It's REW's 10th Birthday! LEC 2014 Launch, New Premium site & very special promotion!


Wow has it been 10 years already? I cannot believe how far we have come together.

For those of you who are newer - a bit of a back story: A decade ago I started REW as a discussion forum for realtors interested in technology and marketing. I was the "SEO Guy" back then and I loved teaching this stuff (I still do). I had a few Realtor clients and ever since my involvement as a senior moderator SEO Chat I was addicted to community learning so I thought I would create a forum for us to interact.

Little did I know, that what started as a way for me to teach YOU (my amazing Realtor customers) would end up with ME learning so much more. It was the perfect union - I was the top SEO consultant on the planet and through no small miracle I managed to be blessed with clients that were at the pinnacle of their game as well. With my SEM prowess and your deal closing ability we seemed poised to take over the world!

And we started to but... every customer that came to me had a website that was awful! Do you remember? We'd get ranked, we get traffic but these products were so bad that the conversions just weren't there. In fact, noone even knew or cared about conversion in this industry at that time. The market was great, the web was misunderstood and folks were THRILLED at closing a few extra deals from this "internet" thing. 

There had to be a better way! And together began the process of systematically developing the best marketing, websites, IDX and backend platforms in the entire world! I'm not just talking us REW folk, I'm talking about YOU - OUR AMAZING CUSTOMERS!

Our products have always been best-of-breed because of YOU - our ridiculously awesome, loyal, generous and inspirational clients. You are the heart and soul of Real Estate Webmasters. You drive our innovation and inspire our creativity. 

So before we get into this promotion I need to stop and say THANK YOU


THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are all absolutely amazing! 

Now onto the promo: What's new?

2 brand new, fully responsive websites, that's what's new! 

Let's start with our brand new "Premium Site"

An homage to our very first full production LEC 2; our brand new premium site combines the classic gradients & styles that were loved in that design (those elements that made it feel truly custom) with the benefits of today's technology and advanced WPO & responsive design techniques. 

Simply put - other than REW LEC websites, this new premium site is the absolute best real estate website ANYWHERE! And the fact that I am reducing the cost of this site by nearly 90% for our birthday means that now is the time to act if you have been waiting to step up your game. 

You ready for this? Here it is! BAM!!! 

I know right? But how much is this awesome website?

Premium sites like this one normally retail at $5,000 setup + hosting and then if you were to also purchase all the "add on" modules it would be closer to $10,000 + but for this promotion, I am going to include every single add on module (except get local because we have to pay Onboard for that one) and I'm going to include the set up all for the completely UNHEARD OF price of $999! 

That's right, I'm taking $9,000 off! I'm including everything and the kitchen sink! 

Leave a comment below if you'd like to order one or have questions please :)

And now for what you've all been waiting for: Limited Edition Custom 2014!

This is the one folks! Every year our LEC product launches and is so ridiculously awesome that it changes design trends in the entire industry. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the LEC 2014 is quite possibly the best Real Estate Website we have ever made! 

It's so awesome that when I leaked it to a private group last week, we sold out 24 markets! We even have one client that went out and spent over $100,000 on a domain specifically so that he could launch an LEC 2014 on it - that's the kind of site this is - it is a GAME CHANGER! 

Would you like to see it? Of COURSE you would like to see it! 

Here it is! 

Tip: check out the SICK auto complete! Try typing in 3040 Grand Bay - this bad boy will find those listings for you before you even finish typing! 

SELLER LEADS ALERT! Now try clicking "or sell my property" below the search bar, start typing that same 3040 Grand Bay address and BAM! Instant active comps tool! (And yes if you have sold data in your market it can be customized to include sold comps as well!) 

This site is 98% ready to go! We're just working on some colour schemes and doing some testing, so if you order today, it can be installed likely by next week. 

As with all new LEC's the 2014 is offered at $10,000 + $199 hosting so there are no discounts on the "NEW" LEC.

