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How To Become A Real Estate SEO Expert

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of dominating the real estate SEO game?

Being a true expert in real estate SEO takes more than just basic knowledge of search engine optimization. It requires a unique set of skills, strategies, and industry-specific expertise to outrank your competitors and generate high-quality leads.

In this article, we'll delve into what it takes to be a real estate SEO expert and share insights on how you can level up your SEO game in the competitive world of real estate.

So get ready to supercharge your SEO skills for real estate...

Real Estate SEO Expertise

True real estate SEO experts have developed most, if not all, of the following skill sets:

  • SEO Fundamentals: Every SEO needs a solid understanding of basic principles and practices, including keyword research, on-page optimization, technical SEO, and off-page optimization. This includes knowing how to optimize for real estate-specific keywords and content, image optimization, understand meta tags, site structure, URLs, headings, and more.
  • Real Estate Industry Knowledge: Real estate SEO experts need to be familiar with the real estate industry, including its unique characteristics, trends, and terminology. This includes understanding different target audiences, property types, location-specific SEO, and how to optimize for local search. Understanding the target audience includes familiarity with the journey of most real estate clients, what they search for and what influences their buying or selling decisions. 
  • Content Creation: SEO experts know how to balance creating original, informative, engaging, clear, and comprehensive content for real estate websites. This includes a knowledge of different content types and styles, such as blog posts, articles, property descriptions, and area pages.
  • Website Design and Development: SEO experts are also familiar with website design and development principles, including site structure, user experience (UX) design, mobile responsiveness, accessibility, and site speed optimization, as these factors play a crucial role in SEO performance.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Real Estate SEOs can use tools like Google Analytics to track and measure SEO performance, analyze data, and generate reports to measure the effectiveness of SEO strategies and make data-driven decisions.
  • Continuous Learning and Adaptability: Top experts work hard to stay updated with the latest SEO trends, algorithm updates, and industry changes through continuous learning and adaptability. The best SEO experts tend to be thought leaders, constantly pushing the field forward, not afraid to try new things, and always eager to iterate on past successes and drop outdated practices.

Looking For An SEO Expert?

While the above section should give you a pretty good idea about what a real estate SEO expert can do or knows, you may still be wondering how to spot one, specifically if you're looking to retain their services. Well here are a few more things to look for to identify a real estate SEO expert:

  • Real Estate Experience: A true expert in real estate SEO has a long-track record of dealing with top clients in the real estate industry. They should also be familiar with many different facets of the real estate business, from single agents to large brokerages, from small markets to international trends, from web-design to branding and paid advertising. In short, they are familiar with the unique challenges and opportunities in the real estate market and can tailor their SEO strategies accordingly.
  • A Proven Track Record: Following from the point above, a true real estate SEO expert will have a proven track record of success in improving the search engine rankings and online visibility of real estate websites. They should be able to demonstrate their success through case studies, testimonials, and analytics data.
  • Leadership and Adaptability: SEO is a constantly evolving field, and a true expert in real estate SEO doesn't just keep up with the latest trends, they set and define them. Look for evidence that an SEO expert has authority in their field, which could come in the form of industry awards or being invited to speak at prestigious events. 

Here are some more characteristics to look for in a real estate SEO expert:

  • They give you the hard truth - Be suspicious of anyone who promises the world. SEO takes time and patience, and outcomes are seldom guaranteed. 
  • Good communication - Any real estate SEO company should be willing and available to get on a call and consult with you personally. This is especially vital in the opening stages as they learn about your business and goals.
  • They give you homework - An SEO expert can't do everything for you. A good SEO service will include a comprehensive strategy for lead acquisition and follow-up, social media activity, brand consistency, and backlink outreach. These will all require effort and input on your part. 

Get In Touch Us

To be honest, expertise in real estate SEO takes years to develop and hone. That’s why Real Estate Webmasters is here, having spent years with countless clients to become the best there is in the field of real estate SEO. REW offers real estate SEO services that can put you ahead.  

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SEO in Real Estate FAQ

What is an SEO in real estate?

An SEO in real estate is a professional who specializes in optimizing websites for search engines to improve their visibility and rankings in search results, with a focus on real estate-specific keywords and content.

Does SEO work for real estate?

SEO can be highly effective for real estate websites as it helps improve their online visibility, organic search rankings, and drives targeted traffic, resulting in increased leads, inquiries, and potential clients.

Is paying someone to do SEO worth it?

Paying a qualified SEO professional can be worth it for real estate businesses as it can save time, ensure best practices are followed, and yield better results. However, it depends on the specific needs, budget, and goals of the business.

How much is an SEO specialist?

The cost of an SEO specialist can vary depending on factors such as their level of experience, expertise, location, and the scope of work. To learn more, contact Real Estate Webmasters to inquire about industry-leading real estate SEO services.

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