LEC 2013 is finally here! pre-sale and REW promotion


LEC 2013 is finally here! presale and REW promotion

LEC 2013 mockups now available! (And there are some awesome deals below)

At the end of this month, we will be launching our LEC 2013 (limited edition custom) pre-sale (REW Summit attendees get early access). Mockups are ready to go, the response has been overwhelmingly positive and we have already sold 30 markets prior to even announcing the mockup officially. If you want an LEC 2013 and your are in a popular market - you need to act fast or it will be gone.

Would you like to see it?

You can view a sneak peak right here - awesome, I know right?! :) - LEC 2013 is scheduled to have all markup completed by June 2013 (just a few months away, this is a pre-sale)

Update - REW LEC 2013 is ahead of schedule, we hope to have a working model for testing by the end of the REW Summit this month. I am brining Michael, Phil and Andy from the R & D team to make this happen.

And how about some LEC 2013 highlights?

LEC 2013 is a fully responsive design (adapt to all major devices including iphone, ipad, samsung etc).
The design is "market exclusive - if you buy in your major city, you lock out the competition (you will be the only one to have it).
It comes with the newest (not even released) REW 4.3 backend - (highlights below)
Map search improvements - I am working on a new map search interface for the IDX - LEC 2013 will be the first to showcase this.

Some more highlights?

  • Lender integration - comes with the ability to integrate with your lenders, share marketing expenses and access to leads for a zero base / cost on the platform (Already done!)
  • ISA module (inside sales associate) also knows as the lead coordinator module
  • Mobile lead management - lead assignment and management via the CRM on the go!
  • Mobile IDX - provide your visitors with access any time, anywhere - some really cool tools.
  • Coming soon listings! - Show off your listings before they hit the market / MLS - used as a great listings tool (we all want more listings right?)
  • Agent roster module - Included!
  • Integrated (SEO friendly IDX) - Included!
  • Multi user, built-in blog - Included
  • Quick search, featured listings, featured communities, testimonials, full CMS, full CRM - the list goes on and on - INCLUDED!!!

The bottom line folks - this is the most feature rich, current LEC we have ever produced and it is going to sell fast! Get yours today!

How can I order my new LEC before anyone else? (And get access to the other promotional discounts)

Well, if you are coming to the REW Summit - you can order right now! Some options are

  • Post a comment right here in my blog (I want the LEC!) and we'll get you an invoice (remember it is first come first served and it's actual payment that counts)
  • Email billing@ or sales@ realestatewebmasters.com - "I want to be invoiced for the LEC 2013" (existing customers)
  • Email your favorite sales person: Patrick, Niki, Allison, Courtney, Jeff, or Myself
  • Call in 9-5 Monday to Friday PST - (Toll free) 1-877-753-9893 or 1-250-753-9893 locally.

For those of you not coming to the summit Promotion starts: Friday, March 29th, 2013 -

Again - anyone attending the REW Summit can have access to LEC 2013 AND the promotion below right now!

So what is this promotion all about? Show me the deals!

The promotion offers discounts on all responsive LEC's with the exception of LEC 2013 - (so 2010 through 2012) you can find LEC pricing below. Also during this promotion we have discounts on our new premium templates, our fixed cost products, our IDX's templates and more! Here are the items on sale:

Fixed Price Products:
25% off all modules
60% off IDX

LEC Pricing (all LEC's are now responsive):
2013 $10,000
2012 $7500
2011 $6500
2010 $5000
Plus applicable hosting / MLS fees.

Premium Templates:
$3500 – this will include a FREE Upgrade to responsive design once ready.
Clients must NOT customize their PT prior to the responsive launch or we will not be able to offer them the free upgrade.

Special Template Package Deal:
Template, IDX and Quick search $999 (~70% off retail)

Additional Discounts for Summit clients only
Additional 10% off upgrade modules
All custom labor booked "prior" to promotions end receives a $25 per hour discount from retail labor price (note these discounts must be claimed by actually attending the event)

Some amazing websites are being retired (saying goodbye to LEC 2008 and 2009)

LEC 2008 is probably my favorite LEC of all time. Why? Because it was the very first production LEC I created, and it launched a whole new movement of quality across the entire real estate space. I have seen it work wonders ever since for our customers and I have seen some folks do some great customizations to it and make it their own. Examples http://www.markzproperties.com and http://www.mckinneyhomerebate.com - A testament to this site is the fact they over 5 years later, they are still live and productive. Sadly though, it is time we retired this design. As great as it looks STILL - it does not lend itself well to new technologies and browsers (it can't be made responsive, and does not render / function well on things like ipads designed "after" it was released. Could it last a few more years as a purely PC based site - yes. But for REW, we need to maintain the highest standard, and so I am retiring it. Those of you with LEC 2008 should seriously consider upgrading your sites during this promotion or very soon.