That being said, just like with the premium site above, I am going to do something I have never done before and offer ALL modules (except Get Local) that are normally billable upgrades for FREE! That's right, you buy the new LEC 2014 and any billable modules NOT included in the base model you will get absolutely free.

LEC's are on a first come, first served basis (based on payment, not on request for invoice) so please (PLEASE) don't sit on your invoice or you will miss your LEC.

Just the other day we had 2 folks in Minneapolis order on the same day, one got their invoice, one didn't by day's end and the 2nd guy ended up missing out. He was not happy! Although in that case the 1st guy was so freaking awesome that he offered to split the market exclusive with the 2nd guy who he doesn't even know, turns out they work opposite ends of the city <<< just another example of how awesome REW customers are!

There are even lower prices on our previous years' LEC's (if available in your market) too! See below:

Here's the deals: 

Limited Edition Custom's (LEC) ** Market Exclusive!**

  • ** NEW ** LEC 2014 $10,000 (bonus up to $5000 in modules)
  • LEC 2013 $7,500 (bonus up to $5000 in modules)
  • LEC 2012 $5,000 (bonus up to $5000 in modules)
  • LEC 2011 $5,000 (bonus up to $5000 in modules)

Remember, LEC's are market exclusive (you can check availability at  (the map at the bottom) - once a payment is received that market is "sold out" so please act fast if you want an LEC FULLY LOADED before they're gone!

How about you folks that already have sites? You need deals too right?

55% off all fixed cost modules! 

All fixed cost modules are 55% off during this promotion so if there are any your product doesn't have, you may order them ala carte. We have also created a ceiling of $999 (same as the new sites) for the purchase of modules for anyone on the new or premium $199 hosting. So if you want some extra goodies for your site - now is the time to get them! (This is the last promotion before the REW Summer Summit!

Speaking of the REW Summit:

We've announced our summit and for this promotion we are going to extend our early bird pricing. Normally tickets are $799 for our summit but during the promotion you pay only $499 - space is limited so get your tickets today! 

Never been to an REW Summit? It's only the most fun, most educational conference for web savvy realtors in existence! All the best REW folks come to the summit to learn from each other (and the industry professionals we bring in) as well as network and truly share the "secret sauce" that makes our REW Elite customers stand out in their markets. 

You haven't covered marketing yet - any specials on PPC / SEO?

Marketing deals to kick it up a notch!

4 for 3 SEO package: Our SEO packages start at $2,500 per unique (which includes 20 hours SEO labor / writing / consulting etc) - during this promotion purchase $10,000 worth of SEO labor for $7,500

Double PPC labor for your first month PLUS now the $199 SAAS / hosting fee is INCLUDED (that's right it's free) for anyone doing monthly PPC with REW. Monthly PPC cost is $500 so you save the $199 hosting fee while on PPC PLUS you save $500 on the double up for your first month. 

Introducing our new Premium Marketing Bundles!

Combine the 2 services (monthly PPC and SEO) for even MORE great services

Premium Marketing Bundle - $3000 per block SEO, PPC, and basic social media services + free audit  The marketing experts at REW will combine the power of PPC, SEO and social media to give your site a comprehensive internet marketing strategy designed to get you results. We work with you to tailor our proven strategies into one convenient and effective package. With this full-service bundle, all you have to do is work the leads that come in!

Platinum Marketing Bundle - For top performers and large brokerages only: $6000 per block (or more—your budget is the limit!) SEO, double PPC, advanced social media services + free audit ... Take your marketing strategy to the next level with an enhanced version of our premium marketing bundle! This bundle allows us to focus on more advanced methods and pursue fresh marketing initiatives. Tell us what your priorities are and we'll take care of the rest.  

Because we are including hosting in our PPC promotion and because PPC is a part of the new premium bundles you do NOT have to pay hosting for as long as you are on monthly premium marketing services. 

And just because it's our 10th Anniversary - I'm going to throw in 4 for 3 deals on the premium bundles as well! That means you save up to $24,000 on your next year's marketing services by purchasing your first year of platinum up front! 

