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How Your NPS Survey Responses Help Make REW Better

As many of you know, for the last several months our team here at REW has been sending out NPS, or Net Promoter Score, surveys to each of our clients engaged with our Professional Services team to get ahead of what we can do better, and give a platform to your concerns. 

Not only have the responses of the surveys helped us better understand what you need, but they have made REW a better company as a whole. 

Identifying issues, catching the little things before they can even truly become a concern, company-wide appraisals, and interdepartmental collaboration like never before are just a few of the reasons why your NPS surveys have helped us become a better company, day by day. 

Showcasing Your Feedback

Whether working with you on a retainer or even a one-time project, there are many moving pieces which get your project to its complete stage. 

Customizations, products, services, and, of course, the people themselves are all a part of your journey with our Professional Services team. Your feedback helps highlight exactly which of these aspects are making an impact for you. 

When you recognize our hard work, we do too. The team really narrows in on what is working best for you. After all, this is a partnership, and to make your vision of a dream site a reality, we need to know what it is you love, so we can keep doing it, and better yet, enhance it. 

When praise is shared from you, we share it company-wide. Highlighting what team members here at REW are doing right simply encourages both a continuation of amazing work, as well as new heights to be achieved by others in the company. This creates a goal oriented environment, with a strong desire for the success of your website at the forefront of our minds. 

Room For Improvement

We’ve put in hundreds of hours each month to provide you the best products and services possible, and we want every single one of these hours to meet your needs to the fullest. So, what more can we do?

The NPS surveys are a reminder to our team to pay attention to the details, excel in communication, and follow the right steps we need to take in order to deliver on exactly what it is you want. 

No matter how hard we work to create a unique product which is ahead of the competition, there is always room for improvement.

With every survey you send back to us, the customizations and services become more and more polished, and we get one step closer to collaborating on exactly what it is you need and allows us to evolve and adapt to your needs. 

What Have We Missed?

While your NPS survey results have certainly reshaped the way we’ve moved forward achieving excellence for your sites and setting new goals, we understand that we may not have always hit the mark. 

Our team has been more adept at escalating issues to the appropriate teams, as well as management to get a hold of the situation and communicate with clients to act on what is needed to make things right. 

Project management has become even more efficient through being able to better identify when a project is not being completed to REW’s standards, as well as further identifying which departments need to hone in on aspects of improvements. 

Survey results mean taking action, and in order to do so, we have taken a more collaborative approach, resulting in interdepartmental meetings regarding improving client experience and onboarding. 

This more consistent bridge between departments has led to better communication and stronger teamwork. Team members at REW have begun to develop a new sense of understanding and appreciation for the work fellow members on other teams have done. 

So, thank you for your feedback. It is truly invaluable to us.

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