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Posted by REW Marketing on Friday, June 2nd, 2017 at 10:46am.

So, you want to be #1 on Google. It's the most common reason people stumble upon SEO, and ultimately look to hire a real estate SEO expert. While there are plenty of high quality experts out there, it can be hard to identify them and there are still some shady folks out there looking to make a fast buck off trusting real estate agents who are none-the-wiser.

Hiring the wrong person can be a costly, if not devastating expense, which is why we want to help you choose the right expert from the get-go. Here are some important qualities you'll find in a real estate SEO expert worth hiring:

5. They Tell You The Hard Truth

If you tell an SEO that you want to be #1 and all they say is, "Great, you got it!" it's time to run for the hills. The real estate space is highly competitive, and it's critical your SEO person knows that, and that they're setting your expectations properly from the outset. SEO is your metaphorical long game and something you should be developing continuously over the course of several years—anyone who tells you otherwise is blatantly lying or too inexperienced to call themselves an expert. Either way, get out of there.

4. They're Located In North America

Okay, here's the thing. You're going to find good and bad SEOs all over the world, and that's just a fact. So location alone shouldn't disqualify an SEO expert from your consideration list, but location should be a yellow flag that tells you to give someone a harder look.

We see a lot of scams and outdated practices originating outside of North America. SEOs working in a developing country are an attractive option because they tend to be less expensive, but this also means they need to take less of your money to make a living. And when they cut and run, you're not going to be able to drop by their office to have a stern chat. Worst of all, outdated SEO techniques are more likely to hurt your site's traffic than they are to help.

3. They Focus Strategy On Content Development

At some point very close to the start of your campaign, your real estate SEO expert should be talking to you about content development. Neighbourhood and community pages are a logical starting point, as they target relevant keywords that hit close to home. From there, you want to find an SEO pro who has a plan for making your site even more robust. An SEO strategy that focuses only on HTML tweaks or link building is no strategy at all.

Speaking of link building...

2. They Make Link Building Sound Challenging

This relates back to our first point, where you need an SEO who is going to level with you. Link building is hard. It is. Anyone who says otherwise is either a God among men, or a liar. Take a quick peek at the SEO blogosphere and you'll see that backlink earning is one of the toughest challenges all SEO experts face.

Quality links to your website from trusted external sites take an immense amount of creativity and effort to develop, and typically don't happen overnight. You want your real estate SEO expert to acknowledge that fact, and actively work with you to come up with those ingenious ideas that will generate natural, genuine backlinks.

1. They Know The Real Estate Space

While SEO knowledge is somewhat transferrable across industries, there's no other space quite like it. For that reason, you want your real estate SEO to have experience with... well... real estate SEO! This way, your expert's time is going towards improving your specific site, not their general SEO knowledge.

SEO is a fascinating and complex field, and its potential for generating leads is phenomenal. It's always a great idea to optimize your site and implement a content development strategy, and we hope this guide on choosing a real estate SEO expert helps you find the right partner for the job!

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