Let's end it off with a discount on pre-paid hosting:

Pre-pay up to 2 years hosting on new websites and save $400 per year on hosting. 



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Jason Lapene

Will the new premium template have different color options like the other templates? Also, will a image modifier be available as well?

Tate Kapple

I am interested in finding out more about your websites. Could you have a sales rep contact me?

Tate Kapple

Morgan Carey

Jason Lapene, yes they are working on additional color schemes as we speak, they should be available shortly. They are starting with the major franchise colors (RE/MAX, KW, Sotheby's, Coldwell Banker etc) then will be doing some more generic ones too! (LEC's will also have additional color schemes).

I don't know what you mean about the image multiplier - can you explain?

Morgan Carey

Tate Kapple, yes of course I will pass your information onto our product consultants - thank you very much!

Jason Lapene

Sorry, I should have been more clear. The ability to edit the main image on the home page. I forget what REW calls it. Instead of having to create a work order if you want to change it, user can just edit and replace image in the CMS.

Matt Lamb

What about a seller lead module add on for my current site?

Justin Seeby

Boom! Nice work Morgan!

Kathy Fineman

REW, Happy Birthday. I'm glad you were born! I just bought one of your websites AND then the 4 for 3 SEO package. I should have waited perhaps. However, I'm working furiously and really like your product and your people -- very responsive. Check it out, Morgan; I'm a testament to what a totally non-techie can learn and accomplish with a little help from some masters (real estate web masters, that is). And hope everything went well when you went swimming with the sharks, btw. Kathleen

Christopher Audette

Hey Gerry,
Sign me up for one each of the new LEC and the new Premium site. Just use the credit card on file to secure it right away. Thanks


Hey Morgan, Will the 55% be good for the REW blog and Preview reader? If it's yes then I would like to add it to my Virginia website and can be paid by the account on file.


Morgan do you still get the same deal on the other two premium template sites and or is it only on Also is there any features or benefits on that 1 and 2 doesn't have or are they all the same as far as functionality goes?


Morgan am I reading this right on what you're doing with the premium template pricing? Seriously what's the catch? I was just telling Gerry I was going to order that premium template at the retail price. I thought the premium templates were a bargain at your regular price, this is NUTS! Seriously this is like Christmas in April. I'll be in touch shortly with my order! Happy Birthday and thanks for the promo!!!

Kevin Leung

Am interested in the premium site.

Morgan Carey

Andre writes
"WOW how long do I have to get that $10,000 site for $999? Ive been talking to Chesne for two weeks and Im going to be ready in July to purchase but I know this promotion wont last that long will it"
The answer - this promotion runs for the month of April, 2014

Tarek Safadi

Hi Morgan, I am interested in changing both my sites 2 the new premium templates, how long until you have the other colors?? and if i order today how long a wait ? ether way can you please have my sales rep contact me today so I can get in line :)

Alexander Chandler

I should already be in system as I am finishing one project but sign my up to continue ppc and continue with my SEO. Have Niki call me. Great to see new things Morgan!

Helen Thompson

Yes. A Seller module to add to my current site would be great. When will that be available?

Hericson Torres

I would like to order the 2014 LEC.

Stephanie Evelo

Happy Birthday. Would like to talk to a rep ASAP 317-863-4663

Luke Bouman

How much is the idx feed/hosting the premium templates?

Robert Masse

Does that $999 price including hosting. Please let me know as this seems like an excellent deal

jay seville

I have same questions below as Mark Z.

And my own questions are how much would it be to have the feature I have on my site now with a recent SOLDS column like this?

And how much to have a recent visitors tab on the backend showing who came to the site recently?

Morgan do you still get the same deal on the other two premium template sites and or is it only on Also is there any features or benefits on that 1 and 2 doesn't have or are they all the same as far as functionality goes?

Kathy fineman

Please pass it on to Jeff to call me. I've been looking at the add-ons.

