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To our valued REW customers.

By now many have already noticed and commented on an increase in both response times and efficiency during business hours at our REW customer support forums. This is no accident - Recently we have increased our team of daytime CSR reps responsible for non billable support of our technologies.

The most significant addition to our CSR program this year - is the addition of 3 full time programmers for providing tier 2 and tier 3 support for REW technology (CMS, Lead manager, IDX, Listings Manager, Hosted Blogs, Email & Server) Support.

The tiered concept (Sometimes referred to as escalation) is one that is new to REW, but one that has proven very effective in similar corporate envirements - Hosting companies being the best example of this.

Here is how it works: (The complicated internal version)

Tiers basically refers to level of complexity, and required technical ability.

Tier 1 - The less complex or day-to-day support items - Answering how do I type questions and providing instruction on how to use our technology. All 3 tiers will support tier 1 issues on the forum.

Tier 2 - Issues that require programming expertise that tier 1 staff do no possess. When tier 1 cannot support an issue, they will "escalate" the issue to tier 2. (Both tier 2 and tier 3 will support tier 2 issues).

Tier 3 - Tier 3 is comprised of 2 senior programmers and myself. If an issue is very complex and requires a senior programmer or management intervention it will be escalated to tier 3. (Only tier 3 CSR will handle tier 3 CSR tasks) - Examples of these items would include handling potential reported server vulnerabilities, reported hijacking or hacking attempts, network wide outages and other high level server or security matters. Tier 3 also acts as the education facility and support network for tiers 1 and 2.

 The uncomplicated version (For our customers)

The great thing about this setup, and our forum support system, is that it is up to us (Internally) to route issues through the specific tiers etc - thus you don't ever have to know "who to send to" or "what department is responsible" etc - we do ask that wherever possible you post in the appropriate CSR forum (IDX issues in the IDX support forums) CMS issues in the CMS forum etc - but other than that, that is where your responsibility ends - we will take it from there :)



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Great concept with very noticable and positive results. Everyone at REW.. keep up the good work. Top notch customer service is a huge differentiator in this business.. and you all have stepped it up a notch. Thanks to all at REW.

Morgan Carey

Top notch customers make it a lot easier :) - Many don't know or see all of the kind but firm kicks in the rear great customers like you give us - and the "right" way - not mean spirited or angry, but with the true intent of being helpful to both our customers and our selves (Helping us help ourselves as it were) - I truly value your contributions to my company Drew (Not just the monetary ones) and want to publically say "thank you" for being a good friend, and helping me see things that I sometimes don't see myself because they are right in my face.


any chance that we can make some of these customer support forums private? i've always thought it was odd that clients had to post their business (ether support issues or new feature requests) in the public, making their business vieawable to anyone.

Morgan Carey

Good question Marin,

Actually 2 of the support forums are already private (You must be logged in to access them) and those would be the email support forums (Don't want email addresses or email issues being seen by spam bots) and the bug reporting forums.

Our work orders forum is public, and that is a business decision that is very intentional - we have many members on the fence as to whether to become customers, and if they are able to get a grasp on how much things cost with us, our response times etc often times this will help them pull the trigger - It's a great sales tool for us - That being said, you absolutely do not have to post your requests for work in the work orders forum, you may also contact your sales rep directly (And privately) to request an estimate on anything, in fact for those items that are very sensitive in nature, we encourage you to do so.



You might want to explore a support ticket system. There have been some services (notably Netfirms web hosting) that used that system and instead of having to bug somebody to find out if a problem is being addressed, you could just go check out the ticket for an update as to whther job was completed or still in the works. If I recall correctly there were some Open Source ticket systems for Joomla/Mambo.

My support experience at REW has been nothing short of great, just sometimes I sit wondering whther something is complete or not. I have noticed that with the posts made by some other clients.

I agree with Drew that I don't really like posting my work orders or problems for others to see, but when it seems sensitive I just use the PM feature. What I will say is that I have learned quite a lot from being able to read others problems and solutions ( a good example would be some of RonnieG's posts).

Keep up the great work!

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