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You already know that converting leads is all about building strong relationships, but how are you supposed to create meaningful connections with people you've never met? It's actually easier than you might think!

Automated email campaigns, also called drip campaigns, play an important role in your lead follow up strategy, and can help you convert leads into clients. But you often only get one shot to get it right.

Today, I'm going to go over some style suggestions that can help you jump start your emails with the right tone, and write an email campaign that's both exciting and effective:

4. Take A Helpful Approach

We know you're writing an email campaign to promote your business, but let's keep that our little secret, ok?

Instead of telling your potential clients why you're great, just show them. Write as if they are already your client. With this approach, you're not pitching someone—you're helping them out!

Talk to your leads like they're your peers, and share information they'll find useful. What would you do if someone had already signed a contract with you? That's the perfect starting point for your helpful approach.

When you take a helpful approach to your emails, and provide genuine value to the recipients, you end up with people who actually want to work with you. Now that's a beautiful thing.

3. Get Personal (or Fake It)

Emails tend to perform best when they're personal, yet email campaigns are impersonal by their very nature. It's always a challenge to write an email that will apply to numerous people and still feel personal, but it's not impossible.

One of the best ways to resonate with your leads is to address them personally. In fact, automatically integrating names is a fairly basic feature in modern email clients. Start your emails with "Hey Nick," or—if your email client allows—include your leads' names in the subject line.

But name integration isn't the only way you can set a personal tone for your email. You can share a quick story, tell a joke, or even incorporate a video message. Most importantly, just write emails that reflect who you are, in a style that's authentic and genuine to you.

Personal emails are more likely to stand out in a cluttered inbox, and they set you up with a friendly tone for the rest of your email.

2. Use A Casual Tone & Style

If you write your emails the same way you would talk to a friend, you're on the right track. An effective email is friendly, casual, and fairly easy to read.

The average person in the United States reads around an 8th grade level. To give you some perspecitve, that's around the same level as this blog post. Some sources recommend writing at an even lower level, so keep your target demographic in mind. Overly complicated language may sound smart, but your message and audience will get lost.

Just remember you're representing your business, and even casual emails should still be sharp with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation.

1. Keep It Short

Finally, keep your emails short. Your potential clients are often just as busy as you are, which means they don't have time for lengthy emails. Say what you want to say, then get out of there!

Even people who are interested in a topic tend to get turned off by lengthy email essays. If they aren't immediately interested, you have even less of their attention span. One to two short paragraphs is plenty, and should be all you need to get your message across.

If you have a lot of information to share at once, consider writing a blog post and then linking to it from the post. This will let your recipients access the information on their own terms, and will help keep your email length in check. (Bonus points for directing them back to your site.)

What A Helpful, Personal, Casual, Short Email Looks Like

We covered a lot of stylistic ideas that will help keep your email campaigns helpful, personal, casual and to the point. If you put together the above tips and advice, you end up with emails that look something like this:

Subject: Hey Mary, it's nice to meet you!

Hey Mary,

I saw you registered on my site and wanted to say hello!

I was born and raised in Nanaimo, and have been working in real estate for the past 8 years, helping families find their dream home.

I'd love to set you up on a saved search that sends you new listings as soon as they hit the market. What type of home are you looking for?

Talk soon,


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