Latest REW Website to launch July, VR listings, AR App and NEW Zillow-Like IDX Search!


(Important update! Due to demand, new installs are now into August, 2018. If you are ordering, please ensure you get your order in ASAP as there is a LOT of demand for this promotion!)

You heard it here first! I could not be more excited to announce the launch and pre-sale of our latest website platform, the BC 2.0 (it's so new we haven't actually got a name for it yet).

There are so many exciting new innovations that we are going to be announcing this summer and showcasing at the upcoming REW Summit, but I think this new website product is THE MOST exciting! (But I'll provide some sneak peaks and spoilers of other features as well below).

So what's this all about? This new website? 

Our oldest design, the original "Barbara Corcoran", is now nearly 4 years old. It is time to retire what has been the most successful website offering in Real Estate Webmasters history. It has been (and quite frankly still is) an awesome website for producing leads and making our customers look great, and I would argue it is still one of the best front ends on the planet. BUT, we are REW, and our most important core value is innovation, so we cannot sit back and let things get old around herewe MUST be pushing the envelope! 

What is new and different about this design? 

Updated look / design: As this is a replacement for the old Barbara, and because that site has been so successful for our customers, we decided to homage the old and re-invent this new site inspired by the past Barbara Corcoran design. The design will feel current, be perfectly optimized for mobile, and have some really awesome new features (like the new IDX and communities layouts) but it will also feel familiar and comfortable to our existing customers. It's truly the best of both worlds: keep what was great, but make everything else EVEN BETTER! 

NEW IDX / MLS Search: The BC 2.0 is the launch of our brand new IDX search! This is probably the most exciting new development at Real Estate Webmasters in years! Our customers have been saying how we need to compete with Zillow for home search tools and UI, and we have completely revamped our IDX in response.

This new IDX combines the concept of advanced search and map search into one, super smooth search interface that allows users to enjoy the best of both concepts in one space. We've seen what the competition is doing (and I'm not talking the local competition of other agents, teams and broker sites out there, we are already way more advanced than them)... I'm talking about your TRUE competition for search: Zillow, Trulia, Redfin, and Realtor. They are the 800 lb gorillas and our goal is to use this release as the beginning of a true battle for local search supremacy! 

And don't ever forget the advantage you have over these behemoths: you ARE local! 

New communities layout: We've updated and enhanced the featured communities module to provide a new look and new style to match this awesome design. There are new charts, and photos/visuals take a much more prominent role while never getting in the way of amazing conversion through our innovative snippet-based, SEO-friendly MLS systems. 

Our 2nd Virtual Reality design (Now with Stereoscopic photo enhancement option): Last year we launched the world's first full 360/VR-enabled website design. Augmentation of hero sections, communities pages, AND listingsall with video, 360 photo and 360 video augmentation options. There is no platform like it! Until now! 

The BC 2.0 will be launched with all the same amazing technology that The Vision site has AND there is a new twist! We now have stereoscopic image support built right into the platform. Pretty cool right? 

New CRM Features Launch: To coincide with the amazing launch of this epic website, we are also launching our newest features for REW CRM. These include brand new UI for leads screens, and an UBER cool search & refine sticky sidebar for fast lead access and reverse prospecting. We've also added lots of customer requests, such as "last touch", and of course it will integrate seamlessly with REW Leads Apps (both iOS and Android) and be fully responsive. 

It's freaking sweet! 

If you have questions, please reach out to your PC immediately! Or, if you are new to Real Estate Webmasters and you realize NOW is the time to get the best front end platform on the planet, please contact us via our contact form. And, of course, ask me any questions you like in the comments section below, or on my Facebook Post. 

Existing customers, some announcements: 

- As we have now announced the BC 2.0, today marks the last day of official promotion/sales of the original Barbara Corcoran website design. 

- With the new CRM announcement, we are also announcing the deprecation of our oldest supported past software version (4.5) which will officially no longer be supported as of July 1, 2018. (Subsequent deprecations will follow with the release of future major CRM launches.) 

- Existing customer promo! From now until June 30th, there is a promotion to upgrade to this new site. As with all REW sites, the cost for a new site is $5,000 USD for setup. However, as a thank you to all long-term, loyal customers, we are offering a full $5,000 USD professional services credit (free custom work or SEO) for all orders accompanied by a 3-year term.

If you're already on a 3-year term at retail, then we will honour this promotion for you as well.  

This will assist you in moving over any past customizations OR you can have the SEO team do a thorough review of your content and make sure it's up to today's standards from a Google perspective. 

- And don't forget our new CSM team! They are here to make sure your transition is smooth, and they will help with all the setup of your migration including help hook up your navigation, social elements, etc. Best of all? The CSM's are completely free! 

If you haven't upgraded for a while, you are going to LOVE the new customer success manager program!

- The line is forming! This is a pre-sale for installations scheduled to begin July 2018. We have already sold several of these sites and, as always, new installations are on a first come, first serve basis. I have also created a special private Facebook group for early adopters. Once you have purchased your site upgrade, please PM me on FB and I will grant you access to the group. Here you can get early info on the site and CRM, give feedback, ask questions and more! 


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