Huge PPC Promos: Get Up To $1,300 in Credits!


Hello! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Anne, Real Estate Webmasters’ PPC Team Lead (I dabble in SEO too). I’ll be in Dallas at the end of the month for the REW Summit and I hope to see you there! Over the last few months we’ve been growing the PPC team and program, and to help you kick start 2014 (and get more leads than ever before!) we’re offering one heck of a deal that you’re definitely going to want to take advantage of. If you’ve been wanting to try PPC but haven’t yet, I can tell you that now is the time.

Now let’s get to the good stuff— the Pay-Per-Click promos you’ve been dreaming of:

#1. Google Credits, anyone?

This offer is for new PPC clients only: spend $100 in advertising in the first two weeks of your campaign, and receive an additional $300 credit from our friends at Google to put towards your campaign! This deal speaks for itself: $400 dollars in advertising for the price of $100! We only have 20 of these promo codes to give away, so act fast.

#2. Get Back Your $500 PPC Management Fee in Retail Credits

Real Estate Webmasters’ PPC management program costs $500 per month, but for the month of January, we’re offering our new clients “labour match”. Simply pay the $500 management fee for PPC, and we will give it back to you in the form of custom labour at retail rate! This means you’ll get 4 hours of custom time for whatever you want… perhaps it’s time to start thinking about some custom CTAs for your site or maybe some IDX augmentations?

#3. Summit Attendees Get An EXTRA $500 in Labour (For New & Existing Customers)

This promotion is open to new clients and current PPC clients, and is the icing on the cake. Attend the REW Summit, check in with me, and I’ll be happy to give you an extra $500 in labour! For those of you not keeping track, that’s now $1,300 back to you-- $300 in advertising and $1,000 in custom labour to use however you want!

Why Choose PPC?

PPC is the fastest, easiest way to generate leads— our program is proven to generate an exceptional ROI, and I am so excited to be able to offer these promotions to new and existing clients. Now is the time to plunge into the world of paid search— let’s make 2014 your best year ever!

I look forward to meeting you and discussing your goals and campaign success at the 2014 REW Summit in Dallas.

How Do I Sign Up?

If you want to take advantage of this deal, simply post a comment below: “Sign Me Up!” and we’ll be in touch. If you need more information privately, then please email or your sales rep for details.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

PPC Team Lead

Anne Fortin

Marketing & PPC Team Lead
Real Estate Webmasters


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gerard hagan

Sign Me Up

Morgan Carey

Yoofi! First one to sign up! (We've actually done awesome in Edmonton for PPC already, it's a good market) You're approved for one of the 20 licenses :) Please go here to complete your order: - once received the PPC department will contact you with a questionnaire and also ask which credit card you want to use for your new adwords account.

When you go to that form, select $500 as the amount, today is the start date and select recurring. (If for any reason in the future you need to cancel you simply let your PPC manager know and they take care of it for you). Looking forward to kicking butt for you my friend!

Morgan Carey

Question - are we going to be driving traffic to

Mr. Hagan

Yes please Morgan, the campaign will be for

Rey Armendariz

Sign Me Up!

Adam Robinson

Sign me up also.

Anne Fortin

Hi Rey and Adam! Glad to have you both on board!

If you're ready to get started: just fill out this form
Select $500 as your recurring payment and the start date as today. (If for some reason you need to cancel in the future, just email your PPC manager and they will take care of it)

Once the PPC department receives your sign up, we can get started-- your PPC manager will be sending you a questionnaire.

Looking forward to getting you leads!

Rey Armendariz

Are we approved for one of the 20 licenses? Thanks

adam robinson sarasota

I have multiple REW sites, can I use this on all of them?


Morgan Carey

Rey, yes you are approved - your credit will be applied once we create your new PPC account. Please note, you must take your REW Website live (I see you are still on a dev) before we can create your PPC account. When are you willing / able to go live?

Morgan Carey

Hello Adam - PPC management services are 1 domain per management fee. You can certainly sign up for multiple domains for us to manage it just means multiple fees.

As for the Google credits - they are at the account level, so we can only provide 1 promo code per customer (but you are of course approved if you would like to move forward).

The "labor match" you would get for every $500 PPC management you order
The "Summit match" is 1 per customer (so a max of 4 hours)

Does that help? Should we sign you up?

adam robinson sarasota

I just signed up. Sounds like a no brainer as I certainly spend $500/month in labor. or try to if production could schedule the work ;)

(This will be for

Rey Armendariz

Thanks Morgan! I'm live :)

Mr. Hagan


Can I apply the current credits in my account to this promotion?

Jolenta Averill

Sign me up!

Joshua Keen

Sign Me Up.

Dennis DeSouza

Sign me up as well!

Anne Fortin

Jolenta, Joshua, and Dennis: You are approved for one of the Google coupon codes!
Check your inboxes, and I've just emailed you some details and next steps.

Joshua Keen

Hey Anne -- just a short note to share I didn't get an email. You can send it to joshua @

adam robinson sarasota


I paid for this yesterday. Can you send me an email to get started. I would like to get online tomorrow. Does this only work wth google? or other PPC sites (bing) as well?



REW Anne

Hi Joshua- email sent!

Adam, we work with Google Adwords, and ads appear on Google and Google's search partners.
Thanks for your prompt payment-- as one of the first to sign up, your project will be one of the first created-- though it may not be tomorrow. We just have to wait for our Billing department to set up the project and then we will be ready to go!

dennis desouza

Hi Anne - I did not receive the email with the steps etc... Thanks Anne : )

Wayne Long

Hook me up :)

REW Anne

Hi Wayne,

You'll be getting an email from me in the next few minutes. It was nice to meet you this weekend, I hope you had a great time at the summit!

Ron Martin

Probably the biggest mistake people make when doing their own PPC advertising is choosing the wrong keywords just because they want to get traffic. A couple of things to know are 1) General keywords get lots of searches and traffic but are less qualified and less likely to buy. When you're paying for visitors, you want results, not just traffic. 2) The keywords that are being bid on must be extremely relevant to the product/services you are offering. If it was a retail store, would you want to pay for male motor bikers to walk into Victoria's secret? Nothing against bikers, it's just not the target market - and that's what happens when you bid on general, broad keywords. You get lots of untargeted visitors so your ROI doesn't work. If anybody wants help with this, call my buddy Simon here: 256-398-3835.

Ron Martin

Is the structure of your Adwords account sufficient to being easily managed, optimized, and achieve a positive ROI? If not, here's a tip on how to do that: Split the types of advertising into different campaigns. Have one for search, one for banners, one for search remarketing, one for display remarketing, etc. This easily helps you see which kinds of ads perform well for your business. Remarketing gets mad props but it doesn't always work with all kinds of website prospects and can just run up costs. You can easily tell if banners are working in comparison to search keywords if they're in different campaigns. So there's your tip for the day folks - to those that are newer to Google Adwords at least. In fact, if you're new and need help, I bet Simon could give you a leg up on your campaign, just give him a call at 256-398-3835.

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