LEC 2009 he very first "pure search LEC" - removed the focus from the old school slideshows, pretty pictures (that sold realtors on buying the site more than it sold users on real estate) - again an instant classic. Again being retired. Examples http://www.nashvillesmls.com and http://www.waterfront-properties.com I am sad to see it go :-(

But progress must be made! Responsive / feature rich / mobile / fast! Those are characteristics of the new "best of breed" real estate website, and of course - as we have done for nearly a decade - RealEstateWebmasters.com is leading the pack.

Rules / terms of this promotion:

*** LEC's are on a first come, first served basis. You must pay in full (unless you have negotiated a payment plan with your sales person) in order to reserve your site.
*** LEC 2013 purchases are non refundable as you are removing our ability to sell during peak season in that market.
*** Labor discounts for summit: must pay regular rate, difference will be applied as a credit on account once attendance at summit has been confirmed.

If you have questions - please let me know below in the comment box (they might not show up right away if you aren't logged into your blog, please only post once, I will approve each day by the end of the day)

Thank you as always for supporting Real Estate Webmasters.


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Morgan Carey

Incidentally - here is this weeks update for availability (these things are hot! I only posted this week)

Calgary AB sold
Edmonton AB sold
Boca Raton FL sold
Atlanta GA sold
Sarasota FL sold
Boise ID sold
Portland OR sold
Austin TX sold
Denver CO Sold

Invoiced (not paid yet, still available):

Manhatten Beach CA
San Diego CA
Washington DC
Chicago IL
Miami FL
Naples FL
Minneapolis MN
Kennewick WA
Milwaukee WI

Are you going to let your market go? Or seize your chance to dominate?

Michael Reilly

The new LEC is REALLY nice looking.

Morgan Carey

Thanks Michael, I am glad you like it :)

National Realty

Hi Morgan, Looking Good!

Re - Multi user, built-in blog - Included

Will there be functionality to assign Google + Links to a users blog?

Ken Jansen

Hi Morgan,

The new preview looks pretty sharp. Adding responsive as standard is great too. I looked at the Naples site (I have a friend there who is an agent) is that the 2012 version? And does invoiced, but not paid mean the area might be up for grabs? I don't know if he has a $10K budget or not, just wondering.

Thank you.

Marc Rasmussen

Love it. Clean, not too busy with tons of content and links. Great job.

jim straughan

Can you provide full service to London Ontario Real Estate market ?

Ryan Ward

I would have jumped on this one if it wasn't already gone and, yes, my LEC (2008) is beginning to feel a little long in the tooth (still love it, but...). I can't believe I missed out on this LEC!!!

What do you think of the new PT's compared to an older LEC like my 2008 from a unique visitor to registration POV?

Trying to figure out an upgrade path here...

jay seville

Are the fixed price discounts only available to Summit attendees or all of us?

Responsive-- probably 1/2 of all RE searching and viewing by buyers is now done on iPads and tablets so that's a big deal.

Daniel Beer

My lec 2013 should have already been paid for. Certain we sent in the cc authorization. Can you just run my card on file if not? Ill check with my assistant too.

Daniel Beer

Morgan I replied already to my invoice to charge my credit card that is on file so I am hoping San Diego is off the market (to me). Thanks and excited to get this site up and going.

Also excited to have the REW Summit in my home town. Looking forward to meeting everybody.

Susan Auch

I'd like to buy his for winnipeg

Morgan Carey

National Realty, the multi user blog allows you to add links to the navigation, yes . So you could link out to your google plus, twitter etc - alternatively, you could put your social icons sitewide by having the html put in the footer (you can do this yourself in the CMS)

Morgan Carey

Ken Jansen, yes invoiced (but not paid) means exactly that - it is not paid for, thus has not been reserved (this was as of Friday, things will likely change on Monday morning like in San Diego's case) - So technically Naples (as of right now) is available.