Sallie McBrien

Morgan and all at REW, congratulations on your ten year mark! Please have Niki call us to discuss upgrading to the LEC 2014.

REW Niki

Hi everyone! I'll have your requested sales reps reach out to you today.

REW Niki

Cleo, the 55% off does apply to the blog and preview reader, but what you should consider is one of the Premium Sites at $999 + hosting. It comes right now with all modules. Let me know, if you'd like me to just order the blog/preview reader or if you want to hear more about the responsive Premium Sites

REW Niki

@Jason Lapene

The new Premium Site 3 does come with the ability to switch out the background image from the CMS.

REW Niki

@ Matt Lamb: We can request an estimate to have the pricing tool from the LEC 2014 added to your website. Is that what you're requesting?

@ Mark Z and others: The fully loaded Premium Site for $999 applies to all three sites. In terms of functionality, they are largely the same. There are some minor differences such as 3 columns on 1 and 2, but on 3 you can change out the background picture and switch the navigation from right to left on individual pages.

@ Helen Thompson: The seller tool from the LEC 2014 is not available as a module, but we can have it added as a custom tool. Shall I get you an estimate for that?

@ Luke Bouman: Hosting for all sites is $199/month for both website and IDX hosting. You can prepay for the year for $2,000 up to a max of two years.

@ Robert Masse: The $999 if setup for the website. Retail for all this is around $10,000, so at 90% off it's an excellent deal! Hosting is additional (see above).

@ Jay Seville: Are you talking about adding the Recently Sold listings for Regarding Recent Visitors, you should be able to sort by that already - if you're on one of the latest backends at least. If you're interested, I can get estimates to upgrade your site?

Krystyna Baty

I'm interested in upgrading to premium template. Can you please have my sales rep call me re. details? Thanks!

Robert Masse

So is hosting $199/month then?

Tricia LaMotte

Interested in the Premium site!!

REW Niki

@ Robert Masse: You are correct :-)

@ Tricia LaMotte: Great! What's your contact information?

David Abernathy

Congrats on 10 Years!!! Well Done...thanks for being a great partner/

REW Niki

David Abernathy: Thank you so very much, and thank you for all your business throughout the years. Looking forward to another 10 years!

Matt Lamb

Hi! Yes, I would like to see an estimate for the pricing tool. Would probably want to add two additional metrics (year built and sq. ft.). Also, I think it would be useful to add an average price / sq ft, in addition to the price range. Instead of displaying a value of $125,000 to $300,000... Display average price / sq in x mile radius... example: $92/ sq ft , so we estimate your 2,000 sq ft home to be around $184,000. Or something like that :)


Christopher A, great to hear from you - you mention you would like the Premium Site #3 (the new one), which is great and I will submit the order. I wonder if you also want to pre-pay the first year's hosting/SAAS for a $400 discount?
You mention the new LEC but it's not available for Calgary, Chris - it was reserved a couple years ago, I think.


Matthew L and Helen T - I will email you both with your respective estimates when I receive them.

Jim Jacobs

interested in a Premium site. Have sales contact me, Please

REW Niki

@ Jim Jacobs: Certainly! I'll have one of the sales reps contact you momentarily.

Veronica Hicks

Hi Morgan .. Happy Birthday .. I would like to get a Premium Site .. Can I get someone from sale to call me?

Matt Scoggins

I would like to upgrade to the premium site on the following websites.

Congrats on 10 years! I've been here for all 10 and looking forward to another 10 with the REW team.

REW Niki

@ Veronica and Matt: I'll be in touch with both of you shortly.

Tricia LaMotte

@REW Niki Tricia LaMotte 661-212-2896

Yolonda King

Would like to sign up for the new Premium site. 713-987-7050 or 713-823-3358. Thanks.

Brian Pearl

You guys are killing it with these promos! I just bought the PT2 and now I'm going to have to buy the latest one; I can't pass up a great deal! AND you're discounting Summit tickets! I'll see you all there! Shout out to Lee, Andy, Anton, and Shane for putting up with me. You guys are awesome!

