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Setting Sail from Bali: The Return From LeadingRE’s APAC Forum

Morgan returns from the 2023 APAC Forum, hosted in beautiful Bali, Indonesia with the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®.

An exciting invitation from Leading Real Estate Companies of the World (LeadingRE) recently called upon our CEO, Morgan Carey, to present on the intriguing topic of Human Assisted AI and real estate search engine marketing. What transpired was not just a captivating journey from the island paradise of Bali to LeadingRE’s event, but also an invaluable networking experience that is the hallmark of the global real estate industry.

morgan bali

After Morgan’s visit to Bali, we’ve definitively found that LeadingRE Global Events provide amazing opportunities for both business expansion and personal growth. This event created a sense of unparalleled global connectivity in the real estate industry.

The essence of these events, deeply ingrained in LeadingRE’s foundation as a referral network, fostering the building of meaningful relationships. This is largely due to the commendable efforts of Chris Dietz, LeadingRE’s president of global operations, and his remarkable team.

The LeadingRE events, from APAC to the upcoming Dubai conference, offer an expansive learning opportunity. Networking is the event’s cornerstone, facilitating the creation of powerful partnerships and business referrals. The global market education is an enlightening experience, providing in-depth knowledge about different markets, investment timings, and leveraging opportunities. In fact, Morgan added Cyprus to his investment radar!

morgan bali 2

Another unique feature of these events is the focused coaching on sales and marketing, particularly regarding global audiences. The understanding and execution of cross-border real estate transactions can significantly influence the success of a deal, and this coaching is instrumental in this regard.

We understand that deciding to attend a conference involves evaluating several factors:

  • Number of participants
  • Potential ROI
  • Travel duration
  • Cost 

While some conferences might be closer to home and more affordable, the value offered by LeadingRE events is indisputably justified. This value extends beyond financial gains, contributing to skill development, fostering heartwarming connections, and offering soulful travel experiences.

These events also provide a platform to integrate personal and professional life. Sharing this extraordinary journey with a loved one can only enhance the overall experience.

So, are you ready to join us in Dubai? 

We look forward to sharing this next chapter with you!


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