LEC 6 Launch and brand new CRM Platform now available


First of all, for the more than 30 people who have already pre-purchased LEC 6 and have been waiting so patiently, thank you so much! We are now ready to start installing your development locations

Some of the features of LEC 6

  • Mobile IDX, 4.0 CRM Platform, Integrated (seo spiderable) IDX, Multi User Blog, Quick search, Featured Listings, Testimonials Module, Agent Roster, Featured Neighborhoods module, Blog RSS reader, Featured areas callout, 4.0 Control Panel, Google map search / directions module

Next - the REW 4.0 platform, which includes the new CRM product, is ready for launch! We've been building this new system since Sept 2010, and we feel like we've achieved something truly special that should provide an immediate positive impact on our Realtor customers' workflow and lead conversion.

Once again, a HUGE THANK YOU to all of our customers who joined us for two summits (Vancouver Island and Las Vegas) as well as on the forums, blogs, phone conferences and emails providing suggestions and feedback that have helped make this product amazing.

So let's get on to the promotion shall we?

Here's the deal (LEC and 4.0 upgrades):

LEC 6 (and all other LEC versions) is now fully loaded on the new 4.0 platform and is available for purchase. If you purchase during this promotion, you get 25% off the retail LEC price.

Existing customers wanting their sites re-created on the 4.0 platform: Any customer wishing to upgrade their existing site to 4.0 can request an estimate in either of the following locations: here on the blog (please provide URL's), in the work orders forums, by emailing sales@ realestatewebmasters.com or by contacting your favourite sales rep by phone or email.

The way we price upgrades: We estimate your labour, and then provide you with a 40% discount on the labour. So if your final project hours are 10, for instance, you are billed for only 6. Please note, there is currently no additional cost to your hosting / SAAS bills; 4.0 is the same price as the previous versions of our product.

How about some more deals?

  • New custom work: Get a discount on custom labour (design, programming, copywriting) - $25 off the retail price
  • Products: All "fixed cost products" are 25% off retail price
  • Custom IDX (built in, SEO friendly): 50% off retail price
  • 4.0 templates: 50% off setup if no IDX purchased, 100% off (no setup fees!) if IDX is purchased on a new template

How about a free mobile IDX platform?

All 4.0 orders during this promotion will receive use of our brand new mobile IDX platform for free for 1 year. **Requires approval from your MLS board for use - most boards should not be an issue.

How to order:

  • Post right here in the comments section of my blog (below) *note there is a moderation queue, so your post might not show up right away if not logged in.
  • Call your sales person at 250-753-9893 or, if you are a new customer, just ask for the sales dept
  • Email sales@ realestatewebmasters.com or your sales person
  • Existing customers requesting estimates for upgrades may also post in our work orders forum
  • **Some conditions apply**

I will also be writing a rather long post this week detailing the new features and benefits of the 4.0 CRM and LEC 6 - there are simply too many features to list here on the promo post without taking it over completely. However, if you have any questions at all about either product, by all means ask in the comments section below.


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Justin Havre

1st........Let's get the ball rolling.

Justin Havre

Also get me a quote to convert www.CalgaryRealEstateBroker.com and Dev14 to 4.0

Morgan Carey

You are one of the first in line for dev installs my friend - should be this week (just getting LEC 6 into the installer) - I have sent off your estimate requests for upgrades as well - thanks again for your order!

Morgan Carey

I have a bunch of emails regarding installation from those that have already purchased - here is the update:

We are currently putting some finishing touches on a few backend modules and prepping our intaller / doing some test installs. It is our intention to start intalling customer devs this week for LEC 6, and most definitely next week at the latest.

The top 10 areas (first 10 in the queue) - are Sarasota, Calgary, Alexandria, Dallas, Richland, Tampa, Park City, Austin, Pensacola and Wilmington - these will be the first installs.

If you are not on this list, don't fret, once we are in the installer, the process to get your dev installed (especially if we already have your feed) is not to difficult.

Those of you upgrading from previous REW sites (where we have to import / process conent and leads) - the install is only the first step, the next is to activate your custom programming project to handle the transition.

Those who are new LEC / REW users - once installed you can go live right away if you like - just add / modify content and away you go. Thanks again everyone.

Morgan Carey

I know I'll be asked, so the rest of the queue looks like this:

Boca Raton, Ulster, Mission Viejo, Minneapolis, Fort Worth, Atlanta, Louisville, Lexington, Rochester Hills, Phoenix, Ft Myers, Naples, Nashville, Houston, Walnut Creek, Boston, Hilton Head, Anchorage, Wasilla, Bethesda, Rehoboth Beach, Denver

(In that order)


Would like an estimate to convert www.louisvillerealestate.com - thanks.

