between years of the ITAS program at university. After just a few weeks I decided this kid was not going ANYWHERE - and so selfishly I convinced him to NOT go back to school next year promising that he would learn so much more from REW than he would at university - Mikey has never worked anywhere else in his adult life and is currently inventing our 5.0 backend and finishing off our new twillio texting integration while simultaneously supporting our newest acquisition www.guaranteedsale.com - definition of "steps up". 
  • REW's first official website client was Ed Kirkland. He is still a customer of Real Estate Webmasters (well sort of). Ed and I worked many many years together and he is a man I will forever be grateful to for supporting me and my business when I was a complete risk, a total unknown. Several years ago Ed retired to his dream location of La Veta, Colorado but not before spending years grooming his protege and daughter Karrie Rose to take over his business. Karrie is a ROCK STAR in real estate, and someone I also consider a dear friend. She is also still a customer and we have now rebranded the business - it can be found at https://www.karrieandcompany.com - Ed / Karrie - I love you both very much, thank you for all your years of support and friendship.

These are just a few of our AWESOME highlights from the past 11 years. There is so much more. So many amazing client stories, so much awesomeness in so many more staff, I could literally write all day. Today we celebrate you - the staff, the clients, the partners. 

Real Estate Webmasters would NOT be REW without YOU 

11 Years, what an amazing ride! It feels like such a short time, but truly it's been quite a long time. I've looked around at some of the innovators and leaders here to the Summit and trying to figure out where we fit in this relatively short timeline of the internet and here is where we landed. 

  • Realtor.com June 1996 R
  • Real Estate Webmasters, April 9th 2004
  • Zillow founded 2005 
  • Trulia founded Sept 2005

Pretty...... FREAKING......... COOL!.....

There is a comment section below -

I would love to hear from the staff, customers and industry partners / friends - what is your stand out / favourite memory from the past 11 years of REW. I'm going to try to think of mine - there are so many, perhaps I will share more than 1 :)



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Jolenta Averill

Congratulations on 11 amazing years, Morgan! I too will be celebrating my 11th year in real estate (on April 14th) & you guys have been there for me every step of the way since I found you 9 years ago. Even though it took me a whole year to pull the trigger & become a customer, I have never looked back since. Much continued success to you & REW, the best team in the business!


Can't believe it's been 11 years. Thanks for the kind words! It's been an interesting, rewarding place to work. Thanks for leading us through it all with your vision, Morgan!


Cheers to all :)

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