Introducing Lead Motivation, Interests, and Tags in REW CRM

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Enhanced Lead Profiling

Big news, REW CRM users! Say hello to our new features: Lead Motivations, Interests, and Tags. We've introduced these new features to help you develop a better understanding of your leads. Let's dive in and learn how these gems further enhance your CRM experience.


REW CRM's "Lead Interests" snapshot of examples of interests you can categorize your leads with.

Introduction to the Features

The CRM world is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is critical. Introducing three fantastic new features: Lead Motivations, Lead Interests, and Lead Tags. These are your new secret weapons in understanding your leads. These features help you organize your newfound data, but ultimately it's helping you tell a story about each of your leads. 

Now, let's get a little more acquainted with these features. Lead Motivations are all about the 'why' behind a lead's decision to buy or sell. Lead Interests lets you peek into their lifestyle and hobbies, adding a personal touch to future conversations. Lead Tags are the broad strokes that help you categorize leads in a snap. With all three, it's like giving your lead their own unique DNA in your CRM system.


  • Lead Motivations uncover the 'why' behind a lead's actions.
  • Lead Interests offer insights into personal lifestyles and hobbies.
  • Lead Tags provide broad, quick categorization of leads.

Tip: Try creating a few fictional leads and practice assigning them motivations, interests, and tags. It's a practical way to get comfortable with these new features.

A video walkthrough of how to use Lead Motivations, Interests, and Tags effectively.

A Detailed Guide

Creating these new categories is a breeze, and here's how. Start by clicking the "+" button in the "My Setup" modal. For Lead Motivations, think about the driving forces behind a lead's decision. Is it a growing family needing more space, or perhaps a new job in a different city? Add the reason, and a description, and boom - you've just added a new dimension to your lead.

Next, let's talk about Lead Interests and Tags. These are the keys to adding personality and context to your leads. For interests, think hobbies, lifestyle choices, anything that paints a clearer picture. Tags are broader; they're like the hashtags of the CRM world. Use them to group leads in ways that make sense for your unique business needs.


  • Click the "+" button to start creating new categories.
  • Lead Motivations should reflect the lead's core reasons for buying or selling.
  • Lead Interests and Tags add personality and context, enhancing lead profiling.

Tip: Keep your tags consistent and straightforward. This will make sorting and finding leads later much easier.


The "My Setup" dashboard of where you can add new Lead Motivations, Interests, and Tags.

Utilizing New Features

With these new features, your lead organization game is about to level up. Imagine having all your leads neatly categorized with motivations, interests, and tags. It's like having a well-organized library where every book is exactly where it should be. As well, you can customize your Leads page to display these new categories as columns.

Beyond neatness, these features are about accessibility too. Add them to an existing view or create a new one tailored to your needs. With just a click, you can view all the relevant information about a lead. It's like having a personal assistant who knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Say goodbye to the days of sifting through endless data to find what you're looking for.


  • Organize leads with motivations, interests, and tags for easy retrieval.
  • Customize the Leads page to display these new categories.
  • Access lead information quickly with a tailored view layout.

Tip: Experiment with different view layouts to find the one that best suits your workflow. It's all about making your life easier.

An example of how to leverage these new features - speaking directly with a client with specific interests in REW CRM.

An example of how to leverage these new features - speaking directly with a client with specific interests.

Enhancing Client Understanding

By deepening your understanding of your leads, you're paving the way for more meaningful interactions. Think of these new categories as your secret ingredients for building stronger, more personalized relationships with your leads. Data is important, but this is fundamentally about connection, understanding, and engagement.

These features also make documenting information a breeze. No more scattered notes or trying to remember specific details about a lead. Everything you need is right there in REW CRM, organized, and easy to access. This is good for both you and your team. Sharing insights and information becomes seamless, making collaboration a piece of cake. So, embrace these new tools and watch your relationships and efficiency soar.


  • Deepen lead understanding for more personalized interactions.
  • Simplify documentation and information retrieval.
  • Enhance team collaboration with shared insights and easy access.

Tip: Schedule review and update time for your lead motivations and interests. This keeps your data fresh and your strategies relevant - if it didn't happen in the CRM, it didn't happen!

A dashboard showcasing all of the pertinent Motivations, Interests, and Tags of a Realtor's® clients.

A dashboard showcasing all of the pertinent Motivations, Interests, and Tags of a Realtor's® clients.


That's a wrap! With Lead Motivations, Interests, and Tags, you're now equipped to keep track of more detailed information from your client calls. Remember, every great relationship starts with understanding, and these features are built to help with that process. It's the next greatest thing in lead management from REW CRM.

Motivation, Interests and Tags FAQ

Is there a limit to the number of tags I can create?

No, there's no limit. You can create as many tags as you need to effectively categorize and manage your leads. However, for optimal organization, it's recommended to keep the number manageable.

How do shared motivations work with team members?

Shared motivations allow team members to access and utilize common lead motivations. This feature fosters collaboration and ensures consistency in how leads are approached and managed across your team.

How can I ensure data accuracy when categorizing leads?

To maintain data accuracy, it's important to regularly review and update your lead information. Encourage your team to add or modify lead motivations, interests, and tags as they gather more insights. Consistent data entry practices and periodic audits can significantly enhance accuracy.

How can I measure the impact of these new features on sales?

To measure the impact, track KPIs like conversion rates, lead response times, and sales cycle lengths before and after implementing these features. Comparing these metrics will give you a clear picture of the effectiveness of the new categorization system.

Are there any best practices for training my team on these new features?

For effective team training, start with a comprehensive demonstration of how to use these new features. Provide hands-on sessions and create easy-to-follow guides. Encourage your team to practice with real data and offer regular Q&A sessions to address any concerns or difficulties. As well, feel free to speak to your Account Manager if you don't have an answer to your team's questions.

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