Morgan Carey

Scott and Cindy, your requests for estimates have been submitted. You should get some numbers for approval shortly.


Kenneth Cox

I just spoke with Carrie and she filled me in on current promo (btw she is an excellent REW rep and responded within minutes of inquiry) would like estimate on upgrading to 4.0 and adding XML/IDX sitemap to site at www.dfwurbanrealty.com Is there example on 4.0 template/backend I can view?

Paul Caparas

Hi Morgan, I don't have a sales rep but I would like to upgrade my IDX to paulcaparas.com and I think I need a new template to do that. Can I please get a quote.

Eddy Kicker

Morgan, I would like to get a quote to upgrade to 4.0 for www.eddykicker.com


Dont do Houston, I am not ready to pay for hosting or the idx feed at this time. I will start working on it in the winter

BTW i could leave a comment in Firefox, it kept deleteing my comment


Hey Morgan,

I'd like to get the upgrade to the REW 4.0 backend CRM for www.liveurbandenver.com. Looks like Denver is reserved already for LEC 6, what are my other options to get the new backend?


Paul, Kenneth, Eddy and John,

Your requests to for estimates have been submitted. You will get some numbers for approval shortly. We'll email you from sales@.

If you need a link to the demo site please email sales@ realestatewebmasters dot com with the request. I've sent you the link Kenneth.

Morgan Carey

John, you do not have to buy LEC 6 to get the new backend, you can get it on your own site. All you need to do is email sales@ realestatewebmasters.com with a request for estimate and "include" your list of customizations that you want kept in the new backend (it's a fresh install so nothing custom moves over unless you instruct us to do so) - whatever number they give you as an estimate, you get a 40% discount on.



Hi can I get an estimate for the following:

1.) Update my LEC2 backend to the new 4.0 platform.
2.) Add the mobile platform to LEC2.
3.) Add Streetview to LEC2, LEC5 and both LEC6's.


Morgan Carey


1: Estimate request sent
2: IF you upgrade to 4.0 mobile is free for the year (might be free forever, who knows)

3: $500 x 4 x .75 (there is a 25% discount)


By chance with my new dallas County site is the Moble free also? If so how do i access it.



How much is the standard LEC 6 site before any upgrades?

Brian Burke

I would like a quote for www.kennarealestate.com for the backend 4.0 and the entire site upgrade.

Mr. Hagan

Hello Mr. Carey,

I would love a quote on updating my LEC2 backend to the new 4.0 platform.


jay seville

NOt sure if this posted or not so repost:

What are features of 4.0 crm????? demo???? I have made thousands $$$$ of work orders to my backend so I'm thinking I may already have some of its features????

And quote for custom site upgrade per my email last week to you and Aaron?

And demo of mobile IDX???

Louis Belote

Can I get a quote to upgrade my LEC2 to 4.0, please??

Matt Crofcheck

Definitely curious about upgrading to 4.0 for our LEC 5 www.MDCRealty.com

Would like an estimate - also looking forward to reading about what to expect in the upgrade!

Gary Ashton

Hey Morgan,

Just making sure my LEC has the IDX search

G :)

Rob Biggs

I am considering a new custom site, based on the promotion. I am interested in getting a quote for OkeechobeeRealEstate.com, and possibly a seperate one for BuyHomeTeam.com (or potentially selling this doman for the right price)


Ted Guarnero

Good evening Morgan

Please add me for a quote for the new 4.0 backend for seechicagorealestate.com




Hi Morgan,

Would like to get a Quote to move our current LEC5 site to the new LEC6.

Also like to get a quote to just upgrade our current site to the 4.0 platform.



John Mayberry

Very excited to hear about the mobile idx Morgan, GREAT job! Also can I get an estimate on converting www.CalgaryHomeBoys.com to the 4.0 Please & Thank you!

Linda Tracy-Ryburn

Would like an estimate to convert www.ryburngroup.com to the 4.0..Please...


I'd like to talk to someone about the available upgrade and receive a quote. Thank you.

Von Sutten

Everything faxed per request yesterday. Ready to build. What is next step? Payment has been made.


Justin Kiliszek


1.Please let me know if the Mobile IDX is available for GSMLS.

2.I need a quote on CRM 4.0 (need to know the upgrades there).

3. Converting current LEC2 to LEC6

4. Standalone price for LEC6 with discount

Russ Woods

Hi Morgan,

We are interested in gettting a quote for the 4.0 backend.




Ryan, Brian, Mr. Hagan, Louis Belote, Matt Crofcheck, Ted, Keith, John

Your requests for a new 4.0 website have been submitted for estimation You will get some numbers for approval shortly. We'll email you from sales@.

@Jay, I've emailed you a link to the demo.