As for an example of LEC 2012 - I am not sure which site you were referring to in naples, but there is an LEC 2012 there - http://www.enaplesrealestate.com there is also a 2011 http://www.naplescondoboutique.com and a 2010 http://www.naplesguru.com - there are also premium templates in that area example http://www.napleshomes.com

So technically (if Naples guy pays on monday morning) Naples is already sold out for all LEC's so the only thing available is templates, premium templates or custom sites. This is the way it is in many markets - the LEC's are our most popular product, and do sell out quickly due to the market exlusive nature and high end features.

Morgan Carey

Jim Straughan - that will depend on if you have a data feed abailable in your area. I do know CREA has a national feed now, but it is opt in - your brokerage would need to be a participating member in broker reciprocity for that market. We can certainly investigate for you - sales@ please take care of this.

Morgan Carey

Ryan Ward, Atlanta is another market where we sell out immediately unfortunately (all LEC's are gone) - however there are some clear upgrade paths.

Example - go with a premium template (fully responsive) and use that as a framework (instead of going fully custom which is the higher cost, longer timeframe route) - once you have the premium template, you can order "per hour" customizations on anything you need to make it different in your market and of course, those customizations will help your conversions be comparable to an LEC if you make the right choices.

Morgan Carey

Jay Seville - the full promotion is available to everyone, (begins end of March) and the LEC 2013 is available now to ALL customers (because it's not discounted) - so you could buy an LEC 2013 today even if you weren't going to the summit.

Other items however are available to REW Summit attendees "first" (today) and the rest of folks need to wait until the full promo at the end of this month. I'm sure for long term customers some exceptions can be made - but the idea is, we want to reward summit attendees with "first in line" in the queue.

Morgan Carey

Daniel Beer - not sure why you're still on that list then, apologies, if you've already paid, you're all good.

I too am looking forward to an amazing summit in San Diego - will be a lot of fun!

Morgan Carey

Susan - are you an existing REW customer? If so, I'd be haping to send your paperwork first thing Monday morning. If not, can you email me morgan @ realestatewebmasters.com with your full customer details:
First / last name
phyiscal address (must match CC billing address if paying by CC)


Daniel Beer

Morgan - please make sure they ran my card. I am fairly sure my assistnat sent it in on Friday but just in case she didn't I also sent an email to billing saying "charge my card of file." Thanks!

Morgan Carey

I'll make sure of it Daniel - thanks.

Ryan Ward


Is there a place where I can see what is included with the premium templates? Which backend, modules, demographics, etc...and what will carry over if anything.

I will need to see what it comes with and go through some of my customizations before making any decisions. I'm leaning towards pt2, but I need to see what needs to be added to make it happen.

Ashley McDonald

Morgan- If you will please send me the same info that Ryan Ward requested on the PT2, I'd appreciate it. I'm considering adding a PT for a local suburb. Thanks!

Morgan Carey

Hello Ryan (and Ashley),

Premium template #2 includes the following:
Quick search, featured listings, integrated IDX, REW Blog, Control panel, Google directions, featured areas callouts, mobile IDX, mobile IDX callout, agent roster, and of course the full software suite (CMS / CRM)

Worthy of note however Ryan especially - any "fixed cost modules" that are not included in PT 2 - will automatically get transferred over to your new site if you are upgrading from an old one that had those modules.

For intance if you have already paid the setup for "Get Local" you don't need to pay it again, the team will move it over for you no charge.

Anything you have done "custom" does need billable hours to be moved over.

Any other questions on premium templates? I think they would make a great choice.

Ryan Ward

Thanks Morgan - I think it makes a great choice as well. Some of the module compatability and carryover does make a difference. So, listing sitemap is a carrover, birdseye and streetview and get local carryover, but something like similar listings and the branding on the details pages for my lender, additions to the advanced search and any other SEO type changes I made to details pages would need to be reordered, but not implemented until after the site was modified to responsive.

Is that about right?

