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As Christmas approaches, so does the end of our 12 Days of Christmas promotion, concluding December 23. Don't miss out on our special offers, including the chance to enjoy zero setup fees for our Renaissance platform and REW CRM and the option to receive complimentary tools. Ensure you seize this opportunity and explore the savings that await you.

Promotion Details

This no-setup fee promo allows you to choose the duration that best suits your unique needs. Opt for a 1-year term, and not only will you enjoy a waived setup fee, but you can also select any one free tool from a range of options, including Dialer, Texting, REWpert AI, or an additional IDX feed, value can be up to $1,200. Extend your commitment to a 2-year term, and the perks grow, which is no setup fee and the freedom to pick any two free tools, accumulating value up to $4,800.  

For those ready to embark on a longer journey with us, a 3-year term brings even more savings with no setup fee and the flexibility to choose any three free tools, with value climbing up to $10,800. It's a tailored offer designed to cater to your specific needs and ensure you get the most out of your commitment.

The 12 Days of Christmas promotion landing page, where you can conveniently review and seize the exciting offers available.

Renaissance + REW CRM

Imagine establishing your online presence with no setup costs– that's the gift we're offering. Renaissance is the world's best real estate website designed to boost your online presence, support your SEO and increase conversion rates. It is also lightning-fast, and ADA compliant, a requirement for websites. Moreover, Google PageSpeed results show Renaissance as the world's fastest real estate website. 

On the other hand, our REW CRM is incredibly powerful and user-friendly, allowing ease in lead follow-up and conversion. We've recently introduced exciting features like REW Deals to streamline deal management with its query engine, smart listings, and custom view management. Additionally, we launched Source View, a feature that enhances efficiency in budget attribution and ROI tracking across various marketing channels.

The Renaissance platform and REW CRM seamlessly collaborating to boost your lead generation.

Powerful Tools

In this particular 12 Days of Christmas promo, we're excited to offer additional tools. Texting, as an add-on to REW CRM, enables you to message your leads from your website backend directly. The Dialer, another add-on, automates the calling process, boosting your agents' productivity and efficiency. It comes with features like automatic call logging, note-taking, and the ability to schedule follow-ups.

Another essential tool you’ll want to pick is REWpert, our AI robot designed to assist you in generating content for your real estate website. The ability to publish high-quality and relevant content is crucial for SEO initiatives and user engagement. Additionally, you can acquire an additional IDX feed, enhancing your website with more display listings.

REWpert AI in action, effortlessly generating FAQs about Key Largo, Florida.


This is your final call to seize the savings and amazing deals from our 12 Days of Christmas promo. Act now and equip yourself with the essential tools that will drive your success in the coming year. Invest smartly and reach unprecedented heights!

12 Days of Christmas FAQ

What are the key benefits of the 12 Days of Christmas promotion?

The promotion offers exclusive perks, including zero setup fees for our Renaissance platform and REW CRM. Depending on your commitment duration (1, 2, or 3 years), you can enjoy additional benefits such as complimentary tools like Dialer, Texting, REWpert AI, or an extra IDX feed. The longer your commitment, the greater the value, reaching up to $10,800.

How does the no-setup fee promo work for different commitment durations?

Opting for a 1-year term not only waives the setup fee but also allows you to choose any one free tool, valued up to $1,200. Extend to a 2-year term, and you get no setup fee plus the freedom to pick any two free tools, accumulating value up to $4,800. A 3-year term brings the most savings with no setup fee and the flexibility to choose any three free tools, valued up to $10,800.

Can you provide more details about Renaissance and REW CRM in this promotion?

Renaissance is a top-tier real estate website platform that establishes your online presence with no setup costs. It enhances SEO, boosts conversion rates, and is recognized as the world's fastest real estate website. REW CRM is a powerful and user-friendly tool for lead follow-up and conversion. New features like REW Deals and Source View streamline deal management and enhance budget attribution and ROI tracking.

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