Thank you,

Dylan Darling

Would like to see a demo of the 4.0. Can you search by map for snippets and custom saved searches? Please get me a quote as well.



Preston Guyton

I would like a quote on 4.0 for prestonguyton.com

I would also like a quote on converting from LEC 2 to LEC 6.


A few questions:

1. How much does it cost (hours) to transfer/process content from my existing site to the new LEC6?

2. Can I get an estimate on upgrading my current site (http://www.realsourcebrokers.com) to the new 4.0 platform.

3. What would it cost (hours) to color match my current site with the new lec6?

4. Is now a good time to start a custom work estimate for some minor tweaks and upgrades in preparation for launching my LEC6?

Jason Lapene

Please quote DwellAtlanta.com and NOLARealty.com for the 4.0 conversion.

daren gull

would like to get a lec 6 out here. Can I get a quote?


drool is dripping down my chin...

Justin Kiliszek


1.I'd like to upgrade to the Mobile IDX

2.Whats price for CRM 4.0 and what are the upgrades?

3.Whats the price to convert my LEC2 to LEC 6?

Joshua Keen

A few quick questions:

1. What is the estimate for importing / processing content and leads from my old site?

2. Is it possible to take a current color scheme and make modifications to match the colors of my current site (realsourcebrokers.com)

3. Is now a good time to make a few custom work order requests to tweak the LEC6 before launching ?


Quote me.


@Joshua: I've replied to your post on the forum

@Brad. What would you like an estimate for?

@John: I've emailed you a link to the demo.

@Justin K - Your request has been submitted for estimate. Sales will send you some numbers shortly.

Morgan Carey

Aaron, I have already taken care of Brad - thanks :)


Hey Holly,

Would you be kind enough to bill me for 5 hrs custom design at the special rate?

Thanks! Jonathan


Hi Jonathan, I've sent an email to Billing to invoice you for 5hrs


I would like to purchase 10 hours and get a quote for mobile idx.



Hi Kevin,

I've sent in a request to billing. For the Mobile IDX - It's currently only available to customers running 4.0 ... Would you like me to get a 4.0 upgrade estiamte for you?


Need a quote to upgrade my Mobile MLS to your latest and greatest. Can this work with CRM 2.5? Also need 10 more what not hours.


greg haraksin

3 hours please

New custom work: Get a discount on custom labour (design, programming, copywriting) - $25 off the retail price


I'd like 5 hours of design / programming time

Russ Woods

Hi guys,

Please quote us over here for the backend 4.0. Thanks!


Morgan Carey

Hello Russ,

I have sent your request to the estimates team - we should hear back via email shortly. Cheers

Gloria Singer

Is this promotion still available/ I ordered the 4.0 upgrade but may want a few additional items. Please let me know!

Morgan Carey

Yes this promotion is definitely still available :)

Gloria Singer

OK I will send a request to sales tomorrow, thank you.

Mike Foate

Hi Morgan,

Where can I find pricing on the Lecs and what the 4.0 platform details are?

Does lec 6 come with the custom idx? If not what is the pricing on the idx?

Happy trails, Mike

Morgan Carey

Hello Mike,

All LECs retail at $10,000 USD setup, plus hosting of $79.95 per month (paid yearly) there is a $2500 discount on LEc's during this promotion.

Do LEC's come with custom IDX? Absolutely - our latest and greatest IDX platform is included in the LECs as well as many other bells and whistles - I will track down the feature list for you on 4.0 or I can also email you a demo login if you can send me a request via email


Kevin OBrien

Hey Morgan,

Can I get a quote to upgrade www.redskyrealty.com to 4.0? Is there somewhere to view the features of the new 4.0?

Morgan Carey

Hello Kevin, I have sent off the request to sales for an estimate, they will get back shortly. Cheers and yes, send me an email and I can send you a demo backend to check out :)

Kevin OBrien

Thanks Morgan. Looking forward to it.

Colorado Home Finder


Please put us down for 5 hours of custom labour. Thanks.

$100/hr for all custom labour (usually $125/hr)

Jesse Grumdahl

Please shoot me a quote for the new 4.0 backend for www.mnrealestatesearch.com.

Kevin OBrien

2 questions...

Is the promotional pricing still available?

Is it available for new sites or only upgrades?

Bryan Guentner

Hi Morgan, Can I get a quote on upgrading waterfrontlifestyle.com and www.searchsarasotaforeclosures.com to 4.0 please? Thanks

Preston Guyton

Is the LEC 6 still available in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Morgan Carey

Looks like I missed approving a few comments.

Jesse and Bryan your requests for estimates have been sent to the sales team and they will get you over estimates shortly.

Preston, LEC 6 has been sold in Myrtle Beach, sorry. :(

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