LEC 2012 Pre-sale & promotion on other LEC's and products


UPDATE: This promotion has ended.

Looks like it's time for our first promotion of 2012 and as per usual, this promotion is in conjunction with a very exciting new product announcement.

What is the new product, you ask? LEC 2012

LEC 2012 (Limited Edition Custom) is the newest high end regional exclusive launch from Real Estate Webmasters. Previous versions have been called LEC 2, LEC 3 etc., however for this year, we have decided to change the name to better reflect the nature of this product and help users understand the difference between a version 2, let's say, and a version 7. Version 7 (now called 2012) is this year's model and reflects all the latest techniques and technologies available in web design, and takes into account new adoptions such as new browsers (IE 9, Chrome) and of course further addresses the rise of mobile devices (including iPads).

This promotion is a "pre-sale" for LEC 2012 (like we have done in past years). We are at the point now where we have directional mockups approved and the concept and code is already in production. I anticipate the availability for install of this product to be early-to-mid June, but as many of you know (because you have missed purchasing previous years' LEC's), these products sell out very quickly, especially in our most competitive markets. This is due to the nature of this product — we ONLY SELL ONE PER MAJOR CITY — so if you have missed out in past years, be sure to post your order right away, or it may be gone. In fact, we leaked news of this design to certain circles and we have already sold 13 markets at full retail price. I have posted a mockup below to allow you to preview the new site concept (please note, this is a directional mockup only, final product may differ slightly).


Other than a smoking hot design, the latest and greatest REW technology (including REW 4.2, which has not even been announced) what makes LEC 2012 special?

Two words: Responsive Design

What is responsive design, you ask? Responsive design is the process of creating a flexible framework that allows your website to adapt to the device it is being viewed on. This means if you are on a PC with large monitors, you are provided with the best viewing experience for that monitor. Go down to the resolution of an iPad and your iPad automatically renders the site correctly when horizontal, while still maintaining a decent font size, etc. - but what? You want to turn your iPad vertically? All of a sudden iPad tries to compensate again, and you are left with font too small to read and have to zoom in to continue your experience. Responsive design will change this by actually serving a different style sheet (modified design, same content) to the vertical iPad vs. the horizontal. Want to send that link from iPad to your phone to show someone in the car? Once again, the design will adapt and optimize itself for smart phone consumption. It's quite revolutionary and we are proud to be the first large real estate vendor to offer it standard in a product. The graphic below should provide a good visual reference:


This is not to say that your option for LEC 2008 (formerly LEC 2), for example, is a bad investment. They are still amazingly high quality offerings and far superior to other products available on the market today. In fact, from a technologies perspective, LEC's are retrofitted (if new purchase) with technology of today in terms of "what's under the hood". Think of it kind of like a car (a really high end car like a Mercedes SLS class) — if you have a 2008 SLS, you pretty much have the highest end car in your town. However, it might not have the iPod docking feature (or responsive design) of the 2012 SLS (but it still has the same engine and performance). That is kind of how the LEC's work and for reason of simplified explanation, we have decided to change their names. Make sense?

So what's the promo? I want a deal!

During this promotion, we are going to be selling LEC's at a graded rate based on their age.

  • LEC 2012 retail $10,000 USD (*note: customers upgrading are eligible for a special discount, see below)
  • LEC 2011 (formerly LEC 6) $9,000
  • LEC 2010 (formerly LEC 5) $7000
  • LEC 2009 (formerly LEC 4) $6000
  • LEC 2008 (formerly LEC 2) $5000

For existing LEC customers "upgrading" to LEC 2012, a discount of 20% off the "current promotional rate" will be applied to your purchase of a new LEC 2012. In exchange, you must hand in your existing LEC and allow us to make that version available in your market area. For example, LEC 2008 upgrading to LEC 2012 would get a discount of $1000 off the purchase price, and would give up their rights to 2008 as a trade-in.

Again remember, even the 2008 LEC will be equipped with our newest "under the hood" features such as mobile lead management, mobile IDX, 4.1 CRM technologies and many other great features of newer versions. No matter which version you choose, you cannot go wrong with an LEC product. Please remember, we only sell 1 LEC version per major city, and it is a first-come, first-served process (we must receive payment to reserve your spot). Every time we run an LEC promotion we have multiple orders in many cities, and many customers who aren't quick to make payment miss out on their LEC and end up having to wait another year — don't be that person this year!

In addition to the LEC offerings above, we are also offering the following discounted rates:

  • 25% off all "fixed cost" upgrades from our upgrades menu (new or existing customers)
  • 50% off the setup on our newest "built-in" SEO spiderable IDX platform
  • 100% off the setup fees on our template-based websites

*Standard hosting rates apply

There are a few conditions to this promotion:

  • Orders for LEC's (in order to guarantee your area) must be paid for based on the terms negotiated
  • New orders cannot be placed if existing balances are past due
  • Orders must be placed by April 15th 2012

If you have questions about the new offerings or other items on this promotion, please post in the comments below, or contact your favourite salesperson.

