LEC 2015 is here! Inspired by REW's best performing fully custom website.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - while that may be true, in the world of custom websites (especially at REW) when we design a complete custom solution - we protect its unique design against any form of copying - it's just one of the many ways we stand out compared to other firms. Could we copy our custom designs? (of course we could, we own them) but we never do because we know our customers are paying top dollar to have us make something truly unique - and we want to make sure it stays that way. After all - we have a reputation to maintain.

That doesn't stop people from trying

One of the most common things we see at REW from potential customers wanting to save a few $ on their development is asking us to simply lift all or part of another design. 

"Can't you just head over to www.firstteam.com and copy the code? Wouldn't that be faster?" 

"I don't want to re-invent the wheel, let's just go with the www.sutton.com design, they won't mind" 

And of course, the most requested website of all - "I LOVE http://www.realtyaustin.com - can't I just have one of those?" 

While from an outsider's perspective and as professional negotiators, I understand why a Realtor might ask this - but of course the answer is always the same: "They paid for a custom design, and we will not copy their site - if you want a custom design, we will work with you to create something just as special (within reason of your budget) and it will be 100% unique to you."

Of course then the topic of budget comes up - (remember they have been looking at some of our biggest / best sites) "How much does something like that cost to do from scratch?" - Well..... the site you're looking at through all its iterations - 100k? 150? 200k? << It's not that all custom sites cost this, many are in the 25-50k range, it's just folks of course naturally gravitate to the mega projects hoping that it might be in their realm. But that is like not only wanting a Ferrari for a Ford Taurus price, it's like wanting a Ferrari that has been completely stripped and rebuilt with Wolverine's adamantium for extra strength and speed while being powered by nitrotrinadium for extra kick.

Enter the LEC concept

It is precisely this situation that caused me to innovate the "LEC" (Limited Edition Custom) concept. What we do with the LEC is we take a fully custom budget (hundreds of design and programming hours) and our absolute, very best team, R & D (research and development which is my team) and we create a website design for that year that truly embodies not only all the most bleeding edge development techniques and most current design trends, it also inherits the knowledge of conversion & optimization that we have accumulated to that point. Basically it is the BEST team we have building the best website we can and packaging it into a platform that can be distributed 1 per market area (major city) so that the purchaser can market their business in that city without having to compete against another user of that same website. In essence in YOUR market, you just bought a Ferrari and you're the only one that can have that model + year. 

But wouldn't it be cool if we could COMBINE our amazing R & D talents WITH a completely current and completely proven custom website design in order to have the best of both worlds? 

Enter LEC 2015! 

As I mentioned above, www.realtyaustin.com is the most inquired upon custom website we have. And why wouldn't it be? The Boatwrights are a very special team that invest literally hundreds of thousands of dollars into their REW tech and design; not just once, but every single year. They are forward thinking, believe in letting designers do what designers do, thus achieving amazing and beautiful results, they constantly invest in SEO, WPO, and continue to push the envelope.

The results since joining REW? (Super quick view)

$1.65 Billion in sales last year (2014)

$2 Billion in sales projected for 2015

Growth from 50 agents to 300

Approx $1,000,000 USD invested in combined REW technology, design & services + PPC budget achieving $33,000,000 GCI over 5 years (this does not count 2015 and is ONLY GCI tracked directly from web leads only)

Over 50,000 leads JUST LAST YEAR!

Not to mention the millions of visitors, tens of millions page views, great rankings and more achieved through this great partnership.

During this time, Jonathan Boatwright and my team have gotten to know each other quite well, we've realized how well we work together, and the astounding results we can achieve together. We often meet up privately during events / conferences to discuss projects / tech / marketing - and it was at one of these conferences in Las Vegas (Leading RE I believe) that we were discussing our next update / revamp of www.realtyaustin.com - I had some great ideas for the LEC 2015 and I had mentioned them, and I also had some great ideas for our update to Realty Austin - I don't remember who said it, but somehow the concept of "combining" the work we were doing for Realty Austin, and the work I was doing on LEC 2015 together into one project - EUREKA! 

Combining the LEC concept with the ability to leverage a completely proven and beloved design framework that had produced nearly 2 Billion dollars in the last 12 months AND having Jonathan allow us to test it ON www.realtyaustin.com for performance on one of our highest trafficked sites? You can bet I did not need much arm twisting.

Of course because this is going on www.realtyaustin.com we just HAD to make sure it was perfect for realtyaustin.com as well - so we have spent a lot of time with Jonathan spec'ing, developing, planning for this transition - Jonathan even flew out to REW HQ to spend time face to face with our entire development team to discuss / share ideas and ensure this design would do exactly what it is meant to do - once again take his marketing / lead gen / conversions to the next level. 

And we're almost done! 

In just a few more weeks, I will have a "design" completed that will be ported over to www.realtyaustin.com and tested as the new LEC 2015. I have posted some screenshots below:

We've leaked a few screenshots already of this website and have sold out the exclusive over 30 markets already (you can see if your market is taken by going to our LEC Map and unselecting all LEC's except 2015) 

A few notes: 

LEC refers to "design" (the way it looks and the source code that makes it look that way) - it does NOT include any of Jonathan's content. 

LEC does not refer to "backend" work done at RealtyAustin.com 

LEC does not mean custom applications - they have a custom IOS app, and many on domain custom features, expanded IDX data sets, custom drive time applications etc - these things are things that take hundreds of hours in themselves and are not part of a stock design.

All new market exclusive LEC designs are $10,000 USD + monthly SAAS fees ($199-$499 depending on program)

I also have a dev location up at http://2015.rewlec.com - where you can view the live site and it's progress, but please note it is NOT finished (some things may be broken at times, or a few pages might look incomplete - as I mentioned it is a work in progress) - but this will give you a sense of where we're going with this new LEC :) 

LEC's are reserved by "payment only" - so you must request AND pay an invoice in order to confirm your order. We have many sales reps all with excited customers, this is the only fair way we can address the situation of multiple requests at the same time. 

If you have questions or would like to place an order - please post in the comments below: 



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