David Pannell

I'd like to update my site to the Premium site. Does this come with a new backend too and IDX sitemap? I just got an invoice work, but I'd rather have a template.

Gabe Sanders

Congrats on your 10th anniversary. Looks like some very attractive offerings you are making available.

Derrick Monroe

Morgan & Crew, Ill take a premium site please, let me know next steps. Congrats on the 10 years as well, Derrick M

REW Niki

@ David: Patrick will be in touch with you

@ Derrick: Thank you for the order! I've submitted it now, and billing will be in touch with you.

@ Brian: I'll be in touch with you via email shortly to figure out the details. The new Premium Site is definitely awesome, and with promo pricing, it's hard to say no!

Dylan Darling

Are all of the LEC's now $199 a month for hosting?

REW Niki

Hi Dylan. Yes, all new websites are $199/month, whether you're buying a Premium Site, LEC or fully custom website.

Sean Matyja

Looks awesome! Please sign me up to upgrade our site to the premium 3. We'll do the Sotheby's inspired color theme. Thanks!

REW Niki

Hi Sean! Thank you for the order. I've submitted it now.

Michael Perez

Please add the Advanced XML / IDX Sitemap and IDX Meta Information modules to Thanks!

Jonathan K

Hey Morgan, Happy B-Day for REW! A friend of mine in CA told me about the Seo Guy about 10 years ago. You saw an opportunity and rolled with it and its been amazing how successful REW has become. So a big congrats to you.
I just upgraded one site, will you have someone from sales contact Shom about upgrading the other site? He wants to go with the new premium site upgrade. His contast- Shom: 864-275-7153. Thank you!

REW Niki

Hi Mike! I've ordered the XML/IDX Sitemap for you, but I cannot order the IDX Meta Information module for you, as it requires a 4.3 backend.

Have you considered upgrading your site to one of our Premium Sites? It comes with all modules included!

Michael Perez

I have considered the premium sites. But the $199 monthly hosting fee is way to high for me to even consider upgrading to any of the premium sites. I'm a small fish in a big pond and cant afford to spend like a whale. If I do, I'll get swallowed up very quickly.

REW Niki

@ Mike: No problem. One thing I know works exceptionally well for our clients is our PPC campaigns. They are highly targeted and while I don't like to guarantee leads, they will be coming your way :-)

@ Jonathan, I'll have one of the sales reps give Shom a call. Thanks for the heads up!


@ REW Niki: After 2 weeks of heavy consideration and hoping of something coming through that would allow me to purchase the premium site, I have to stick to only purchasing the blog and preview reader. As much as I would really love the premium site but I just can't do it now.

REW Niki

Hi Cleo! I'll order the blog for you. It comes with the preview reader already. Which of the domains is this for?


Thanks Niki it's for


Thanks Niki it's for

REW Niki

Thanks, Cleo. I ordered it now :-)

Morgan Carey

41 LEC 2014's gone so far in just this month (and 12 LEC 2015's sight unseen!) This market exclusive product is HOT!

Some sample locations gone in the last couple of weeks: (Please comment below to find out if your market is available!)

Destin, Florida
Fort MacMurray, Alberta
Chicago, Illinois
New York, New York
Jupiter, Florida
Maui, Hawaii
Cedar Falls, Iowa
Austin, Texas
Washington, District of Columbia
Anchorage, Alaska
Charlotte, North Carolina
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Atlanta, Georgia
Kelowna, British Columbia
Temecula, California
Bonita Springs, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Carlsbad, California
Alexandria, Virginia
Hilton Head, South Carolina
The Woodlands, Texas
Miami, Florida
Newport Beach, California
Phoenix, Arizona
Albuquerque, Minnesota
Memphis, Tennessee
Edmonton, Alberta
Portland, Oregon
San Diego, California
Calgary, Alberta
Sarasota, Florida

REW Niki

Additionally to Morgan's list above, we have also sold the following markets with many more already invoiced:

Boca Raton, FloridaNaples, Florida
Kennewick, Washington

The LEC 2014 is awesome, particularly because of the awesome seller tool right on the homepage.

