Inman Connect Create Hackathon - REW Enters Developers Challenge


For those of you attending the Inman Connect SF 2009 conference or just like reading about Real Estate Webmaster antics here is some news for you.

We (technically myself, Michael and Phil) have entered the Inman Connect Create Hackathon (or developers challenge) down in San Fransisco the first week of August.

What is the Connect Create?

It's a contest where small groups of developers compete (on site) to develop their most creative / useful / killer real estate related app. You can plan it (we certainly have a plan) but you can't write a single line of code or pre-design the interface before you get there. We are certainly committed to honoring these rules and because it's an honor system we hope all our worthy competitors will honor it as well.

What do you win? Nothing really - except braggin rights - woot! It's really just a chance to stand up in front of tons of Real Estate Related folks and demonstrate our mad skillz.

So if you are heading to the Inman Real Estate Connect 2009 in San Francisco, we hope you will stop by and check us out and take a peek at what we will come up with.

See you there.


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Jay Thompson

I will see you there! Look forward to finally meeting you "in real life".

Morgan Carey

Sweet! (Fair warning - I'm shorter than I look on the web heh)


Best of luck to you guys, look forward to you braggin´ when you win!


Good luck!

Marc Rasmussen

Good luck! I am sure you will do well.


Yeah, you look pretty tall on the web!

Will you be posting about the app afterwards? I'm sure you will.

Dave Hughes

We will be there, hope to see you guys there.

Keith Lutz

How did this end up?

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