Numbers for sales:
1-250-753-9893 local 1-877-753-9893 toll free
Current sales people (reminder of who you may be working with):

Niki Techen (product consultant) niki@realestatwebmasters.com
Patrick Phillips (product consultant) patrick@realestatewebmasters.com
James Huck (product consultant) james@realestatewebmasters.com
Allison Bauman (sales manager) allison@realestatewebmasters.com
You can also reach our decentralized sales by email at sales@realestatewebmasters.com

I will be answering product-type questions via this blog so that everyone can benefit from the answers — if you have a question, by all means let me know below.
Morgan Carey


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Nice, I cant wait to see it in action.

Ben Ganje


Can someone with an older LEC trade up to a LEC2012?

Morgan Carey

You are correct Jay - http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/upgrades/ is where you find the fixed cost modules for the most part. You can also find some at www.realestatewebmasters.com/pricing/

The comments area here does not reach Patrick, but I will send him your note. Thanks.

JJ Hausmann


Do you have a graphic of the home page for the new LEC 2012?

Morgan Carey

Ben Ganje, yes you can trade up your LEC to 2012, that is what the 20% of current LEC discount is about. So let's say you have an LEC 2010 currently offered at $7000 - if you wanted to trade in that LEC, you would get 20% of the current price (which comes out to $1400) as a discount on the purchase of your new LEC.

Sara MacLennan

Is there a description of IDX 3.0 somewhere? How is it better than what I have (I'm not even sure which IDX I have). Thanks, Sara.

Morgan Carey

Sara if you are running http://www.edmontonrealestate.pro - then you already have the latest version of our IDX. This promotion is about LEC 2012, not a new IDX.

What you could upgrade to is 4.1 (soon 4.2) backend (you are running 4.0) this would add additional features to your lead management. However you do not need to buy a new site to do this, you could just post a work order for your existing site in the estimates forum or email sales@realestatewebmasters.com

As for this newest LEC 2012, it does appear to already be sold in Edmonton, sorry. :(

Morgan Carey

JJ Hausman, please see the embedded graphics in this post - that is what the LEC 2012 will look like (or very similar) once completed. The side by side is what it will look like on a PC, Ipad, and smart phone.

There will be additional colors available in the production version of course. Let me know if you have additional questions


Eddy Kicker

Looks great and the responsive design is awesome. Wish I had the cash.


Morgan: I'm interested in the 2012 LEC for Boulder, CO and I believe you're my point of contact. I had been talking to Aaron about some upgrades to my LEC 4 and I want to go over some questions with you. If you could email me directly or call, I would appreciate it.



Morgan: I'm interested in the 2012 LEC for Boulder, CO and I think you are my point of contact. I've been talking to Aaron about making some upgrades to my LEC 4, so I have some questions that I'd like to go over with you. If you could email me directly or call, I'd appreciate it.

JJ Hausmann

I see the the embedded graphics above, but do you have something you could send that is a little larger? I just want to get a good look at how it may look. Thank you!

Niki Techen

Jeff/Beactowne, thank you for the conversation today. Enjoy your new LEC 2012.

Morgan Carey

Beachtown (Jeff) thank you for your purchase of LEC 2012 - you are really going ot enjoy the new features :)

Phil / Pboren - I have called and left you a message, please email me your questions, yes I am your rep :)

JJ - I will track down a larger mockup for you.

Morgan Carey

Eddy Kicker - for long time customers (and friends) such as yourself, I am always open to financing, I would hate to see you miss an opportunity :) - I hope things are well down in Greenville.

Morgan Carey

Jon in Steamboat - 4.1 is currently the most current backend (4.2 is not out yet) as such it cannot be estimated at this time. However if you are very current (like 4.1) then it should not take much time at all (under 5 hours sort of thing)

Upgrading from older verisons (like 2.5 etc) can be quite a bit more labor intensive.

4.2 will be released with the production / web ready version of 2012 if I have my way, otherwise it will be shortly after :)

Allison Bauman

JJ here is a link to a larger version of the 2012 homepage.


Any opportunities for LEC 2012 in Austin, TX?

Morgan Carey

Hello Jeffrey, unfortunately 2008-2012 are all completely sold in the austin market (it's a very popular market for is) - we can offer offer you a fully loaded template at a significant discount (same technology) - or you could call in and talk to one of our sales reps about doing a fully custom site like www.jimolenbush.com and www.realtyaustin.com in your market have done.

