LEC 6 - new design, features and colors


As promised here is my post providing additional information on LEC 6, if you have questions, by all means let me know

Buy, Sell, Explore: designed to be simple

The idea for LEC 6 was to make the most important information quickly accessible while providing an exteremely customizable experience for our customers. As you will see on http://6.rewlec.com the main navigation elements are limited to what we have identified as the three most important main categories a visitor to a Realtor or Brokers website - Buy, Sell & Explore

Buy feature: This tab (which is also the default feature) was created to provide access to available inventory. It contains both the quick search and main featured listings element. As many (if not most) of our customers and prospects know, visitors driven by search engines (organic or pay per click) are predominantly done so with keywords related to buying examples: "area real estate", "area homes for sale", "area mls search" and it is for this reason that the buy tab is the default and most dominant feature.

Sell feature: The rest of the traffic available from search engines will most likely be seller traffic (those looking for someone to sell their home for them). Also for those customers who engage in offline marketing (post cards, tv commercials, and other local branding efforts) to drive traffic to their website - many times those campaigns are geared towards sellers. The sell tab presents both a CMS (home valuation) call to action / form and an area for featuring agents (if you are a one person operation, then you are simply always featured). For brokerages, the featured agent spot is a fair and random selection from any agent in the roster with the "feature agent" checkbox ticked in the backend. There is also a call to action for the agent roster itself to "Browse All Agents".

Explore feature: The final main tab in our featured area is the "Explore" tab. This provides the website owner to provide access to and feature information on the most important communities in their target market. On the left, you will find a search engine spiderable list of the top 10 communities as set by the customer in the backend. On the right you will find a new feature, the random community spotlight. This feature is designed to combine high end photography from your local communities with unique & compelling content AND it ties into the IDX so that it can generate community statistics on the fly (and yes they are updated daily).

Customizable spotlights - a new level of customization

Heading back to view the LEC 6, you can see a secondary feature bar that contains 3 separate spotlight boxes. In the demo you will likely see "featured listing", "Featured Community", and "What our clients are saying" (testimonials). There are in fact eight spotlight boxes to choose from and once I describe each one, I will then explain what is likely one of the coolest features of LEC 6, and the one I am most proud of.

The eight "additional feature" boxes are:

Featured listing: Provides a random featured listing from those listings selected as featured listings in the backend.

Featured neighborhood: Pulls the heading, writeup, picture and link from your featured neighborhoods.

Featured agent: Selects from your featured agents (photo, name, link to agent page)

Most Recent Blog Entry: Heading, the first few lines of text and a read & view all set up links.

Testimonials: Pulls from the featured testimonials module a random testimonial, with name, testimonial and link to more

Custom (1-3): Create your own custom feature box via a wysiwyg editor or html input box. This will allow those with the core competency to do so, the flexibility to create their own custom calls to action (insert graphics, links, text etc) **Note this feature is currently being tested and will be entered into your LEC 6 shortly.

So how does it work?

In the backend we have created a controller for these boxes that allows you to select which of the eight spotlights you would like to populate in each of the 3 spotlight boxes. You will see in the screenshots below I have selected Featured Listings for Spotlight #1 Featured Neighborhood for Spotlight #2 and Most Reent Blog Entry for Spotlight #3 - you will see in the subsequent screenshot the result on the front end (the website) of these selections.

Spotlight backend:

Result one website:


You can create any combination of boxes that you like from the 8 available.

You could have:

  • 3 featured listings
  • 3 featured agents
  • 3 featured neighborhoods
  • 2 featured listings and 1 custom box
  • 2 custom boxes and one testimonial

The possibilities are endless! The combination of these two main featured elements described above make a case for LEC 6 being the most customizable of any Real Estate Webmasters website to date. Of course if you don't have the time or inclination to tinker - leave the defaults as they are and take yourself live, it will perform amazingly no matter what your configuration.

Products included in the LEC 6

  • NEW 4.0 REW CRM / CMS platform
  • NEW Mobile / IPAD IDX platform (free for a minimum 1 year)
  • Built in (search engine spiderable) REW IDX (our newest IDX)
  • NEW 4.0 control panel
  • Quick Search
  • Featured Listings
  • Featured Agents
  • Agent Roster
  • Featured Communities Module
  • Testimonials Module
  • Google Mapping + Directions
  • Featured Areas Callout
  • Multi User Blog


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I recall a discussion in Las Vegas about a directory for the LEC6. Is that coming, possibly as an add on product?

Morgan Carey

The directory is a new product yes, however it is not included in LEC 6, it's available for 4.0 customers though (I can't recall the price on it)


quick question:

are there any "fixed cost products" not standard with LEC6? If so, which ones? I'd like to consider getting them at the discounted rate.


Re: community page. I saw the community page here:http://comps.rewdev.com/lec6/jun_20/lec6-community.png

It's very attractive, maybe more so then the one on 6.rewlec dot com. Any reason for the difference?

Morgan Carey

Artur, nothing in the comps folder should ever be used to reference final product - that folder is my personal design folder of tests / ideas etc - the final product is already completed and 6.rewlec.com should be used as the reference.


Hi Artur, note that the demo DOES include that style you referenced - you have to click on the "Explore Community" button from within the "brief" that you see when you first click on the "Explore" tab.


I was just curious about the thought process: the evolution of it.

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