Morgan Carey

You hit the nail on the head Ryan! Anything that was "fixed cost" (as in it's on our upgrades menu) if you paid already, it's a free carry over (Streetview, birdseye, get local etc) - but anything you had to pay "custom hours" for needs to be redone because these sites are completely different, so you can't simply "move over" custom work like that - it needs to be changed to fit the new framework / design.

Ashley McDonald

Morgan - (remaining on the PT topic) - So I am understanding that items from the standard upgrades list, such as listing sitemap, streetview, etc.. could be ordered from the beginning prior to the modification for responsive design. Correct? I think I'm kinda asking the same question as Ryan, just from the other angle... just wanted to verify. Thanks!

jay seville

@Ryan, too funny your site is older than mine! It's like the $1,000,000 homes that still have 70s interior design inside.

Can I see a premium template?

Does my backend --- custom work orders for years for lead management carry over fine? Or do I pay $1000s for it all over again?

I want to add 2 more IDXs but the map says I can't use my website in those areas. Future tip-- have exclusivity limited to 2 or 3 years. With all the evolution it's enough and reasonable. I don't think somebody with a 2009 LEC gives a darn if somebody else uses the same template in their market. I know I don't.

jay seville

Oh I'm 2008

Brian Tresidder

Looks great! Is there a 4.3 backend demo we can log into yet to check out?

Morgan Carey

Ashey, yes you can order (if you don't have it already) anything from our fixed cost menu for a premium template. AND if you already have those items (on an existing template) and you upgrate that site to a premium template, those "fixed cost" upgrades get transferred free of charge.

Russell Volk

Hey Morgan,

I wish I could make it to San Diego, but perhaps next year will be a little easier.

Do you provide any discount for custom hours? I'm thinking of making some changes to my new LEC and was wondering if there's any discount.

Russell Volk

Hey Morgan,

I posted a comment yesterday and checked this morning and it was gone. Not sure why it was deleted.

I was wondering if there's any discount on custom hours, for those who can't attend the summit. I was thinking of making some custom changes to my new LEC and that discount would be helpful.

Morgan Carey

Hey Russel, comment wasn't gone - it was just in a queue (because you weren't logged in). Unfortunately (for now) we cannot sell any custom hours on this promo (other than to REW Summit attendees) - why? We are already SUPER swamped in the custom department, and there are over 100 people coming to the summit - once all summit people have ordered hours, we will be more than at our limit.

Perhaps you might take this chance to take advantage of items that "are" on the promo - such as discounted fixed cost items etc?

Russell Volk

Thanks for letting me know Morgan. I'll be on a lookout for other promotions (hopefully in the near future) and then take advantage.

BTW, the new LEC 2013 looks awesome!

Morgan Carey

The next promotion is in July (after we have installed all the LEC 2013's have been purchased on 4.3). However I can't guarantee that hours will be available on that promo either - Why? It all depends on if there is any excess (or overtime) available at that time. REW has blown up (growing bigtime) and our queue seems to be completely sold out all the time (at retail) so it's hard to offer a discount on hours.

We are actively hiring (hoping to go to 80 developers and support staff by the end of this year) < we're around 60 right now. So hopefully some time in the future a discount on labor might be an option again.

Hope to see you soon


Spoken Gently

Hi Morgan,

I jumped over here because I was in the forum posting a new thread about a server issue. Btw, rarely do we have server issues, so kudos to REW for keeping things up and running for us.

On Friday I (we) sent an email to Niki (and Holly also) committing to the LEC 2013 market. I knew we had until the end of the month to make the decision, but did not factor in Good Friday as not being a work day (real estate agents do not get days off!).

We love our current site (I think it is a 2008) and we are in the process of upgrading the backend and making it responsive as well. We plan on keeping it and purchasing the LEC 2013 in addition to our current site.

Morgan, you and REW have helped us get two kids through college, and we have three to go. Given my youngest is in 1st grade, I'm hoping you do not plan on retiring anytime in the next 15 years. [grins]

Morgan Carey

Hello Joe and Colleen - great to hear REW is helping you with your life goals (and you are helping put my kids through college as well, so thank you!) - Sorry about the server issues you experienced - REW is growing as such, we are at the end of a lifecycle for our current server model and in a transition to cloud which will give us the ability to re-allocate resouces on the fly - so such issues should never happen again. When you ask? They are building the hardware as we speak - and the first items to go to the cloud will be IDX databases which will relieve the load issues on the current boxes and make your IDX's MUCH more reliable and faster as well. Should be completed by Q 3 at the latest and then we can move over sites as well.

