How to Customize your REW Site


How-to Manage Your REW Site

Log into your member account using the REW Login form here:

Once logged in, you'll see the Members Tools navigation. Move your mouse over 'My Account' and then select 'REW Site Settings' from the list.

You are now presented with a form that allows you to update the look and feel of your REW Blog. You can toggle some of the REW Modules that gets displayed, as well as upload a brand image and select your REW Site's theme (or make your own).


Toggle Your REW Site Modules

Blogroll: Display your Blog Links.


Search Listings: Display a quick search allowing visitors to search your REW Listings.


Featured Listings: Randomly display one of your REW Listings.


My Friends: Show off your REW Friends and include a link back to their REW Site.


REW Site Brand Image

You can now upload a brand image that will display throughout your REW Site.

The recommended dimensions are 560 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall. A smaller height will work fine, but for optimal display the width should match 560 pixels.

Choose Your REW Site Theme

As you can now tell, your REW Blog has a much different look than yesterday. Using the tools provided by REW, you are able to customize your REW Site's theme.

By default, we've started you all off using the beautiful 'Summer Sky' theme and have also provided the 'Fall Leaves' theme. You can also go a step further and customize things to your own likings by picking 'Custom (Upload Your Own)'.

Using the custom option, you are able to tailor your REW Site's Theme by picking your own background color, uploading your own background image, as well as tiling and position options.

I've set up my own custom theme for my REW Site. Give it a try to personalize your own.


Michael Griffiths
Real Estate Webmasters


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Rew Lisa

Heh, I thought that "summer sky" was "under the sea" because it looks like waves at the top. I was thinking that it needed some seaweed and fish though.


Thanks Michael, I've been waiting to "prettify" my REW blog. And I agree with Lisa, the blue sky looks like waves on top.


Just noticed we have to update our Friends list.

Wayne Long

Awesome .... The one thing that would make it even more awesome would be to have the listings auto pull from the mls... I love it otherwise!!


That's great. Thanks for the detailed information.

Spoken Gently

Good stuff. I'll have to think about what cool header to use. :)


I've been changing my theme every other day. =P

@Wayne Long: Check out Morgan's recent forum thread here:

@All: Soon to come is the REW Navigation Editor which will allow you to customize the top navigation bar that you see on your REW Site. You'll be able to add, edit, and sort links and sub links to your REW Site content, blog entries, etc.. You can see that I've customize mine already.


Spoken Gently

I just updated my REW blog header and REW blog background image. If anyone has a moment, I'm wondering if my background is good, or a little too much!

Thanks for the how-to Michael! ;)


(Joe, I think it's a bit much myself, but it does look nice. It wouldn't chase me away if I was a user who found you there. I dig the Dali-esque melting clock!)

Mike, thanks so much for the documentation!

Spoken Gently

Thanks Gerry. I was concerned about it being a bit much, so I thought I would ask. I'll try something a bit more subtle. ;)

Rew Julie

Awesome tutorial, Mike, thanks!


I finally got around to writing my first content page yesterday. I'm pretty excited to start doing some custom work with your tips. Thanks a bunch Mike! :)


Cool stuff...Nice Job. Would love to be able to take our REW Featured Homes IDX Feed and have it incorporated in the blog.


I just noticed that on the Featured Listings module they all say "Awesome New Home!" Problem is, I have a commercial rental listing plus condos, etc. In this market few of my listings are "new". Will we be able to change this in the future or delete it altogether?

Also, I rarely use the word "awesome" unless I'm trying to be silly (sorry Wayne, I have a friend that uses the word a lot, although she does get teased for it).


Thanks judyo!

I've removed the 'Awesome New Home!' title.

Also... to improve things a bit, I've added a new form to the add/edit listing forms to supply your own title (optional) for a listing.

The supplied title will display in the featured listings box in place of the old one. Likely, we'll be using the title is more places later. =)



Thanks Michael - that was fast!


One more question, I have 2 new listings that should be showing up - they show on my website under my Featured Listings so the feed has been updated. Is the feed updated less for the REW sites?

Carlos Montes

Thanks for this post. Can someone please guide me to what goes in the blogroll? Would these be the top subjects you blog about? Thanks in advance for all your help.

REW Tracy

Hey Carlos,

The blogroll is where you'd put links to things like your website, your social networking accounts, articles, or any other sites you enjoy. Note: the first 5 of these links are dofollow.

Hope that helps!

Carlos Montes

Thank you Tracy and Lisa for clarifying for me!

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