How To Write Online Real Estate Ads That Get You Leads


write real estate adsBeing able to effectively write online real estate ads can be the make or break factor in whether you're generating money or simply throwing it away. I'm going to take you through 5 simple tips that will help you master your real estate ads, increase conversion rates, get you more leads, and improve your online ROI! Let's get started.

1. Get To The Point

Studies have proven that human beings can't help but read text that's put in front of them, but your window of opportunity is highly limited. Think "less than a sentence." That's how quickly you need to hook your reader into wanting to read more because if they aren't engaged, they're going to keep scrolling.

What's your 5-second sales pitch? Write that down. Your ad copy isn't a place for clever wordplay or creative prose, or even your rehearsed pitch. You're selling your services, and that's what your ad needs to do.

When it comes to writing effective real estate ad copy, you need to think of text that's simple yet eye-catching. Your headline is the most important place for this, but remember to follow-through with compelling yet succinct body copy as well.

2. Target Your Audience

One of the coolest things about online advertising in 2017 is that you're able to hyper-target your audience. For example, Facebook lets you segment by age, gender, occupation--even specific pages and groups a person has liked. With a bit of creativity, you can hyper-focus your ads on the exact audiences you want to reach.

3. Then Speak To Their Values

Once you know who your target audience is, it's time to find out what their pain points are. If you know what's hurting your target group—expensive property costs, low availability, entering the market for the first time—then you can tell them how you'll help. Rather than promoting your own company or services, simply tell users how you'll help them overcome their challenges.

4. Be A Little Bossy

What is it that you want your users to do? Visit a page? Sign up on your site? Tell them to do it! When you use action words to tell your users what their next step should be, they're actually more likely to take it. And hey, if you want to instill a bit of urgency by suggesting they take that step "today" or "now", go right ahead.

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5. Landing Page Relevance

And finally, you need consistency between your ad and the landing page. If your ad talks about first time buyers, but your landing page is targeted at sellers, you're going to frustrate your users, drive up ad costs, and destroy conversion rates.

Further, keyword relevance is one of the most important factors of your Google AdWords quality score. The better the quality score, the better your ad positioning!

Writing effective real estate ads is something almost anyone can do, with a little practice and strategic thinking! The tips in this article are your first step towards writing better real estate ads that will convert users and improve your online ROI!

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