How to Customize your REW Site's Navigation


When logged into your account and viewing a page on your REW Site, you'll now see a new feature that allows you to change the links at the top of all your site's pages. This is how it looks when I'm on my REW Site (minus the red box for emphasis):


If you visit your blog, you'll see the link too. Click on this link and it will turn on the "REW Navigation Editor".

This will toggle the editor's tools which include: the ability the change the title to the left, the placement of links, as well as let you add and remove links and sub-links. Here is a screenshot of what I see (the resize has made things a bit small):



Cool eh? Now let me explain what you can do with these newly available tools.

Customize the Navigation Title: Type your desired title here. Since the space is minimal, try your best to keep it short.

Edit a navigation link: In edit mode, to update an existing navigation link, simply click the link to reveal a form that presents you with two text fields to provide the Link Name and Link Path.


Add a new link or sub-link: To add a new link, click on Add Link. This will open a form just like the above, allowing you to create a new navigation link. To add a Sub-Link, hover over the main link and you'll see the Add Sub-Link tool. Once you successfully add the new link it will display in the appropriate list.

Remove a link or sub-link: When you mouse over any of your links you'll see the infamous red minus icon. Click this icon and you can remove any of your links. Not to worry though, you'll first need to answer the question: Are you sure you want to remove this link?

Change the order of your navigation links: To move your navigation links around, you simply hover over the link you want to move and drag the cursor icon () to where you want to place it. You are able to drag a sub-link to become a main link (drag upwards), but not the reverse.

Save your changes: Once you've customized things to your liking, be sure to save your changes.

Alternatively, if you don't like what you've done or made a mistake, click "Reset" and go back to what was last saved.

Here are a few REW Members that have customized their navigation links:

Have a go at it and update your REW Site's navigation links to be what you want them to be.

Michael Griffiths
Real Estate Webmasters


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