LEC's are not menus - you can't order pieces of them


Hey guys, a real quick one.

I have now designed two LEC's (Limited Edition Customs) and I keep getting emails, or seeing forum posts in the work orders etc to the effect of

"I love this feature of the LEC and I would like to order it for my template or custom site"

I am sorry guys but these are "limited" edition "customs" - they are to be treated like any other custom site, you cannot just copy mine or my team's ideas / design and get a discount because "it's already done" - That is not the way it works - Just like when a true custom customer orders a unique feature, we will not copy any custom feature or element that we build into the LEC's so please do NOT ask for something that is included in an LEC because you can't have it.

If you want to order an LEC, great! LEC 1 is $8000 LEC 2 is $10,000 then you can use "all" of the functionality.

If you want something completely custom like I have for my LEC's you are going to need to step up to the plate and hire us for a full custom development.

The level of complexity in LEC 1 (but unique to your site) in terms of your costs per hour will easily cost you $20,000 USD

The level of complexity in LEC 2 (but unique to your site) in terms of your costs per hour will easily cost you $40,000 USD

So just so we are clear "pieces of our LEC's are NOT for sale" they aren't modules, they aren't plugins etc they are custom elements "unique" to that design and I don't want to see customers attempting to order a bunch of LEC knockoffs which dilute the quality / uniqueness of my product.

Sorry about my little rant, but it's important to me.


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Jason Lapene


Do you have a link for a LEC2?

Morgan Carey

Sure - dev190.rewtemplates.com - IDX details pages and a few other small items are yet to be complete, but basically that is what is available for LEC 2

Jason Lapene

OK-I like how the homes appear side by side on the IDX search and as I am typing I am realizing you can choose to go to a classic view. Can a REW customer select the colors they want or is the get it how you see it? Also, only 1 per area is allowed to be purchased?

Morgan Carey

LEC's are only available (Out of the box) in one color scheme (Just like a custom site) - however, you can certainly order different color options after the fact - it's about 5 hours of mockup time (Per mockup) and once you have decided on a color scheme another 5 hours or so to implement it.


I am interested in having a custom site done by you but want to take advantage of the promotion. Can it work that way or is the offer only for template sites? I don't understand the LECs that you discuss in your blog. How can I get more information?


I am interested in having a custom site built assuming your promotion can apply to customization. I don't really understand your LEC's from reading the blog. I'm hoping you can contact me directly about this.


What does "Limited Edition Custom" mean? I don't see it described in any of the "Solutions" pages on your site? Thanks.

Morgan Carey

CJ you can find info on the limited edition custom sites at http://www.realestatewebmasters.com/lec/

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