Let me know if there is anything we can do for you

Jane Atlanta Homes for Sale

I've heard about this responsive type website before. Are the changes only going to happen on the CSS level? Or will there be more changes on the back end? Like database changes?

Paul Caparas

Promo on custom hrs?

Steve Castaneda


Can you have someone get in touch with me? Hope all is well.

Dylan Darling

What are the monthly or yearly dues associated with the LEC? $10K up front, how much per year? I currently have a template, would I be able to upgrade and keep some of my content, snippets, etc?

Morgan Carey

Steve - thanks for your order :)

Paul, sorry there is no promo on custom orders, LEC's, templates and fixed cost products are all on sale though :)

Beachtowne - you already have a search engine spiderable IDX however it is our older version. You would need to request an estimate through sales@ to get a cost on upgrading the existing system to 4.1 - as for the advantages, we have completely revamped our backend / lead management system and it is far superior to previous versions. The IDX is always enhanced with new SEO features (such as new filenames) and lots of new backend features like the IDX builder, and lots of configurability put in your hands.

Morgan Carey

Dylan, the combination of IDX and website is $79.95 per month paid yearly is $959.40 - there is no difference in fees from an LEC vs a template ongoing.

As for your content / snippets - when upgrading from a template to an LEC, we transfer your content leads for you - basic snippets also get transfered, but anything "custom" will require a work order.

Morgan Carey

I just checked your existing site and you are running the REW backend (old version) and the IDX, so your fees monthly / yearly won't change at all Dylan. Your backend and IDX will be significantly enhanced however as will your sites presentation / conversion.

Worthy of note - if you have purchased any "fixed cost upgrades" for your template that are NOT included in the LEC setup, those are also moved over at no cost to you :)

Dylan Darling

Ok. Thanks. I'm still thinking about it and have been talking to Allison.

Morgan Carey

Hello Bomber,

We would love to hook you up with a custom or LEC website (we always advocate LEC vs custom due to proven performance, cost savings, speed of launch etc) but if you just "gotta have it" - we are happy to do a custom for you as well.

With respect to TREB, it is a very easy process, you simply get the paperwork for the TREB website, we submit our respective portions, you get approval and then we get the logins and can start coding.

The TREB feed is brand new this year, so REW does not have any traction there yet (meaning you would be the very first LEC / REW spiderable site that I can think of in the region) - that is a HUGE competitive advantage if you are able to blaze that trail. Let me know if you have questions, cheers

tony kawaguchi

Hi Morgan,

I have a bunch of customizations. Can we figure out what it would cost to with all those to upgrade my site to LEC 2012?



Morgan Carey

Bomber, every board is different, please follow the steps above and you will access the paperwork which will indicate whether broker sign off is required (it usually is).

As for LEC vs Custom - don't flip flop, go LEC - it is ABSOLUTELY the correct choice - Realize that LEC and custom are built by the same developers, and with the same products / amount of hours etc .

The difference? A "custom" site involves the customer, so it takes way longer to produce, and the end result (because it has been influenced by someone who is NOT a professional web developer, especialyl in the real estate space) typically suffers. I am all for customers who have been running high end sites (with us or on their own) to be involved in a custom project, but totally against it if this is your first kick at a high end site.

LEC benefit - Myself and my top R & D designers and programmers are who builds the LEC products. Arguably we have more knowledge about the real estate web development space than any other group in the world. Combine that with the fact that we are constantly kept up to date by our team, and customers regarding the latest trends, needs, wants etc and there really isn't a better group to put together a site.

Final note: Customizations - if you are now sold on the LEC (and you should be) but you want to just add your own final touches, you can always have us customize LEC's with graphics, small (or large) layout modifications that sort of thing.You're going to spend $15,000-$25,000 on a custom site. If you have that kind of budget do $10,000 or less LEC and save the $15,000 for mods and SEO - you won't regret it.

Morgan Carey

Tony K - can you email me a list of customizations? I am happy to get you an estimate. thanks

Morgan Carey

Yes it is the idx feed :)

Reno Foreclosures


I would have to agree with Morgan:

"As for LEC vs Custom - don't flip flop, go LEC - it is ABSOLUTELY the correct choice - Realize that LEC and custom are built by the same developers, and with the same products / amount of hours etc ."

I've done numerous customs which is good problem is when bugs start creeping in...sometimes it pays not to be too creative...the good thing with this is you have exclusivity of "one per major city"...


Morgan Carey

Just a heads up this promo is now closed - if you ahve been dealing with myself on this blog, or one of our sales rep, these prices are available to you until the conclusion of those discussions.

Matt Pernice

Are there any active LEC 2012 sites to preview?

Matt Pernice

Moving my site over t a 2012 LEC. Pumped!

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