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Look out for some exciting improvements coming to how leads can be prioritized in the REW CRM.

At Real Estate Webmasters, our goal has always been to make following up with your most valuable leads as quick and intuitive as possible. We want you to spend your time on the highest quality leads that are most likely to engage with you.

As part of the upcoming 2018 Spring C REW CRM update, we’re introducing two brand new ways for you to sort leads, so you can get in touch with your website’s hottest leads first.

The new update will allow you to arrange your website’s leads from highest to lowest based on two advanced metrics: Score and Value.

But how will Lead Score and Lead Value change the way I view my leads? We’re glad you asked!

Lead Score

A lead’s score ranks your leads based on how likely they are to be engaged with you or your company.

Lead score is calculated using a series of factors based on the lead’s activity on your website and the quality of the information they’ve provided. These factors include:

  • Number of returning visits
  • Number of viewed listings
  • Number of favorite listings
  • Number of saved searches
  • Number of inquiries
  • Is the phone provided valid?
  • Was the lead agent added?
  • What is the average price of the listings viewed

The first 5 are based on lead activity while the last 3 are based on lead attributes.

Additionally, the administrator is able to assign how much weight is given each one of these factors on a scale of 0 to 10, based on which lead activities you or your team values most.

The weight of the lead score factors can be adjusted in the CRM’s Lead Manager Settings, under Lead Score Settings.

As the lead score is meant to capitalize on the most engaged leads of your website and the hottest leads, the score will naturally degrade over time, starting 3 days after a lead has first registered.

Lead Value

Lead value is the median listing price of the properties viewed by the lead This metric sorts your leads based on the value of the properties they are searching for.

So you’ll now be able to sort your leads by those looking for the highest-value homes first.

The value is calculated based on the median price of all viewed listings, and will be generated as soon as more than one listing is viewed by a lead.

For example, if a lead views 3 listings priced at $300,000, $600,000, and $800,000, that lead will be assigned a value of $600,000. This information will only be available for leads active within the last hour.

Both the Score and Value sort options will be accessible from the top of your REW CRM lead manager screen.

Now get to work converting those high-quality and engaged leads into happy clients.

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