Want to secure your position in your market? :-)

Michael Perez

If this promotion is still happening, I would like to add the blog module to

REW Niki

Hi Mike! I ordered the blog module, which also comes with the blog reader. Thank you!

REW Niki

Des Moines, IA is paid for now and more invoices sent out awaiting payment. Only a few more days left in the promotion, so get them while all modules are still included!

Dylan Darling

Niki- Go ahead with the 2013 LEC as discussed for I sent you an e-mail as well. Thanks!

REW Niki

Thank you very much, Dylan! I'll have billing send you the invoice.

Courtney Bontempo

Out of curiosity, what would transferring FortWayneRealEstate to a Premium Site entail? We already have IDX, blog etc. Would this be a complete transfer, meaning content, community pages and our addons would transfer over? Would this all be covered for the $999? Also, would this be considered a new website and applicable for the prepaid hosting savings of $400/yr?

Spoken Gently

Hi Niki, I'm assuming the notation you made a few days ago on Kennewick being sold out is ours, right? Curious, when can we make the new LEC 2014 go live? -Joe :)

REW Niki

Joe: Indeed it's yours! I just inquired about getting the site installed for you and will keep you posted via email.

Courtney: Since you're on a 4.0 or later site, the $999 covers everything aside from transferring over customizations. Any prepaid hosting you have on account for that domain will proceed after which it'll be $199/month, but you can of course prepay $2000 for the full year and save on hosting as well. Shall I book an upgrade for you?

Spoken Gently

Thanks Niki,- Will our purchase include the modules mentioned above by Morgan?

REW Niki

Joe, they will indeed be included :-)

Courtney Johnson

I'd like to order a premium site. Could a rep contact me?


Hey Niki, If it's not too late, I would like to cancel the blog and reader order and replace with the premium site with all the modules.

Matt Scoggins

I would like the IDX Meta Information module and PPC for

REW Niki

@ Courtney: Certainly! What's your contact information?

@ Cleo: It's not too late. I'll cancel that previous order and do the upgrade to a premium site with all modules.

@ Matt: I'll order that for you. Thank you!

Zach Hosford

Interested in a Premium site, please contact.

REW Niki

Hi Zach! We certainly will. What's your contact information?

Joshua Keen

When will LEC 2014 dev's be installed? I'd love to get that up and start some minor tweaks to make a smooth transition to my new site! Super excited about it.

Tim Lester

I'm interested. Please call or email me tomorrow.

REW Niki

Hi Tim. I will have one of the sales staff give you a call to discuss website options.

Dylan Darling

I haven't heard from anyone yet regarding my 2013 LEC purchase. When will the process get started?

REW Niki

Hi Dylan. We did receive initial payment, and the website is in production. Our staff will reach out to you as soon as they get the project assigned. Shouldn't be too long now.

Nick Bobenko

Is this promo still going? Thanks

REW Niki

Hi Nick! It is still on - ending on Friday, so get your order in ASAP!

Nick Bobenko

Thanks ... Does the 301 redirect tool only work from an REW site to an REW site?

REW Niki

The 301 Redirect Tool works like this:

You can use the 301 tool to tell browsers to go from to instead. It's installed on a REW site and works within that domain name. If you're talking about other redirects, this is typically taken care of in your zone file (DNS).

For the full explanation of the 301 module, though, give our sales team a call at 1-877-753-9893

Nick Bobenko

I would like the XML/IDX sitemap (this is different than what comes with the site correct?) and the 301 re-direct tool. Thanks

REW Niki

Hi Nick. The XML/IDX Sitemap is different than the sitemap that comes with the site out of the box. I'll order that along with the 301 Redirect Tool for you. Thank you!

Sharon Kim

I'm really interested in this! When does this promotion end? If a rep could contact me that'd be great:

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