LEC 2013 - If you have sent in your payment and it's just a case of waiting to have it processed, don't worry - you won't miss it (it is first come first served) when it comes to payments. I assume you have been invoiced already?

Anyone else in "pending" (meaning you have been invoiced but not paid) - there are now around 30 LEC's gone - your market is considered open until payment is received and I would hate to see you loose your site to someone else (has happened several times in the past) so please make sure you get your payment in on Monday or you do risk loosing the LEC to a competitor.

I hope you are all enjoying your easter weekend, I know I am (just finished 2 days of golf in Phoenix now heading home to see my kids) - enjoy the promo and have a safe and happy holiday

Eddy Kicker

With the new server model, will that mean there will be no need for the Premium Server/additional expense?

Morgan Carey

Hello Eddy, this blog is about the promo - but I will address your question quickly.
The "cloud model" is very different than our current model in that it is a "resources based model" - thus pricing will be different.

Those sites with low to moderate needs and traffic will still likely be around $99 per month inlcuding IDX - however sites that have greater needs for resources (CPU, RAM, Bandwidth etc) will need more resources allocated to them - we will be charging for these resources as we are billed for them ourselves.

The pricing is not set yet, but for simplicity it will likely look something like:
Low resources: $99
Medium to high $199
Dedicated server (includes unique IP and your own full suite of resources) $499

At each tier you "might" be able to buy just the resources you need (say a gig of ram for $20 or something) but again, I can't really say for sure because we are not finalizing pricing for quite some time.

more importantly I don't want to hijack this thread (no more questions on cloud please as it doesn't exist yet) - when I know more, I will write up a full blog post on it and you will be welcome to ask as many questions as you like

Morgan Carey

LEC 2013 market update I have 28 markets ordered including 4 FROR's - those FROR are going to be cancelled today (which means those markets are now available) - the 4 new markets available are Chicago, Minneapolis, Kennewick and Milwaukee

Dallas and Fort Worth (separate areas) were also ordered but don't look like are going through - I know those are popular markets, so anyone who wants them - today would be the day.

Areas already gone (for sure) Calgary, Edmonton, Nanaimo, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Boulder, Denver, Washington, Boca Raton, Naples, Sarasota, Atlanta, Columbus, Boise, Worcester, Wilmington, OMaha, Portland, Nashville, Austin

If you want to grab your market - you need to do it ASAP as popular markets really do go fast.

Those invoiced but not paid - please get your payments in ASAP as your markets are still for sale until paid.

Thanks all

Spoken Gently

We are now invoiced and paid for our market Morgan.

Curious if the ability to display idx snippets in the included LEC REW blogs is a possibility. If not, sure would be nice to blog about a city’s event, then include properties that are available in that city or subdivision.

Just a thought (and request). :)

Morgan Carey

I think you can use snippets in blogs, would have to check, but I think you can.

Morgan Carey

Just sent out a blast email to let everyone know - due to some incoming staff (which will help reduce our queue) and more importantly because it's REW's 9th Birthday Today! I have released 500 hours of custom time for each department at a discount of $25 off each labor hour with a purchase of 10 hours or more.

I wish we had more to spare, but we are really that busy - so it is on a first come, first served basis.

Oh and btw, for those premium template users waiting for the premium template to be responsive, it is already available! So you can now order customizations, so by all means feel free to partake in the discounted hours :)

Any questions, let me know here in the comments section

Spoken Gently

Thanks Morgan. Can we purchase 10 hours of labor and place the labor on the 'books?' If so, please have Holly send us an invoice. I know we will need labor when the LEC 2013 is released.


I would like 12 hours please.

Morgan Carey

Joe Lane and Carlos, your requests for invoices have been sent - billing will address them after 9 AM PST today. Thank you very much for your orders.

Morgan Carey

Update, the 500 hours at $100 for programming are now spoken for, thank you everyone for your interest.

David Pannell

I'll do FTW if it available?

David Pannell

I want the I want the LEC! for Fort Worth Texas!!!

Morgan Carey

David, I sent in your invoice - thank you for your order (yes Fort Worth was available)

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