Hoanator founder Andrew Hillman is a thief! Boston MA website owner steals content from Real Estate Webmasters


You know I really hate doing this, but I am just so freaking tired of these low life scumbags who call themselves webmasters that think they can just go online and steal whatever they want from other people's sites, paste it on their own website and think they can get away with it.

News flash dumb asses - YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW! - Unique content on the internet is automatically granted copyright to the author and is thus their intellectual property - by copying said content without expressed written permission and pasting it to your revenue generating site you are infringing on said copywrite and in violation of US and Canadian copyright law.

Andrew Hillman Content Theif - Our latest offender was actually trying to self promote on our forums, his name is Andrew Hillman, and he runs hoanator.com - I was right in the middle of giving him a hard time for spamming the forums when I decided to take a close look at this site, I see he has a forum, I click on it and guess what - he has stolen MY unique descriptions right off the forum he is now trying to spam - Andrew Hillman are people really that stupid in Boston, MA? (Nope, just you me thinks, I know lots of classy people in Boston)

Anyways, just so you don't think you can just delete it and get away scott free without being made an example of, I have taken a screenshot which is being forwarded to the lawyers in the morning. Do me a favor google your name tomorrow night in combination with your city, domain or other combinations of words and phrases - maybe next time you will this twice before stealing from people you sack of internet scum!

Check out the highlighted description - hmmmm that looks familiar, oh wait, of course it does! I wrote it! Classy ;)

It's like looking into a mirror, it's ok Andrew Hillman, I don't mind if you steal from me - NOT!



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Annie Maloney

What a dill-weed! It is good to see that these people are getting caught and justice is served. The unfortunate thing is that there are SO MANY more that don' get caught and continue to commit these acts of infringment with little regard for anything.

Marc Rasmussen

That sucks. This site is visually appealing but it has a looooooooooong way to go. The HOA angle could be a good one but tough to pull off. I think he will have a little trouble now because of your post.


I have done nothing wrong. I never spammed forums and self promoted. Check all my replies. I had someone fill the categories and two (2) were the same as yours. Sure, I probably should have checked things but since I haven't been on site your site for some time I had no clue where the person I hired got the content to fill up the forums. I have barely even tested the forums or even read the topics. I thought they were created by the person I hired. I could understand you being mad if the entire forum was the same but it's not. I have revised these two but I seriously think you are taking this over board. I am fine with you posting this. I apologize.


"I Have Done Nothing Wrong" he says. Only copyright infringement, yeah that is nothing.


I feel bad for Andrew if it's as he says -- many of us have been burned when we outsourced to someone we thought was trustworthy and didn't check up on everything they did in our name (remember when one of our old writers recycled their copy from a previous client? that was embarrassing). Whoever is responsible, they should be kicking themselves -- it would've been so easy to rewrite those descriptions, even a bit.


I'm curious as to what that jessica_4.jpg looks like... hmmm... j/k

Marc Rasmussen

I noticed that on Morgan's browser too and was wonering the same thing. ;-)


I bet you it's Jessica Alba. He doesn't seem to be the Jessica Simpson kinda guy.

Morgan Carey

Honestly I don't believe a word the guy says - he sent me an "apology" via PM - he wrote "Although I hired a college student to create the forum fields I should have researched and checked his work." At first he claimed to have addressed the issue by rewriting the descriptions - did he rewrite them? No - He cut them in half deleting the end part so that he was only stealing "part" of the whole description - this kind of action just shows what kind of person he is - When he was called on this the smart / right thing to do would have been to delete the offending forums altogether - instead he just tried to change them enough (In his simple mind) to get away with the theft. NOT COOL! Then he says he deleted the forum - he didn't delete it, he just removed the link to it (For now) - Currently he still has 14 forums on that board that were taken from real estate webmasters. Andrew, if you truly wanted to make things right and err on the side of caution you would delete every single forum set up that even remotely looks like it was taken from REW - come up with your own ideas, your own forum sections and descriptions and do the right thing. You wrote " I hope you will consider removing your blog post about me. Give me a chance to prove that I am an honorable person. Let me know what you want me to do to make this up to you. " You tried to cover things up and then claim you are honorable - you don't give me anywhere enough credit - you want a chance to prove you are an honorable person delete ALL of those forums immediately. THAT is what you can do to make it up to me

Morgan Carey

Oh and as for the Jessica thing - I have no idea, I think it is my sons screensaver (He is 13) I was on his laptop when I was posting this last night lol.

Morgan Carey

And it is likely Biel (Or however you spell it)


From a branding perspective, I think the name of the website might be enough to keep people away. How does one pronounce it? How does one spell it? What does it mean? (HOA = home owners association), nator = ??

Eric Blackwell

@ Marin--(grin) I thought the same thing--hoanator brought the word "pimp" to mind rather quickly, methinks. ;-) Probably, not the best choice in domain names.


Can we create an entire forum category for exposing content thieves? I can't tell you how many times I've found my building descriptions cut and pasted onto other agents' sites in various cities. And some of them even outrank me in the SERPs which really chaps me! Other than expose them what else can be done? Has anyone on here ever taken it to the next level and gotten attorneys involved?


@hiresises.com I think this is a great idea

Eric Blackwell

@ ericbadgley and highrises - just a thought, but I think posting them on your REW blog is VERY effective!! Google "hoanator" (grin) Methinks that is speaking VOLUMES currently to Mr. Hillman about what not to steal. Much more effective than forum posts. Yes. Attorneys have been involved in previous intellectual property issues around here. Sad, but true. They are sometimes needed.


Eric you have a great point there.

Spoken Gently

Yuk! Chalk this one up for the "Stupid File." Copying your main competitor's content probably isn't the best approach when starting a real estate forum.

Spoken Gently

Good point Gerry. After Andrew's comment here I wonder if I passed judgement too quickly. I'm hoping Morgan took the necessary steps to allow Andrew a chance to retract things. I can understand if he didn't, as I would be pissed off to see someone post in my forum then post my content in his forum! Personally, I've hired employees who've embarrassed me as well, so I can understand how things can get bad real quick.

Morgan Carey

I most certainly did Joe, before writing this post, I called him on it, and instead of apologizing right away and taking it down, he tried to defend his actions. His next step was to "claim" he took down the forum, when in fact he only removed the link. Then he said "I have changed the writing" which he did not do, all he did was cut some off the end (Still using my content, just the first part) - thinking that was enough (Hmmm If I only use half of it, maybe he won't think I stole it) the guy just didn't get it! I think he gets it now.


Don'rtover look his instamls.com.

knox oops

Wow- I can't type:)


I am very sorry this Andrew Hillman guy from the northern united states has done this!


Why dont you span this Andrew Hillman guy in real estate on all the search engines and let google know how Andrew Hillman from MA is!

Scottsdale Homes




This Real Estate Andrew Guy is a real bad guy! Andrew Hillman what your doing is not nice or fair!!

Andrew Hillman

Please make sure everyone knows this is not the Andrew Hillman from Dallas Texas

REW Nick

I think you're fine. It says his location in the title.

Peter Andrew Hillman

He is giving us other Andrew Hillmans a bad name!!!

Peter Andrew Hillman

Boston, MA


Andrew Hillman from Dallas?

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