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Everyone knows running a team is where the real money is! 

At least that is our premise going into this thing as we launch the Carly Carey Real Estate Team

Over the past 20+ years running Real Estate Webmasters Inc., I have had the great fortune of bearing witness to the rise and growth of some of the most successful teams in the world including #1 for RE/MAX Gary Ashton, and World #1 For Exp Realty Justin Havre

It's been amazing to watch them as they navigate the growth of their teams and build market share.

It's inspiring! (Enough to make anyone want to start a team). 

Because we work so closely with our clients we also get to see what goes on behind the scenes. The best leaders make it look so easy (if you just see their marketing and socials occasionally) but what we know from our behind-the-scenes vantage point is the countless hours of hard work and dedication, the thousands of challenges, the haters, the failures, the stress. It's anything but easy! 

I've come to this conclusion: You can learn absolutely everything there is to know about running a successful team and still completely fail (and most do). Because it's about talent, execution, and consistency (with a bit of luck sprinkled in too!) Not everyone can run a successful team. Especially one based on internet lead generation. 

My best guess?  Maybe 1 in 10 agents could build a successful real estate team. And that is IF (and only if) they also have the right platform, lead generation strategy, coaching and follow through. Most don't have all of these things in place (or the conviction / confidence to implement them) and so the reality is it's more like 1-1,000 agents who actually pull off building a successful team. 

If you have built a successful team based on internet lead generation... congratulations! You are a rare breed indeed and should be very proud of your accomplishment. 

So how has running a team changed REW's business model?

Well first off... is the obvious. We're now boots on the ground and have intimate knowledge of what it's like to try to build and maintain a successful team. By running our own team (powered by Real Estate Webmasters Inc) we are gaining valuable insights into where the product and marketing services are performing and where there is opportunity for improvement. 

There is no substitute for hands-on experience. Having a team is making our product even better! 

Informed product development:

Many SAAS / real estate companies build their products based on taking advantage of Realtors® shiny object syndrome and trying to build what they think they can sell to Realtors® vs what the Realtors® actually need. 

By having our own team, and consistently engaging with and getting feedback from the top team leaders in the world, we are able to practice informed product development. We build features that solve actual problems in real estate and focus on improving efficiency to give Reatlors® their time back. 

Real-world/real-time testing and feedback

Does it work? That's what every Realtor® or team leader wants to know. Other SAAS companies rely on sparse or partial feedback from their clients, or vague references and inferences based on the limited information they can glean from their access to their client's products. 

We run an actual team. And we have a LOT of traffic! As such, when we have an idea we want to test, or a product we want to evaluate we're set up to do so in a full 360 view (from implementation down to the commission split when it closes). We see every step. And because of REW CRM, we can track everything! 

We don't need to guess. We know exactly what works and what doesn't. It's a HUGE advantage for REW's staff when it comes to recommending programs and features to our customers. 

I can finally try all my crazy ideas! 

Even the most adventurous clients have limits. Sometimes I have crazy ideas that I want to test (or the team comes up with ideas that I think are great) but without a client to fund them or willing to let us test on their platform we could never really build/test what was in our heads. 

Now that we have our team, our own traffic, and a custom development budget (thanks to REW investment) that is far more significant than any other team in the entire world, we can invent to our hearts' content. Sometimes we knock it out of the park and build a killer new feature. And sometimes we learn. 

Example? There is an MLS for listings, but there isn't an MLS for buildings. Yet our agents are constantly trying to find information on buildings (is it pet friendly, are rentals allowed, what is the HOA range). Doesn't exist! So we built one! 

(Screenshot of Carly Carey Nanaimo Building Directory

How does this help you? The Real Estate Webmasters Customer? 

Think about it. If we're running a team and testing out everything on our dime, we're able to deliver you a much better product than the competition. A properly informed product that you can simply use instead of having to pay to develop yourself.

Our one-to-many approach:
You pay pennies on the dollar. 

Before we started our own team if customers wanted access to this kind of innovation they would need to fund it themselves and that could often cost 10's (sometimes hundreds) of thousands of dollars. Custom work and inventing new technology can be VERY expensive! 

That has all changed now  that REW and the Carly Carey Real Estate Team are taking on all of the upfront risk and cost. We're spending millions on innovation and any every amazing feature that we develop is made accessible to our customers for just the cost of implementation. 

We pay for all the development time, the coding, the testing (a feature could cost $50k). You can copy it as long as you're an REW customer often times with just a few hours of implementation time through our agency. 

You already know it works! Because we've tested it!

That's the best part of this new process! You already know it works! Because we tested it on ourselves first. There is no more guesswork in terms of implementing a new feature.

  • How will consumers or agents respond?
  • How will a new feature convert?
  • Will Google index it? (Can it rank with SEO?) 
  • Will it be fast? ADA Compliant? Get good WPO scores? 

We get to test these features in real-time with real data. 

REW Summit - A return to collaboration

The best real estate website features and marketing techniques are built from collaboration. We don't simply wake up in the morning and go "Hey this will change the real estate marketing game". Instead, we've built our business based on our relationships with thousands of top-producing agents, teams, and brokers who are true collaborators. 

Our customers are amazing at bringing us ideas and giving us feedback. If they have a challenge they need solved or an idea they would love to try they bring it to the REW community and we discuss it. 

Nowhere is this spirit of collaboration more evident than at the REW Summit. Our flagship annual conference, the REW Summit is where top team leaders, agents, and brokers as well as technologists, marketers, and thought leaders converge to discuss current challenges and put our heads together to invest the next generation of technology and marketing techniques. 

This years Lineup of speakers includes top industry leaders like Gary Ashton and Debra Beagle (#1 RE/MAX Team In the world), Stacie Staub, founder of West + Main and genuine hustle, Michael Lafido, luxury marketing guru and creator of the luxury listings institute program, Ken Pozek, top KW team leader and publisher of the ultra-successful Orlando Reel youtube channel, Chris Pollinger founder of Luxe Leaders and AJ Hazzi, founder of the Vantage West Academy, REW Coach and closer of $300M+ in REW PPC leads

Putting our money where our mouths are

One good thing about KNOWING what you do works? You can step up, take risks, and confidently go after market share. That's what we're doing with our team, but it's also what we doing for anyone who wants to join us in our journey with Real Estate Webmasters Inc. 

How are we stepping up? We'll beat any major competitors price by 10%

Do you know any other companies with this kind of confidence? No way! 

If you'd like the details on this unmatched offer you can visit the 10% off any competitor's blog post

And if you decide to do a website AND paid lead generation with us, I will guarantee in writing that the platform will pay for itself or you get your money back. That's how confident we are in what we do. We know it works. I our clients have proven it works, and now we have shown via the Carly Carey Real Estate team that it works too! 



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