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I'm excited to share some of the cool things R&D has been building recently. I've been focusing primarily on our partner integration endeavor and I'd like to provide you with an overview of the progress so far.

Lead Manager API

The latest version of our 4.3 framework (and REWSites!) comes with a toggle in the backend that lets you generate an API Key. Once generated, this API key can be used by a third-party developer to connect to your site's lead management system and interact with it programmatically.

There are a few things developers can do with this API, with the primary focus being managing leads & groups within the system. So if you already have a site that isn't running on REW's platform and you'd like to have it send leads to your REW site, you can hire a third-party developer (or us) to make this happen, thanks to this API.

After an API key is generated, you and your developer can access the full API Documentation - it contains all the nerdy details about how to do things like creating groups, leads, and form submissions.

Our friends over at Guaranteed Sale have been using this API for a while now and their feedback has been invaluable during its development. We look forward to expanding its feature-set based on customer feedback!

Happy Grasshopper

We now also have built-in support for Happy Grasshopper integration right from within the Lead Manager. A new Partners section in the backend lets you connect your agent account with HG - just enter your username & password to complete the process!

Connecting with Happy Grasshopper lets you easily send leads from the backend to HG just by adding them to the Happy Grasshopper group in the Lead Manager.

Additionally, if you edit a lead that's already in this special group, we'll automatically push the changes to the corresponding contact in Happy Grasshopper - pretty cool!


Another partner we now support is BombBomb. Setting up integration works in a way similar to Happy Grasshopper: just provide us with your BombBomb API Key and we take care of the rest.

After connecting, we automatically create a REW Leads List in your BombBomb account:

This becomes the default destination list for all leads that get pushed over to BombBomb. This destination can also be changed, in case you have an existing list to which you'd like to add your leads.

Sending individual leads to BombBomb is just as easy as Happy Grasshopper - just add them to the special BombBomb group and they'll be automatically pushed over.

An additional feature of our BombBomb integration is the ability to mass import a bunch of leads straight into BombBomb with a single click:

This lets you send a large number of contacts over to BombBomb without having to add them to the group individually.

The coolest part of all is the ability to use BombBomb's Video Quick Send feature straight from the backend. Just click the little bomb icon from any list of leads and a new window will appear, letting you record & send a personalized greeting:

As expected, you can allow other agents within the system to integrate their accounts with a supported Partner - just visit their Permissions page:

Mandrill & SendGrid

We now have built-in support for sending transactional mail via Mandrill or SendGrid. All you need to do is pick a non-default provider and enter your credentials in the backend's system settings page:

This is a global toggle that affects your whole site - backend and front-end.

In addition to getting the perks of email tracking & analytics that these providers offer, switching to one of them will automatically disable the double opt-in feature discussed in REW Steven's post.

We're not done!

We have a few more things in the works regarding partner integrations. Next up on the list is Follow Up Boss! Stay tuned for more information and thanks for reading!


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Can't wait to do some work with this! Andy, is this a module? Or a patch that can be pushed to existing 4.3 backends? My 4.3 doesn't have it. Sent an email to sales to see what can be done. Thanks for working on this!


Andy, got the API stuff going and I spent about 6 hours on Thanksgiving playing with it. Spent another 6 or so over the past 2 days. I'm not much of a programmer, but I've successfully created a lead and an event. I'm working on refining my code and I want to put more data in my event comments. I'm having trouble trying to figure out how to pass a line break. I've tried a slash n and a html br as well as percentage zero d -- spelled those out just in case this comment box would format on them. Can you point me in the right direction?


Hey Scott,

You should try a %0A (URL-encoded \n character) instead of %0D (\r), since we're dealing with Linux here. The backend should automatically detect newline characters and convert them to <br>s before displaying the history event in the UI.


Very well could be user error on my part, but I'm not having any luck with that. Not critical, but can you test when you get a chance?


Are you using PHP, Scott?


Yes I am. Here is the line where I am trying to build the events comment variable that I am passing.

$events_details_shack = 'First Name :'.$entry['17.3'].'%0A'.'Last Name :'.$entry['17.6'].'%0A'.'Phone Number :' . $entry[18] . '%0A';

Which the variable looks like it gets built correctly, but when I view the submission on the lead, it just kept it all in place. Cut and pasted from my example. Should I be looking at urlencode?

  • Comments: First Name :Scott%0ALast Name :Hack%0APhone Number :(502)376-4225%0A


urlencode is definitely your friend here. I recommend just sticking everything in an array and using http_build_query to do all the URL encoding & escaping for you. That way you don't have to worry about any of this and it "just works".

This example should help: https://gist.github.com/rewandy/d769d140d2079c4cde3e


Just to update you. Got it working, but it was as simple as me using double quotes instead of single quotes to build my variable. Always something small!

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